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Timeline jerry malson


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Timeline jerry malson

  1. 1. timelineJerry malson
  2. 2. 1800 1849 1854 1859 Andrew Carnegie-Robber baron- Karl Marx- Social Darwinism- first self made manderogatory term founded term used to who made hisused to describe the Marxism a prove laisse –fair fortune bywealthy and powerful foundation for was the only way purchasing stock in socialism and to run a market by his company and communism saying through receiving dividend natural selection and soon becoming the weaker one of the most companies and wealthy men in people would fail American history
  3. 3. 1862 1864 Homestead act-Fredrick Olmsted- Exoduster-African offer of 160 acres Sand Creekspearheaded American who move of land in the west Massacre-massmovement for urban from the south too to whoever went to slaughter of overparks and helped Kansas territory after settle the west 150 people of thedesign central park the civil way Cheyenne tribe inin new York city sand creek Colorado by colonel Chivington Homesteader- person who move west after the homestead act to acquire land
  4. 4. 1866 1867 1868Buffalo Soldiers- Oliver Kelley-Formed September Tammany Hall- Founder of Patrons21 1866 it was Literacy test- powerful of husbandry a socialcomposed of all Racial test used democratic club for isolatedAfrican Americans to to determine political machine farmers thatdefend and oppose literacy of in new York city opposed the railwaythe Indians in the African that faced much companieswestern territories American voters corruption in its who often were politicians cheated so they could hold no power in politics
  5. 5. 1869 1870 1872 Tweed Ring-Corrupt National farmers Mail order catalog- Politicians led by Boss Transcontinental alliance-united Shopping catalogs tweed that was railroad-railroad farmers against which allowed responsible for stretching over 1,776 crop lien ordering from the defrauding New York miles from the systems and the home City for 16 billion eastern railways to American revolutionizing dollars in tax revenue the pacific ocean railroad industry shoppingGeorge Westington-Southern Inventor who Grandfatherrevolutionized railways clause-Stated if aby inventing the air man failed thebrake literacy test he was entitled to vote if his father or grandfather could
  6. 6. 1876 Battle of LittleSegregation- Bighorn-Battle Jim Crowe Laws-seperation of whites Alexander Bell- Between the 7th segregation laws toand blacks in private Inventor of the Cavalry and the separate blacks andand public facilities / telephone and combined forces of whites in society unveiled it with the sioux cheyenne Thomas Watson and lakota where the in 1876 7th cavalry suffered losing 268 men The telephoneThomas Alva Edison- George Custer- a device usedPioneer who founded Colonel of the 7th to relaythe first research lab cavalry who died in informationthat Thomas Edison the battle of little acrossdiscovered the first light big horn against the distancesbulb sioux quickly is invented in 1876
  7. 7. 1877 1879 1880The Gilded Agebegins a era Nez Perce- Tribe Bessemer process-ironically named located in the Dumbbell British developedfor its intense west who battled tenements-After the technique thatsocial issues and the 7th cavalry and tenement act of 1879 revolutionized the ironknown political was led by historic newly constructed industry by injecting aircorruption by figure chief housing in New York into molten iron toMark twain and Joseph were shaped smaller remove impuritiesmany other and more likeidealists Dumbbells thus giving its name Socialism-Economic system introduced in 1879 that the community owns the business and in theory the community receives the revenue
  8. 8. 1880 1881 1883 1884Ragtime a popular type Assimilation or the Joseph Pulitzerof music played in Mugwumps or governments plan revolutionized Newsaloons and bars alike republicans leave their to make the native York magazine byacross the west soon party to support Grover Americans give adding the covetedbecomes a national Cleveland in his up their beliefs comic and sportssuccess eventually election in 2884 and way of life to sections along withleading to music like join the white women newsthe blues, jazz and culture to makeeven rock and roll then less savage is implemented
  9. 9. 1886 1887 1889The Haymarket affair The Dawes Act isleaves 11 dead after Jane Adams founds passed splitting The Interstatedynamite is thrown in the most influential up Indian Commercea crowd at a labor settlement house Reservations and Commission is foundedstrike in Haymarket called the Chicago redistributing the regulating thesquare House helping many land to help economics of poor people in Americanize the transportation between Chicagos slums native Americans states The colored Farmers Alliance is founded to help unify colored farmers rejected from the nationals farmers alliance
  10. 10. 1890 1892Indians everywhere Ida B Wellsstart performing the Becomes her towns Ellis islandritual known as the newspapers editor becomes to mainGhost Dance to The Sherman and soon starts a inlet to immigrantcelebrate the Antitrust act of racial crusade by questioning andforetelling of their 1890 made trust reporting racial examination fromdeity the white committees that injustice committed Europebuffalo affect the against African American Americans economy illegal to form to preserve A massacre of the balance of Indians occurred free market at Wounded Knee after they were told to relinquish their arms and refused. After that American soldiers opened fire
  11. 11. 1894 The Pullman strike of 1894 unites overThe farmers Alliance and Eugene V Debs 4000 laborersGreenbacks form in forms an industrial standing against1892 to make the union known as the lowered wages andpolitical powerhouse ARU that eventually higher costs of livingknown as the Omaha won their strike for which eventuallyplatform to spread their higher wages and turned into an act ofbeliefs of how federal better living violencecurrency should be conditionsregulated George Pullman lowers his workers wages and increases their cost of living to still make a profit causing mass strikes nationwide
  12. 12. 1895 1896 1901W.E.B Dubois the Jacob Riis thefirst colored man to father of flash The 1896 Supremeattend Harvard photography court case ofreceives his invents the Plessey Vs.doctorate camera flash Ferguson proved and helps detrimental for petition for better African Americans living conditions by saying that the for tenements United States could until finally the lawfully remain Tenement act of separate but equal 1901 is drafted enforcing William Hearst segregation starts posing exaggerated tales of scandal and cruelty in the New York Morning Journal
  13. 13. 1902 1903 1910Debt Patronage isdeveloped into a new Orville and Angel island soonform of slavery in which Wilbur Wright, becomes the largestthat bound employers two brothers Chinese immigrantlaborers into slavery to from North detainment center inpay off their debt Carolina who 1910 receiving more experimented than 80,000 Chinese with engines to Immigrants keep craft heavier than air afloat succeed in keeping their biplane in the air for 120 feet