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Facebook Fail #47 Just Show Me


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Facebook Fail #47 by John McElhenney. Facebook is ragged on because they can only show us 5% of our "friends" posts. Since they also have to show us ADS. Here's the fix.

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Facebook Fail #47 Just Show Me

  1. 1. Facebook #FAIL #47 Just Show Me by John McElhenney 12-19-14 / // cc: reuse w/attribution // @jmacofearth Facebook #FAIL #47 Quit Filtering, Stream All of My Friends Zuck and Co. tell us we can’t handle all the “friend” updates. Okay so put them in the chat ribbon like a tweet-stream. SHOW ME EVERYTHING, DAMMIT! Can’t show me all the posts? Squeezing out your ads? No problem, just expose the firehose in the update column. Let’er run and give us the option to decide.