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MENA delegates OCWC US State Dept March 2014 - presented by James Glapa-Grossklag


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This is a presentation given by James Glapa-Grossklag, Dean of Educational Technology, Learning Resources, and Distance Learning at College of the Canyons. It was delivered to our MENA delegate visitors at College of the Canyons.

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MENA delegates OCWC US State Dept March 2014 - presented by James Glapa-Grossklag

  1. 1. Overview of Community Colleges and OER
  2. 2. Big Questions • Why and how do community colleges use online learning? • Why and how do community colleges use open education?
  3. 3. Community College True or False The mission of community colleges is to • Take students who are not good enough to get into university • Provide access to education for everyone who can benefit • Train students for employment in the trades • Support local business and industry by providing specialized training for employees • Provide opportunities for lifelong learning • Prepare students to transfer to university
  4. 4. Community College True or False Percentage of all US undergraduate students who are community college students: • 45% • 1 in every 5 is in California Largest proportion of community college students are aged: • 22-39 (45%)
  5. 5. Community College True or False Percentage of students who study part-time: 60% Percentage of those who are employed full-time: 40% Percentage of students who are first generation college-goers: 40%
  6. 6. Community College True or False Percentage of UC graduates who start at a community college: 28% Percentage of CSU graduates who start at a community college: 55%
  7. 7. Mission of community colleges • Access • Teaching
  8. 8. Meet Student Demand In California Community Colleges, distance learning : • 2005-06: 12.48% of total • 2009-10: 23.54% of total
  9. 9. Expand access…anytime, anywhere Digital delivery methods • Web-enhanced • Hybrid • Online
  10. 10. Teaching & Learning
  11. 11. Teaching & Learning
  12. 12. Teaching & Learning
  13. 13. Teaching & Learning
  14. 14. Open Educational Resources True or False • All OER is free • All OER is in the public domain • Publisher produced material is better than OER • Open textbooks hurt college bookstores • eBooks are open textbooks
  15. 15. Many Flavors of Open • Open Educational Resources (OER) • OpenCourseWare (OCW) • Open Textbooks • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) • Open Access Journals • Open Source Code
  16. 16. OER Defined Digitized materials offered freely and openly for educators, students and self-learners to use and re-use for teaching, learning and research Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2007
  17. 17. Why Practice Openness? • Support mission • Reduce student costs • Leverage taxpayer investments in education • Collaborate across disciplines • Improve learning • Scale education
  18. 18. Institutional Mission “The mission of MIT is to advance knowledge and …. The Institute is committed to generating, disseminating, and preserving knowledge ….”
  19. 19. The Community College Mission
  20. 20. Reduce Student Costs • Student spends $200 on a textbook for a course and $30 on a textbook supplement Materials = $230 Course • Cost of course itself = $108 The textbook and supplement represent more than half of the overall cost of the course!
  21. 21. Leverage Taxpayer Funding English Composition I 55,000+ enrollments / year x $100 textbook = $5.5+ Million every year
  22. 22. Measuring Success $450,000
  23. 23. Washington State’s Open Course Library A collection of openly licensed (CC-BY) educational materials for 81 high-enrollment college courses • Lower textbook costs for students • Improve course completion rates • Provide new resources for faculty
  24. 24. Discover OER Repositories & Listing Sites How to Adopt an Open Textbook
  25. 25. James Glapa-Grossklag, Dean Educational Technology, Learning Resources, & Distance Learning President, Advisory Board, Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources College of the Canyons