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Iflaconferences august 2012 (2)


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Iflaconferences august 2012 (2)

  2. 2.  The road to information literacy: librarians as facilitators of learning Jointly organised by the IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning and Information Literacy Sections Held in Tampere, Finland 120 delegates3 streams 45 presentations, 7 workshops, 6 posters
  3. 3.  Papers of particular interest:  A partner in research and learning: library staff and PhD students / Eystein Gullbekk and Tove Rullestad  Learning on the job, teaching on the job: CPDWL for the research information-literate librarian /Clare M. Walker  The two way street of learning: how the professional development of solo librarians influences their roles as IL guides / Eva Hornung
  4. 4.  Presented paper: Building an information literate research community  Changing research landscape and challenges for Library  Needs analysis – support required by researchers at all stages, and disciplines  Skills needed by librarians – communication, IL training, evaluation, knowledge of research cycle, marketing, etc.  Skills gap particularly in area of RDM – RLUK study  CPD – formal and informal methods, PD Planning  Current services to researchers - evaluation and impact and connection to CPD  CPD requirements for meeting changing needs of researchers
  5. 5.  WorldLibrary and Information Congress, 12-17 August 2012 Held in Helsinki, Finland 4000 delegates From 119 countries 86 exhibitors 200 presentations Plenary session daily7 streams, and 5 group meetings daily
  6. 6.  Invited to present by IFLA Academic and Research Libraries section One of three panellists invited to present:  Meeting the needs of high impact researchers /Jayshree Mamtora  The German Academic Library Cloud / Andreas Degkwitz, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany  Transliteracy and academic libraries / Ellen Petraits, Rhode Island School of Design, USA.
  7. 7.  Keynote: Siva Vaidayathan  Copyright and IP expert Academic and Research libraries –  Creating a culture for innovation and change Open Access and digital resources –  Open Access Forum Library buildings and equipment –  Making the case for change through evaluation: post-occupancy evaluation of library buildings
  8. 8.  Attended two committee meetings and the main RSCAO session on Innovative libraries: transforming our communities – Asia and Oceania Chairing Program Committee for IFLA 2013
  9. 9.  Number of Library visits Helsinki University Library was the most impressive Tour for IFLA delegates three weeks before official opening 7 storey building Plus 4 levels below ground for storing collections Across four campuses