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Googles Stream McElhenney


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The Stream in Google+ is a fire hose of information. Here's an example of how Tweetdeck uses columns to filter the stream. Google+ will have to build ways to focus the stream, or perhaps an app could do this. By John McElhenney @jmacofearth.

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Googles Stream McElhenney

  1. 1. Finding the G+ Stream Unmanageable<br />Unfiltered Stream<br />Filtering by Column<br />(today)<br />(in future release or G+ app)<br />“close” 1st focus<br />“social media” 2nd focus<br />“mentions” 3rdfocus<br />“the stream” 4th focus<br />IN or OUT<br />Friends & Connections<br />The Endless Stream<br />*Example uses my Tweetdeck configuration<br />Google+, Managing the Stream<br /><br /><br />7/18/11<br />cc 2011 attributed use by @jmacofearth<br />