Team Amazon Final


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Janelle Malama, Paul Landholt

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Team Amazon Final

  1. 1. instant video
  2. 2. GoalsRetainUse current devices to full potentialRealize importance of their clickGet customer commited before they hit the couch
  4. 4. Landscape instant video .combrand objectives/vision You know... the quality reliability service consistencyLANDSCAPELANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS
  5. 5. Landscape instant video Instant Premeditated Leisure • Pay per view service • Streams movies to your TV • Big variety • Maximum qualityLANDSCAPELANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS
  7. 7. Landscape instant videoCompetition/Threats/Direct hulu Cable ProviderSubscription YouTube for Couch surfingbased sitcomsClick abusers Contemporary Leisurely Clickers clickersLANDSCAPELANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS
  8. 8. Landscape instant videoIn-direct Competition/ThreatsZappos Thrillist GatoradeDigital delivery Current & Fun Simple messageStays personal in a Offbeat tone Hide the grittybig space Encourage details offline behavior Aid to reach potentialLANDSCAPELANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS
  9. 9. Target instant videoMethods of researchPEW & Nielsen Research Published reportsClick Streams/Browser history 30% borrowed 70% stolenHow the target grew up Survey of M/F informantsDesktop / Mobile home screen Screen shots and hiearchyQuantcast Not definitve answers LANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS
  10. 10. Target instant videoNuts & Bolts 30 - 50 Value friends* over critics Tech friendly but not tech savvy Have a smart TV or compatible box Middle to late adopters Intake exceeds output Currently waiting to buy movies *Friend - digitally speaking, is someone you follow or have a high click relationship withLANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS
  11. 11. Target instant videoHabits/online behaviorDigital Errands Personal News Catch a quick break• Productive clicks • Front page stories • Enjoy the dumb videos• Enhances their • Facebook feed • Simple app games offline life • Trusted sites for big • Reading useless knowledge• Planning information • Staying sane• Research •staying informed• Staying organized LANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS
  12. 12. Target instant videoTheir Devices Home base Trusted Space/comfortCOMPUTER Can’t live without Where big moments Preferred method take place of online transportationMOBILE PHONE Utility Haven’t reached the Support system potential Not a lifeline Permanent location Winding down toolTELEVISION Living room revolves White noise around it Consistent LANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS
  13. 13. Target instant videoClick Stream HOMEPAGE / top stories / weather FACEBOOK / most recent / like / photos / Hawiian vacation GMAIL / inbox / reply all / re: baby shower Z ZAPPOS / featured / sale / boots NEWS / most popular / ‘lady gaga’s grammy outfit WIKIPEDIA / search / justin bieber NY TIMES / world news / obama ESPN / Leaderboard / Scores / YOUTUBE / most popular / funny PEOPLE / Who wore it best / vote / JLo CHEAPOAIR / search / roundtrip / CHI to LAXLANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS
  14. 14. Message instant videoMeaningful ClicksOrdinary Clicks Powerful ClicksAngry Birds ‘Like’ button Booking a flightiTunes Follow Casting a voteSend a text RSVP Transfer of fundsSearch Allowing permissionLANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS
  15. 15. Message instant video The click goes further with Amazon Instant.LANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS
  16. 16. Message instant video Click and your set. • To watch any content (over 7,000 titles) • Maximum quality possible (whatever connection speed you have) • It’s yours (in your library) • Amazon takes care of the dirty workLANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS
  17. 17. Message instant video By clicking you are also saying:IDENTITY PLANNING POTENTIAL• support/vote • locked in • unleash• personal • set plans • wow factor• a blessing • begin • transport• fingerprint • look forward toLANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS
  18. 18. Opportunity instant video 472.2 Clicks per day The average person makes Maximize each one Find the best way to transform one click into something meaningful for the target Move them towards something that is either productive or highlights simplicityLANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS
  19. 19. Opportunity instant videoBest way to use digital in the target’s lifeFor amazon to best use digitalshow where the right click can take you Make it count Simple but powerful Best use of time LANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS
  20. 20. Channels instant videoConnect through these vehiclesHIGH Email Search Social A AffiliateLOW Mobile Apps/MicroLANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS CHANNELS
  21. 21. Channels instant videoWhat the click means on paid channelsAffiliate Banner/SEO MobileTo show authority and Informative A place to explore butgive reassurance not engage Direct to the store Bit size consuming. Reference/UtilityGain rapport Don’t waste their Show me something time new LANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS CHANNELS
  22. 22. Channels instant videoWhat the click means on owned channelsSocial Website Apps/Mobile SiteTrust factor Purchase minded UtilityListen to others to make Have in mind what they Looking at Amazon away want to watch from their home basea good decision but not purchasing The cash registerNew to the scene Give more direction to Adding to a wishlistShow where it can take on-demandyou LANDSCAPE TARGET MESSAGE OPPORTUNITY CHANNELS CHANNELS
  23. 23. Thought StartersChannels If you had one click where would you put it? How powerful can one click be? What potential of their devices can be unleashed?