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Classroom of the Future - eLearning 2013 (San Antonio, TX)


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Published in: Education
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Classroom of the Future - eLearning 2013 (San Antonio, TX)

  1. 1. John MakevichDirector, Distance and Accelerated LearningCollege of the CanyonsSanta Clarita, CA
  2. 2. CC BY, flickr, numberstumper
  3. 3. You are sitting in your office on a busy Monday morning, waiting foryour 10am appointment. All you know about this visitor is that sheis a wealthy investor. So, you’re going to be talking moneysomehow, you guess.A knock at the door, and she walks in. One minute early. And toyour surprise, she cuts straight to the chase! “May I sit down?” “Ofcourse,” I say.I would like to invest $200M in your community college. You arethe reason I am so successful! Now, I’m going to give you a choiceof three investment options. You must choose one of the three, or Iwon’t invest. Keep in mind, I know there are regulations, laws, andso on. So you might have to be creative here. But $200 shouldmake it worth your time.
  4. 4. a) All $200M will go into construction and facilities funds. You can build to your heart’s content. Remodel. Beautify your campus!b) All $200M will go into academic support through tutoring and assessment, as well as human resources/staffing/negotiationsc) All $200M will go into development of the best of the best online classes. All classes offered at the institution will have some online component, if not completely online
  5. 5. CC BY-SA, flickr, °Florian
  6. 6. CC BY, flickr, compujeramey
  7. 7. Games have existedEducational games have existedEducational games in courses have existed The difference? The rate of technological advancement!
  8. 8. Mobile device innovations Windows Mobile BlackBerry iPhone Android Windows PhoneSocial networking Friendster MySpace Facebook
  9. 9. Augmented reality (Google Glass)Artificial intelligenceGoogle Self-driving cars3D printingThe Internet of Things
  10. 10. Where do YOU seek information?How do YOU communicate?
  11. 11. c
  12. 12. Massive Open Online CourseServes thousands of students in one courseKey providers: Udacity Coursera EdX
  13. 13. MOOCs covered more subject areas (they will!)Artificial intelligence algorithms really taughtthe individual (they kind of do; this willimprove)The right support systems were in place (notyet)COULD they work for everyone?
  14. 14. Science labs/researchSome career technical educationNursingELEMENTS exist, but hard to shift entirely to theonline space.
  15. 15. Big data funds student learning and gets a tonof data about themPartnerships exist to provide assessment andtutoring for students who need extra supportwithout individual attention from instructorStudent loan debt? Out the window.Accreditation? Maybe? Maybe not? No needfor federal financial aid to the same degree.
  16. 16. CAN CAN’T Look at how our institutional Prevent the power of structures can be flexible innovation around rapid change Limit choice Study study study! Know the Shift momentum rules and regulations and know what can be easily changed and what needs advocacy Consider the role of educators and of education itself; what can we do to preserve the values in the shadow of change
  17. 17. John MakevichJohn.Makevich@canyons.edu