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I'm Mad as Hell -- The CEO and Technology Strategy


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My comments at the #ASAE Technology Conference (#tech13) on the need for the C-Suite to increase their engagement on technology strategy.

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I'm Mad as Hell -- The CEO and Technology Strategy

  1. 1. I’m  Mad  as  Hell   The  CEO  Technology  Agenda   Delivered  at  #tech13     John  Mancini,  AIIM   Most  social  =  jmancini77   Blog  =  
  2. 2.  
  3. 3. AIIM.ORG/TRAINING   Risk   Process   Engagement   •  InformaBon   Governance   •  Electronic  Records   Management   •  Social  Media   Governance   •  Enterprise  Content   Management   •  Business  Process   Management   •  Process  Improvement   •  Capture  and  Imaging   •  Content  in  the  Cloud   •  Taxonomy  &   Metadata   SHAREPOINT   PROCESS/INDUSTRY  SPECIFIC  
  4. 4. Surviving  and  Thriving  In  the  Era   of  #Informa5onChaos   An  ExecuBve  Guide  –  38  AcBons   You  Can  Take  in  2014     Get  on  advance  list  –  
  5. 5. 1.  Understanding  the  disrupCve  nature  of  the  current   technology  landscape   2.  What  this  means  for  CEOs     3.  Personal  lessons  along  the  way  
  6. 6. The  Opportunity:   InformaBon  is  the     world’s  new  currency.  
  7. 7. The  Opportunity:   Every  budget  is  an  IT  budget.     Every  company  is  an  IT  company.   Every  business  leader  is  becoming  a   digital  leader.     Every  person  is  becoming  a   technology  company.     We  are  entering  the  era  of  the   Digital  Industrial  Economy.    -­‐-­‐  Peter  Sondergaard,  Gartner  
  8. 8. But  amidst  this  opportunity,  these  are  the   kinds  of  things  we  hear…  
  9. 9. The  Reality:   “Our  file  servers  are  out  of   control  and  no  one  can  find   anything.”  
  10. 10. The  Reality:   “InformaBon  is  leaking  out  of   the  organizaBon  at  every   turn  via  devices  that  weren’t   even  invented  when  we  put   our  systems  in  place.”  
  11. 11. The  Reality:   “The  volume  of  ‘stuff’  we  are   trying  to  manage  is  rapidly   spinning  out  of  control.”  
  12. 12. The  Reality:   “Maximizing  our  SharePoint   investment  is  proving  more   difficult  than  we  thought.”  
  13. 13. The  Reality:   “Every  Bme  I  turn  around,   ‘the  business’  has   implemented  some  new   applicaBon  that  we  didn’t   even  know  about  in  IT.”  
  14. 14. The  Reality:   “As  the  CEO,  I  can’t  believe   we  are  not  gehng  more   value  out  of  the  money  we   spend  on  technology.”  
  15. 15. Welcome  to  the  era  of  InformaCon  Chaos.  
  16. 16. How  did  we  wind  up  here?  
  17. 17. 1  –  ConsumerizaCon  is  transforming  what   users  expect  from  applicaBons  and  how  we   deliver  them.    
  18. 18. The  4  Drivers  of  ConsumerizaCon   •  •  •  •  A  computer   An  internet  connecBon   A  programming  language  and  SDK   A  fricBon  free  plakorm  for  distribuBng  and  making   money   –  Forrester,  James  McQuivey,  Digital  Disrup5on  
  19. 19. 2  –  Cloud  and  Mobile  are  creaBng  an   expectaBon  of  anywhere,  any5me  access.    
  20. 20. “82  billion  apps  will  be   downloaded  worldwide  in   2013,  and  by  2017  there   will  be  more  than  200   billion  downloads  per   year.”    -­‐-­‐PorBo  Research   “In  45  seconds,  you  can  go   from  never  having  heard  a   song  to  owning  it.    This  is   the  era  of  collapsing   purchase  cycles.”    -­‐-­‐AIIM  ELC  meeBng   “IT  cost  savings  and  speedier   deployment  are  but  a  brief  prelude   to  the  main  story.  It’s  only  the  first   10  percent.  The  remaining  90   percent  is  what  happens  to  the   business  itself.”      -­‐-­‐Joe  McKendrick,  Forbes   “Global  mobile  transacBons   predicted  to  be  US$241  billion  in   2011  growing  to  more  than  $1   Trillion  by  2015.”      -­‐-­‐Yankee  Group  
  21. 21. 3  –  The  Changing  Nature  of  Work  is  forcing   organizaBons  to  think  flat  and  agile,  not   hierarchical  and  slow.    
  22. 22. •  Of  the  approximately  100  million  people  in  America  who  hold  full-­‐Bme   jobs…     •  30  million  (30%)  are  engaged  and  inspired  at  work…   •  20  million  (20%)  are  acBvely  disengaged.  These  employees,  who   have  bosses  from  hell  that  make  them  miserable,  roam  the  halls   spreading  discontent.     •  The  other  50  million  (50%)  are  not  engaged.  They’re  just  kind  of   present,  but  not  inspired  by  their  work  or  their  managers.     •  Engaged  organizaBons  =  147%  higher  earnings  per  share  (EPS)   compared  with  their  compeBBon.   •  Disengaged  organizaBons  =  2%  lower  EPS.      -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐Gallup,  State  of  the  American  Workplace      
  23. 23. Managing  InformaCon  Chaos  –  managing   the  volume,  variety  and  velocity  of   informaBon  and  content  created  by  these   three  disrupters  -­‐-­‐    is  THE  business   challenge  of  the  next  decade.    
  24. 24. As  the  CEO  of  a  “public”  insBtuBon,  which  of   the  following  quesBons  are  relevant  to  your   organizaBon?     Do  you  know  the  answers?    
  25. 25. 1  -­‐-­‐  How  do  we   manage  the  RISK  of   growing  volumes  of   content?   How  do  we  set  up  a   strategy  for   informaBon   governance?   How  do  we   automate  records   management  and  e-­‐ discovery?   What  should  we  do   about  controlling   mobile  and  social   informaBon?   2  -­‐-­‐  How  do  we   TRANSFORM  our   content-­‐intensive   business  processes?   How  can  we  improve   and  automate  how   we  manage  content   and  our  business   processes?   How  can  we  get  rid   of  paper?   What  role  should   SharePoint  play  in   our  strategy?   3  -­‐-­‐  How  do  we  use   content  to  beter   ENGAGE  customers,   employees,  and   partners?   How  should  we   manage  cloud   content  stored  in   SaaS  applicaBons?   How  should  we   manage  web   content?   How  can  we  drive   new  forms  of   collaboraBon  in  our   organizaBon?   4  -­‐-­‐  How  do  we  get   any  business   INSIGHT  out  of  all   the  informaBon  we   are  gathering?   How  should  our   informaBon  be   structured  and   organized?   How  can  we  use   technology  to  get   value  out  of  our   digital  landfills?   How  do  we  make   informaBon  easier  to   find?  
  26. 26. 1.  Understanding  the  disrupBve  nature  of  the  current   technology  landscape   2.  What  this  means  for  CEOs     3.  Personal  lessons  along  the  way  
  27. 27. 1.  Understanding  the  disrupBve  nature  of  the  current   technology  landscape   2.  What  this  means  for  CEOs     a.  Technology  DisrupCon   b.  Technology  FrustraCon   c.  Business  DisrupCon   3.  Personal  lessons  along  the  way  
  28. 28. A  -­‐-­‐  Technology  DisrupBon   Source:    Geoffrey  Moore,  Escape  Velocity  
  29. 29. B  -­‐-­‐  Technology  FrustraBon   “Almost  half  of  CEOs   feel  IT  should  be  a   commodity  service   purchased  as  needed.”   “Only  a  quarter  of   execuBves  feel  their   CIO  is  performing  above   his  or  her  peers.”   “Almost  half  of  CEOs  rate  their   CIOs  negaBvely  in  terms  of   understanding  the  business  and   understanding  how  to  apply  IT  in   new  ways  to  the  business.”   “57%  of  the  execuBves   expect  their  IT  funcBon  to   change  significantly  over  the   next  three  years,  and  12%   predict  a  complete  overhaul   of  IT.”    Survey  by  HBR,  Economist,  CEB,  Intel,  TNS  Global      
  30. 30. C  –  Business  DisrupBon   AIIM’s  Mission:   Helping  you  and  your  organizaBon  survive   and  thrive  in  the  era  of  InformaBon  Chaos.     How  has  technology  disrup5on  impacted  our   business  model?   Where  do  you  make  money  in  a   disintermediated  world?    
  31. 31. 1  –  MARKET  RESEARCH   focused  on  how  and  why     organizaBons  are  using   content  technologies   Industry  Watch   reports  focused  on   key  market  drivers   and  trends   White  papers   focused  on  parBcular   business  issues  and   problems   ELC  Trendscapes   looking  out  18-­‐24   months  to  idenBfy   what  comes  next   2  –  EXPERT  ADVICE   designed  to  help   organizaBons  understand   the  potenBal  of  content   technologies     Toolkits  –  “Best  Of”   curaBons  on  a   parBcular  topic  or   issue   Webinars  –  Leading   subject  mater   experts  share  their   knowledge   AIIM  Events  –  THE   internaBonal   conference  and  local   seminars     3  –  Access  to  a   COMMUNITY  of   passionate  fellow   pracBBoners       40  local  Chapters   throughout  the   world  to  share   knowledge   InteracCve  Network   of  topic-­‐specific   expert  bloggers,   discussion  groups   and  forums   Industry  approved   Standards  and  Best   PracCces   4  –  SKILLS   DEVELOPMENT  needed   to  be  successful   Modular  task  specific   Short  Courses   CerCficate  and  Sales   Enablement  Training   in  key  disciplines   Professional   CerCficaCon  (CIP)  
  32. 32. 1.  Understanding  the  disrupBve  nature  of  the  current   technology  landscape   2.  What  this  means  for  CEOs     3.  Personal  lessons  along  the  way  
  33. 33. 1.  Understanding  the  disrupBve  nature  of  the  current   technology  landscape   2.  What  this  means  for  CEOs     3.  Personal  lessons  along  the  way   a.  The  social  CEO   b.  The  virtual  AssociaCon   c.  The  CEO  as  chief  Technology  Strategist    
  34. 34. Where  are  you  personally  posiConed  on  the   innovaCon  conCnuum?   The  lunaBc     edge   The  edge   1%   9%   Leaders   45%   Followers   45%   Facebook   Digital  Landfill  –  701,245  lifeBme  views   @jmancini77   LinkedIn  –  22,195  members   Twiter  –  9,040  tweets/1,512  following/7,751  followers   Slideshare  –  318,848  lifeBme  views   OccupyIT  –  10,000+  downloads   A  –  The  Social  CEO  
  35. 35. How  virtual  are  you?   Supervisor  feedback   Please  rank  each  of  the  following  from  1  (the   MOST  important  item)  to  8  (the  LEAST  important   item)  relaBve  to  your  job  saBsfacBon  at  AIIM.   3.39   Understanding  strategy   5.00   RecogniBon   4.04   Benefits   4.35   5.17   Make  a  difference   VacaBon   Money   Flexibility   2.96   5.83   5.26   B  –  The  Virtual  AssociaBon  
  36. 36. Do  you  personally  know  and  have  a  perspecCve   on  how  the  technology  pieces  should  fit?     1  –  AMS   2  –  WCM   3  –  LMS   4  –  Event  registraBon   5  –  Shopping  cart   6  –  CollaboraBon  –  Email,  Documents,  Social   7  –  MarkeBng  AutomaBon   8  –  Sales  AutomaBon   9  –  Finance/Expense  Management   10  –  Performance  Monitoring   C  –  CEO  as  Technology  Strategist  
  37. 37. My  core  objecCves  for  infrastructure  decisions   1  –  Simple.   2  –  Rent,  not  buy.   3  –  Stable  and  predictable.   4  –  Open  and  standards-­‐based.   5  –  Don’t  customize,  configure.   6  –  Driven  by  the  business,  not  IT.   7  –  Tied  to  business  strategy  and  results.       C  –  CEO  as  Technology  Strategist  
  38. 38. Why  is  this  kind  of  IT  person  so  rare?    Someone  who…   1.  2.  PrioriBzes  business  first,  technology  second.   Figures  out  ways  to  support  business-­‐led  cloud  choices  and  make  them   beter.   3.  Capitalizes  on  the  do-­‐it-­‐yourself  ethic.   4.  AcBvely  engages  and  negoBates  with  vendors.   5.  Recognizes  that  everyone  is  both  cloud  provider  and  consumer.   6.  Acknowledges  that  cloud  services  are  built  on  best  pracBces.   7.  Isn’t  afraid  to  experiment  and  fail  repeatedly.   8.  Is  aware  that  cloud  isn’t  just  about  cost  –  it’s  about  transformaBon.   9.  Recognizes  that  cloud  opens  the  way  to  enBrely  new  businesses.   10.  Is  aware  that  cloud  opens  up  career  possibiliBes  beyond  IT.   Source:    Joe  McKendrick,  Forbes  
  39. 39. THANK  YOU!   The  CEO  Technology  Agenda     John  Mancini,  AIIM   Most  social  =  jmancini77   Blog  =   Get  on  advance  list  for  #InformaBonChaos  e-­‐book