Wake up, Enterprise IT


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The future of Enterprise IT -- Systems of Record, Meet Systems of Engagement

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Wake up, Enterprise IT

  1. The Changing Face of Enterprise ITSystems of Record, Meet Systems ofEngagement•  John Mancini•  President, AIIM twitter = @jmancini77 Blog = Digital Landfill = aiim.typepad.com
  2. Enterprise IT The technologies to capture, manage,store, preserve and deliver information in the context of business processes (a.k.a. “unstructured information”)
  3. How isEnterprise ITchanging?What is thefuture ofContentManagement inthis change?
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  5. AIIM Task ForceFor more information -- http://www.aiim.org/futurehistory 5
  6. A Short History of Enterprise IT Famine Digesting Y2K binge, tech bubble, finance 2003-2010 meltdown, widening consumption gap Feast Time of the Great Happiness (Client-Server and 1995-2002 Internet tornados intensified by Y2K pull-forward) Famine Multiple chasm crossings stall adoption of Client- 1987-1994 Server (LAN, Windows, Workstations, RDBMS) Feast Minicomputer and PC tornados power 1979-1986 departmental OLTP apps Famine Demise of the BUNCH (Burroughs, Univac, NCR, 1971-1978 Control Data, Honeywell) Feast Mainframe tornado powers batch-processed 1963-1970 financial apps
  7. In short, the focus of Enterprise IT over the past decade was in building out Systems of Record to control the flow of information “up” the organization. e.g., ERP, CRM, Audit, Finance
  8. A Short History of Content Management    Web  technologies.      Explosion  of  risk  concerns.      Entry  of  SharePoint.      User  frustra;on  with  cost  and  complexity.      Rise  of  Saas  and  Open  Source  op;ons.  
  9. Content Management has focused onSystems of Record tied to transactions and processes. Command and control Transaction-oriented Document-centric User learns system Security is key issue
  10. http://www.flickr.com/photos/hisgett/3206494453/10
  11. The Big Disconnect – Employee Level How can it be that I am so powerful as a consumer and so lame as an employee? Why do I know more about what my high school girlfriend had for dinner than what is going on in my organization?
  12. The Big Disconnect – IT Don’t “they” understand that this is much harder inside the firewall than outside? How can IT become a business driver?
  13. The Big Disconnect – CEO How do I drive: 1) operating dexterity and 2) customer engagement? How can I find the money to fund new initiatives given how much my legacy systems cost?
  14. Systems of Engagement have emergedin response to these tensions…
  15. Systems of Record, Meet Systems of Engagement•  Collaborative filtering •  Enterprise Facebook•  Behavioral targeting •  Enterprise YouTube•  Personalized transactions •  Enterprise Twitter•  Location-based services •  Global presence detection•  Predictive analytics •  On-demand conferencing•  Machine learning •  Telepresence everywhere•  Fraud detection •  Mobile access to everything•  Multi-channel engagement •  Global search•  Social networking
  16. Systems of Engagement are in tension with Systems of Record. Command and control Collaborative Transaction-oriented Interaction-oriented Document-centric Conversation-centric User learns system System learns user Security is key issue Privacy is key issue
  17. How will social and collaborativetechnologies transform my coreprocesses?
  18. Systems of Engagement will transform value chains Outbound (CMO) •  Channel Mgmt to New Channels •  Social Tools for Social Engagement Market Sell Support •  Content Analytics for Pers Engagement Inbound (CFO) •  Supplier Planning •  Inter-Enterprise Collaboration Source Buy Deploy •  Process Analytics Product (CTO) •  Project Management & Collaboration •  Product Introduction Design Build Deliver •  Virtual Expert Strategic (CIO) •  Mobile Management •  Rapid Planning and Provisioning Plan Provision Report •  Compliance (Archive, Records) Source: John Newton, Alfresco
  19. How will social and collaborativetechnologies change what “control”and “governance” mean?
  20. [Social content on external sites]will be archived and retained for therequired period of time inaccordance with the DIR RecordsRetention Schedule.
  21. How do I implement Systems ofEngagement…•  Quickly?•  Responsibly?•  In a way that achieves a business purpose?
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