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Does the Privacy of Your Personal Information Worry You?


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How much information are you willing to trade away for convenience? -- and at what cost?

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  • Nothing scares me more than going to a new medical provider and handwriting the same stuff over and over knowing that it is required so they can connect with my insurance provider. Which is the crux of the matter. Who is responsible for making that process efficient and secure? I'm sure each thinks their own processes on their side of the handoff is in great shape!
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Does the Privacy of Your Personal Information Worry You?

  1. 1. Does the Privacy of Your Personal Information Worry You? John Mancini, AIIM –
  2. 2. Consider the following.
  3. 3. Surveillance is the business model of the Internet for two primary reasons: people like free, and people like convenient. The truth is, though, that people aren’t given much of a choice. It’s either surveillance or nothing, and the surveillance is conveniently invisible so you don’t have to think about it.” “
  4. 4. And this…
  5. 5. In the 17th century, the French statesman Cardinal Richelieu famously said, ‘Show me six lines written by the most honest man in the world, and I will find enough therein to hang him.’ Lavrentiy Beria, head of Joseph Stalin’s secret police in the old Soviet Union, declared, ‘Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.’ Both were saying the same thing: if you have enough data about someone, you can find sufficient evidence to find him guilty of something.” “
  6. 6. The Privacy Enigma
  7. 7. How much information am I willing to trade off for convenience?  
  8. 8. Who should have access to MY information?  
  9. 9. Do I care whether this access is by a government or by Google? Why?
  10. 10. How far am I willing to stretch the bounds of access and privacy to allow law enforcement to go after the bad guys (like ISIS)?
  11. 11. Does sounder encryption ultimately help or hurt the bad guys?
  12. 12. The 5 Tensions that Are Driving a Reassessment of Privacy
  13. 13. Tension #1 -- We’re Saving Everything.1
  14. 14. Tension #2 -- We Actually Have Tools to Understand all the Stuff We’re Saving. 2
  15. 15. Tension #3 -- Multiple and Inconsistent Responses to Privacy. 3
  16. 16. Tensions #4 + #5 -- The Snowden Revelations and the ISIS Threat. 4+ 5
  17. 17. After being burned by NSA in the Snowden revelations, private companies announced policies to inform their customers when they were under government surveillance.  
  18. 18. But…
  19. 19. UK ministers want to make it a criminal offence for tech firms to warn users of requests for access to their communication data made by security organizations such as MI5, MI6 and GCHQ (the Government Communications Headquarters).” --Techspot “
  20. 20. Privacy is the next big issue.
  21. 21. Want More Information? tensions-that-are-creating-the-privacy- enigma
  22. 22. Download a FREE copy: data-privacy-living- by-new-rules