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Neo-Facebook - Facebook Simplified


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When you are building and designing the world's largest social network, we believe you owe some deeper thought to all of us using your service. Facebook is not a small startup that change colors, fonts and menus at a whim. When Facebook changes some core navigation system, or introduces a new "feature" or "service" it affects literally millions. for more information.

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Neo-Facebook - Facebook Simplified

  1. 1. An unsolicited exploration of unifying the Facebook page to improve the user-experience. John McElhenney @jmacofearth
  2. 2. Home & Facebook Logo My Friends, Feeds & Apps Updates from Friends Requests for My Action Suggestions for Other Friends Profile My Biographical Information My Updates Navigation for Info About Me Infamous Facebook Ads Facebook Ads Biographical My Updates © 2010 All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. One Home for Facebook My Friends, Feeds & Apps Consolidated Updates Requests for My Action Suggestions for Other Friends Navigation for Info About Me Facebook Ads Facebook Ads Consolidated Changes My Biographical Information will now Updates live under the INFO tab, as it does currently My Updates have been joined into consolidated updates with friends © 2010 All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. © 2010 All Rights Reserved