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Real-time Analytics & Social Media Marketing


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Real-time analytics is critical to social media success.

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Real-time Analytics & Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. Real-time Social Media: The Daily Cadence and Process Real-time social is about responding to ongoing interactions on the web, and amplifying the positive ones to increase lift and momentum. If you are not responding in real-time you’re not responding. I love where I can monitor the activity on multiple sites at once. • I pick up on posts that are starting to trend? • Identify old posts that have shown up again? • Re-share trending content • Where are today’s referrals coming from? • Can I boost my own traffic by socializing my post on HuffPo? • Is Facebook giving me any traffic? • Are there any new referrers that I need to contact or promote? Find upward trends by listening. Then boost. John McElhenney / / Real-time Social Media CC 2014, share with attribution 7-18-13 - @jmacofearth