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A New Business Model


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A New Business Model

  1. 1. A New Business Model “Let’s work together”
  2. 2. What the future holds “The first 100 years of our country’s history were about who could build the biggest, most efficient farm.” “The second 100 years were about the race to build efficient factories.” “The third 100 years are about ideas.” -- Seth Godin Fast Company, August 2000
  3. 3. Regulatory Drive • Bill C-45 • Confined Space Regulations • Regulatory Modernization Act • Fire Code • Workplace Safety and Insurance Act • Budget Measures and Interim Appropriation Act, 2007 • Workplace safety strategy preventing injuries • Clean Water Act • “You Spill, You Pay” rules for industrial polluters • 40 tough new air standards: smog pollutants down more than 20% • New Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act • Global Harmonization Act
  4. 4. Business Drive Today’s workforce is vastly different than that of generations before. The current talent pool is far more educated, technically savvy and driven by quality of life rather than career or work centered lifestyle. Just as environmental concerns have made the political platform due to social pressures. Corporations already suffering with the current legislative restraints will disintegrate under the forthcoming pressures to operate business in an ethical manner. Health and Safety, Health and Wellness will be the driving force into the future. No longer will it be acceptable to have the well being of workers sacrificed for the sake of profit. The timeline for this societal change looks to be with the next five years.
  5. 5. Economic Drive Now, you can outsource your Employment, Safety and Environmental compliance to a management consultancy, workplace development and service organization that can do the job better for less. A business owner, should already be aware of the need to be compliant with Employment, Safety and Environmental legislation because it’s the right thing to do for business, employees and the environment. Companies have also heard the horror stories about the aggravation and fines non- compliant and unprepared organizations have to deal with after a surprise ministry inspection, workwell audit or a critical incident has happened. A company that works well, communicates well and is ethically conscious from top to bottom will reveal a profitable company. This has been proven time and again.
  6. 6. Economic Drive The Situation The majority of businesses that currently manage their employment, safety and environmental compliance issues find themselves facing the following three choices. 1. Hire a full-time HR or EHS person. – A competent HR or EHS professional will cost you $65-110,000 per year. – An incompetent HR or EHS manager may be less money up front, but frequently will cost a lot more in the long run. 2. Assign the EHS responsibility to an existing employee in HR, Operations, or Maintenance Management, etc. – Despite best intentions, the complexity of the legislation, codes and standards plus the fast pace of change quickly overwhelms them. – Our experience supports the fact that their priorities return to their real jobs. – Leaving companies and employees at risk
  7. 7. Economic Drive 3. Keep your head down and hope the luck of the draw saves you from a serious accident, any level of environmental violation or a somewhat unlikely compliance inspector’s visit. Frankly, this may work if: – You’re in a small, low-hazard, minimum environmental impact business. – You're sure none of your employees or neighbors would ever turn you in to any ministry for real infractions or quot;paybackquot; reasons. Either way the liability could ruin a company The Solution Outsource your management needs to:
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Who we are? • Synergy is a group of companies with a common vision, similar purposes and a single goal to be leaders in best value, performance improvement and create collaborative workforces. • We are a management consultancy, workplace development and service organization specialising in modernising the public and private sector. • By combining resources applying common principles and guidelines to every aspect of our business we achieve greater success with our own vision and those of our clients.
  10. 10. Who we are? QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL NETWORK The professionals in our national network of trainers and consultants are selected for their solid understanding of behavioral health along with their proven success as presenters and facilitators. Their wide range of expertise includes employee and management development, organizational development, employee relations, workplace health and wellness and environmental, health and safety compliance.
  11. 11. Health and Safety Health and Safety Training Consulting / Services • Joint Health and Safety Committee • Workwell Audit Part I • GAP Analysis • Joint Health and Safety Committee • Health and Safety Program Part II Development • Canada Labour Code • Ergonomic Work Safe Analysis • Due Diligence (including Bill C-45) • Health and Safety for Supervisors and Managers • Accident Investigations & Injury Prevention • Right To Refuse • Hazard Recognition • Hazard and Safety Analysis • Confined Space Awareness • Workplace Violence • Ergonomics Training
  12. 12. Health and Safety Equipment Training Consulting/Services • • Personal Protective Equipment Lift Truck Training Operator Evaluation • • Respiratory Protection Lockout / Tag Out Program • • Fall Arrest Protection Analyze Fall Protection needs and develop engineered solutions • Lockout / Tag out • Aerial Platform / Scissor Lift / Boom Lifts • Industrial Forklift Training Certification • Overhead Crane / Sling Operator • Low Lift Pallet Truck
  13. 13. Health and Safety Hazardous Materials Training Consulting/Services • • WHMIS Compile Site Chemical Lists • • TDG Transportation of Dangerous Manage Hazmat Compliance Goods • Spills Response Program • Basic Spills Response • Waste Management Program • Bloodborne Pathogens • Emergency Response Action Plans • Asbestos • Manage Respiratory Protection • Propane Handling programs • • Mercury Spills Designated Substances Programs • Training Programs for Workers and Supervisors of Type 3 Asbestos • Asbestos Worker Refresher/Update Course
  14. 14. Health and Safety Train the Trainer Training Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System TTT Safe Operation of a Lift Truck TTT Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) TTT Fall Arrest TTT Safe Operation of Elevated Work Platforms (Aerial Lift) TTT
  15. 15. Health and Safety Consulting/Services • Regularly Monitor and Manage • Develop and Implement Risk Regulatory Compliance issues Management Plans • Manage and deliver required • Investigate Accidents for “Root Employee Compliance Training Causes” • Analyze employee injury trends • Yearly contract EHS management/Safety Coordinator • Short-term EHS management/Safety Coordinator • Construction Site EHS supervision and management
  16. 16. Health and Wellness Training Consulting/Services • • Effective Workplace Communication Healthy Workplace Assessment • • Creating a Positive Work Environment Healthy Workplace Program Development • Dealing with Difficult People • Resolving Conflict in the Workplace • Managing Personal and Employee Stress
  17. 17. Environmental Training Consulting/Services • • O.Reg. 347 Waste Manifest Hazardous Site Remediation • • Environmental Regulation Environmental Compliance and Compliance in Ontario Assessment and Planning • Certificate of Approval Application • Water Taking Permit Application • Hazardous and Non Hazardous Waste Management Programs • National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI)
  18. 18. Emergency Response Training Consulting/Services • Confined Space Rescue Technician • Develop and Implement Fire • Confined Space Rescue Professional Prevention and Emergency Evacuation Plans • Hazardous Materials Spills Technician • • Hazardous Material Spills Operations Confined Space Assessments • Fire Safety • Confined Space Program • Fire Extinguisher Training Development • Industrial Fire Brigade • Spills Response Plans • Emergency Response Teams • Confined Space Rescue Services • Rope Rescue • High Hazard Rescue Services • High Angle Rescue • High Angle Rescue Services • Fire Extinguisher • Accident Investigation Services • Standard First Aid • CPR • Emergency First Aid • First Responder & AED
  19. 19. Human Resources Training Consulting/Services • • Leadership Development: The Basic Competent Person evaluations Principles • Critical Incidents and Trauma • Advanced Leadership Skills Response • High Performance Leadership & Work Teams Training • Ethics and Integrity in the Workplace • Managing Change • Creating a Safer Workplace (for Employees) • Creating a Safer Workplace (for Supervisors)
  20. 20. Human Resources Training Consulting/Services • • Substance Abuse Awareness (for Workplace Needs Assessment Employees) • Organizational Development • Substance Abuse Prevention (for Consultation Supervisors) • Harassment Awareness (for Employees) • Preventing Workplace Harassment (for Supervisors)