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Gauges review-mcelhenney


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A quick review of, a new web analytics package. See the complete review at

by John McElhenney, @jmacofearth
cc 2011 attributed use

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Gauges review-mcelhenney

  1. 1. Micro-Review of<br />by @jmacofearth<br />7-8-11<br />Why would you pay for analytics when GA is free?<br />cc 2011 attributed use by @jmacofearth<br />
  2. 2. DASHBOARD: The Micro-Review of<br />Overview / Dashboard<br />Simple navigation to all screens<br />Time of day stats (when people are most likely to visit again)<br />Two week overview (views over visitors)<br />Today’s hot content(See if you can spot any connections or trends)<br />Today’s referrer links(so you can thank and promote them as well)<br />cc 2011 attributed use by @jmacofearth<br />
  3. 3. Top Pages: The Micro-Review of<br />Top Pages by Day<br />Deep Content (we often forget about the long tail of content)<br />Old Posts Still Trending(identify posts with the longest shelf-life and update or write a new version)<br />Pages and Directories(If a tab or directory is trendingyou might want to promote it)<br />Everything people are reading(most packages show you top-10 or top-20, but you need to see everything that is being read)<br />cc 2011 attributed use by @jmacofearth<br />
  4. 4. Referrers, Search, Browsers: The Micro-Review of<br />Referrers/Search/Browsers<br />Referrer Traffic(nice when someone links to your site<br />Search Terms (popular searches can identify good topics to write about)<br />Browser StatsFirefox 41%<br />Chrome 18%<br />IE 17%<br />Safari 13%<br />(more for interest, but fun to see IE finally dropping into third)<br />cc 2011 attributed use by @jmacofearth<br />
  5. 5. Current Visitors: The Micro-Review of<br />About your current visitors<br />Where they’re from<br />How long they’ve been on your site<br />What they’re looking at<br />What OS and br<br />Where are they now<br />How long have they been on your site<br />What are they looking at<br />What OS and Browser are they using<br />mobile<br />win/firefox<br />win/ie<br />win/chrome<br />cc 2011 attributed use by @jmacofearth<br />