Gloria's House Of Hope Presentation


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Gloria's House Of Hope Presentation

  1. 1. Agency Name House of Hope
  2. 2. Description of Agency Our mission is to free and equip men, women, and youth who are wounded, broken hearted and still in pain and suffering and to make them whole again through the power and Grace of God. Our goal is to place people back into our community as productive citizens.
  3. 3. Proposed Use of Funds • We are in need funding for our Substance Abuse In-Patient Treatment Sponsorship that will allow someone who might not otherwise have the chance to get into an in-patient substance abuse treatment program. • The program will be ongoing from 30-90 days, and each client will complete the program that best fits their needs and situation. In some cases extended treatment may be necessary, depending on the severity of the addiction and the course of treatment necessary. • Once their needs are determined, we will work within our network of substance abuse treatment centers and get that person on the road to transformation. • This will also allow us the opportunity to mentor, pray and follow-up with them during their treatment program as well as once they exit the program. • It is not enough to merely raise the money to send these suffering people through a treatment program. Our organization is about enveloping our clients with a dependable support team that truly desires to make them whole once again. • House of Hope is about transferring and enriching lives, and maybe even saving one!
  4. 4. Agency Income Our main funding source is our Annual Golf Fundraiser. We have been blessed to have received funding from the Charity Guild in the past and look forward to be apart of the funding for 2010.
  5. 5. Prior Charity Guild Funding We were blessed to have been awarded funds in amount of $2,000 in 2000 $50,000 in 2002 $40,000 in 2005 $40,000 in 2008
  6. 6. Agency Expenses Program Services $80,000 80% of total expense Management and General $17,000 17% of total expense Fundraising $3,000 3% of total expense
  7. 7. Agency Strengths • Through the wonderful vision of our founder we have reset our efforts to partner with local Substance Abuse In-Patient Treatment centers to sponsor those in desperate need of help in breaking the cycle of addiction. Addictions know no boundaries and affects people from all walks of life. • The House of Hope’s strengths reside in our ability to adapt to what options are given to us to continue to help those in need by strong faith by our founder and our staff. Our strengths include fiscal responsibility and keeping our overhead to the bare minimum.
  8. 8. Agency Challenges • With the economy being so challenging we are still helping the least and lost by changing the programs that will best fit with our funding and support availabilities. Our founder has made efforts and changes to allow us to thrive in these hard times. The first causalities of the hard economic times are usually the Non-Profits because our funding depends on the abilities and kindness of others to give extra from their hearts and businesses. With the funding cut from so many sources, then so do many of the beneficial programs provided.