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Assistance League of Atlanta


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Assistance League of Atlanta

  1. 1. Assistance League of Atlanta Helping Children and Adults in Need
  2. 2. Assistance League of Atlanta Description • Assistance League is a national, volunteer non-profit organization that helps children and adults in need through six community-based philanthropic programs. • Operation School Bell • Bears for Children • Wee Help • Shepherd Center Patient Support • New Beginnings • Links to Education
  3. 3. Proposed Use of Funds Provide Clothing to Children • Operation School Bell provides new clothing and uniforms to school children in need. • Working with school counselors and social agencies, in the 2008-2009 fiscal year, Assistance League of Atlanta provided school clothing to over 6,500 children in more than 175 area schools. • Studies show that an additional 200,000 children in metro Atlanta are in need. Our goal is to clothe additional school children to facilitate learning.
  4. 4. Agency Income $572,142 TOTAL $451,209 Thrift Shop 19,650 Membership Dues 12,298 Donations 3,405 In-Kind Donations 18,386 Investment Return 3,304 Misc. Nearly 80 percent of Assistance League’s funding in Atlanta comes from the sale of donated goods in its Attic Treasures Thrift Shop. .
  5. 5. Prior Charity Guild Funding • No Prior Funding from Charity Guild
  6. 6. Agency Expenses Program Services $373,639 75% of total expense Management and General $17,154 3% of total expense Fundraising $96,002** 19% of total expense ** Includes Thrift Shop Expenses
  7. 7. Agency Strengths • Assistance League of Atlanta, has 250 volunteer members and no paid staff. Our building was paid off within three years of construction. • Assistance League of Atlanta consistently returns over 75 percent of its income to the community. • We draw strength from being part of a national organization that has 26,000 volunteers in 122 cities across the country. • Nationally, 1.2 million people are served each year by Assistance League, including 270,000 children who receive school clothing through Operation School Bell.
  8. 8. 2010 Challenges • Requests for help for children from social workers and schools are at an all time high. • With existing funding, we are limited as to the scope of the support that we can provide area schools. • We are working to keep out thrift shop among the best in the area to keep our income stream constant. • We look to grow our programs with being mindful of space as our facility is at capacity.