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Information Management on Mobile Steroids


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A discussion of how mobile will transform information management strategies in our organizations.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Information Management on Mobile Steroids

  1. 1. Informa(on  Management  on  Mobile  Steroids  John  Mancini  President,  AIIM  @jmancini77  
  2. 2. Or,  why  mobile  changes  everything…  
  3. 3. 1.  The  world  as  we  have  known   it  is  changing.  
  4. 4. The  Chessboard  Fable  
  5. 5. We  are  reaching  the  2nd  half  of  “Moore’s  Chessboard,”  drama(cally  changing  what  informa(on  means  to  our  organiza(ons  and  how  it  must  be   managed.  
  6. 6. 2.  From  Systems  of  Record  to   Systems  of  Engagement  .  
  7. 7. Source  =  hUp://­‐day-­‐in-­‐the-­‐internet/  
  8. 8. Source  =  hUp://­‐day-­‐in-­‐the-­‐internet/  
  9. 9. Source  =  hUp://­‐day-­‐in-­‐the-­‐internet/  
  10. 10. Source  =  hUp://­‐day-­‐in-­‐the-­‐internet/  
  11. 11. Source  =  hUp://­‐day-­‐in-­‐the-­‐internet/  
  12. 12. Source  =  hUp://­‐day-­‐in-­‐the-­‐internet/  
  13. 13. Source  =  hUp://­‐day-­‐in-­‐the-­‐internet/  
  14. 14.  
  15. 15. Systems  of  Engagement   Social  and   Era   Mainframe   Mini   PC   Internet   Cloud   Systems  of  Record   Years   1960-­‐1975   1975-­‐1992   1992-­‐2001   2001-­‐2009   2010-­‐2015   Typical   A  batch   A  dept   A   An   thing   A  web  page   trans   process   document   interac(on   managed  Best  known   Digital   IBM   Microsoa   Google   Facebook   company   Equipment   Social   Content   Image   Document   Content   Microfilm   Business  mgmt  focus   Mgmt   Mgmt   Mgmt   Systems  
  16. 16. Considera*on   Systems  of  Record   Systems  of  Engagement  Focus   Transac(ons   Interac(ons  Governance   Command  &  Control   Collabora(on  Core  Elements   Facts  &  Commitments   Ideas  &  Nuances  Value   Single  Source  of  Truth   Discovery  &  Dialog  Standard   Accurate  &  Complete   Immediate  &  Accessible  Content   Authored   Communal  Primary  Record  Type   Documents   Conversa(ons  Searchability   Easy   Hard  Usability   User  is  trained   User  “knows”    Accessibility   Regulated  &  Contained   Ad  Hoc  &  Open  Reten(on   Permanent   Transient  Policy  Focus   Security  (Protect  Assets)   Privacy  (Protect  Users)  
  17. 17. 3.  The  Cri(cal  Role  of  Mobility.  
  18. 18. Which  is  someone  more  likely  to  have,  a  toothbrush   or  a  cell  phone?   vs.  
  19. 19. The  Opportunity.  •  Mobile  subscribers  have  grown  from  719M  in   2000  (60%  in  developed  world)  to  5.6  billion   today  (70%  in  the  developing  world).   –  Only  835M  out  of  5.6  billion  devices  are  smartphones.  •  q4:10  -­‐  smartphones  +  tablets  >  notebooks  +   desktops  [Mary  Meeker].   –  119M  tablets  will  be  shipped  in  2012  [Gartner].  •  Mobile  is  the  only  access  point  for  1/3  of  Internet   users.   –  q2:10  -­‐  Windows  opera(ng  systems  <  50%  of  Internet   enabled  devices.  
  20. 20. The  Opportunity.  •  Mobile  revolu(onizing  commerce  [Mary   Meeker].   –  Loca(on-­‐based  services   –  Transparent  pricing   –  Discounted  offers   –  Immediate  gra(fica(on  •  Social  reinforcing  drive  to  mobile   –  Facebook  –  200M  mobile  users;  2X  more  ac(ve   than  laptop  users  
  21. 21. “It’s  when  a  technology  becomes  normal,  then   ubiquitous,  and  finally  so  pervasive  as  to  be   invisible,  that  the  really  profound  changes   happen…Revolu(on  doesn’t  happen  when   society  adopts  new  technologies—it  happens   when  society  adopts  new  behaviors.”    -­‐-­‐Clay  Shirky  hUp://  
  22. 22. Mobility  is  the  Steroid  Driving  Engagement  
  23. 23. 35%  use  laptop  less  aaer  gezng  an  iPad  [Forrester].  
  24. 24. The  Reality.  •  >75%  of  orgs  have  no  mobile  processes  [AIIM].  •  Median  %  of  processes  that  COULD  be  mobile  that   ACTUALLY  ARE  =  2.5%  [AIIM].  •  1/3  or  orgs  have  not  op(mized  their  web  sites  for  mobile   [AIIM].  •  37%  of  orgs  have  no  mobile  access  to  their  ECM  systems   [AIIM].  •  45%  say  business  content  stored  in  four  or  more   different  places  [GigaOM  survey  of  306  execs].  •  50%  use  personal  document  and  collabora(on  tools   monthly  without  IT’s  knowledge  [GigaOM  survey].  
  25. 25. 4.  A  simple  but  elegant   example.  
  26. 26. Mobile  Driven  Engagement  
  27. 27. Thank  You!  
  28. 28. 5.  We  need  T-­‐shaped  people  to   manage  the  SoLoMo   revolu(on.  
  29. 29. Informa(on,  not  plumbing.  hUp://  
  30. 30. The  emerging  informa(on  professional  •  The  vast  majority  of  organiza6ons  see  the  need  to  manage   informa6on  as  an  enterprise  resource  rather  than  in  separate   "silos,"  departments  or  systems,  but  they  dont  know  how  to   begin  to  address  the  challenge,  as  it  is  so  large...  •  Professional  roles  focused  on  informa6on  management  will  be   different  to  that  of  established  IT  roles.    •  An  "informa6on  professional"  will  not  be  one  type  of  role  or   skill  set,  but  will  in  fact  have  a  number  of  specializa6ons.  •  There  will  be  a  50%  increase  in  demand  for  informa6on   professionals  by  2015.   –  Deb  Logan  and  Regina  Casonata,  Gartner  
  31. 31. Who  are  these  people?   IT  Legal  professional   Risk/Liability  Focus   Records  Manager   Digital  Archivist   Business  Process  Owners   Professionals   Informa(on   Value  Focus   Business  Analyst   Knowledge  Manager   Informa(on/Data  Scien(st   Ent  Informa(on  Manager   Governance  Focus   Info/Data  Stewards   Ent  Informa(on  Architect   Social  Focus   Informa(on  Curators   Community  Managers  Most  roles  from  Deb  Logan  and  Regina  Casonata,  Gartner  
  32. 32. We  need  T-­‐Shaped  Professionals   BROAD   DEEP  White  paper  here  –    hUp://    Free  prac*ce  exam/assessment  -­‐-­‐    hUp://­‐prac(ce-­‐exam  
  33. 33. Thanks!   Want  my  e-­‐book?   1.  Commit  to  the  cloud.   2.  Mobilize  everything.   3.  Make  the  business   social.   4.  Digi(ze  anything  that   moves.   5.  Prepare  for   informa(on   management  on  a   massive  scale.                Get  a  copy  here  -­‐  hUps://