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Atlanta Children's Shelter Presentation


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Atlanta Children's Shelter Presentation

  1. 1. Atlanta Children’s Shelter Guiding families to independence
  2. 2. Atlanta Children’s Shelter At Work Atlanta Children’s Shelter stabilizes homeless families with young children (self-sufficiency boot-camp) Mostly single moms, in poverty, unemployed, living in homeless shelters, approximately half fleeing domestic violence Early childcare, case management, life skills workshops, employment services, housing resettlement, mentorship
  3. 3. CCOS Charity Guild Support Makes A Direct Difference Funding NAEYC-accredited Early Childcare designed to prepare each child to succeed in school. Less than 2% of early childcare in GA and 7% nationally reach NAEYC-accreditation
  4. 4. Shelter Revenue Model 92% Privately Funded Only 8% from Government Especially: Mrs. Sarah Kennedy & The Spray Foundation Williams-Sonoma The Home Depot Herbalife Family Foundation and Country Club of the South Charity Guild + =
  5. 5. Country Club of the South Charity Guild and Atlanta Children’s Shelter 2010 $20,000 2005 $38,000 2009 $40,000 2004 $50,000 2007 $40,000 Effectively stabilizing homeless families Together
  6. 6. Agency Expenses Program Services $833,608 68% of total expense Management and General $208,200 17% of total expense Fundraising $188,597 15% of total expense
  7. 7. Atlanta Children’s Shelter Strengths Awarded First Finalist in 2008 Managing for Excellence by the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Has cared for nearly 8,000 children and served over 5,000 families in 23 years Effectively prepares young children in homeless families to succeed in school
  8. 8. Meeting the Challenges Atlanta Children’s Shelter is examining how to responsibly increase capacity to serve more families 10% unemployment rate challenges employment services momentum Planning the Executive Director retirement and succession, June 30th 2010