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Double page spread research


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Double page spread research

  1. 1.  This double page spread consists of one image of the UK artist “Florence and the machine”. This makes it unique because the image stands out more. The fact that she is sitting on the American flag suggests that she has conquered getting acknowledged in the U.S.A. It relates to the headline “USA got the love” and it is very symbolic. The headline is original and distinctive because it consists of two different fonts and takes up the majority of the page. The headline is a play on word of the artists song “you got the love.” The audience will understand the title as it was a chart topping song. The article itself is split in three grids, this is a typical convention of a double page spread because it is clearer to understand the order of the article. The article also begins with a drop cap. It is the same font as the headline and it is roughly the same size.
  2. 2.  This double page spread consists of only one big image of the music group “the black eyed peas.” The headline is a pun of the main singer of the group “” this is because it says “will he, wont he” which implies that the article is mainly about him. Furthermore, the is the only one who stands out of the image, the rest of the band mates are faded into the background which suggests that they are not important in this double page spread. The colour scheme consists of beige and light colours, this gives the article a futuristic look which is appropriate for the bands identity . The double page spread somehow breaks conventions because all the writing is in one column. Also, the drop cap isnt really a drop cap, its an arrow which indicates to the audience where to start to read.
  3. 3. Headlines are the most important asset of a double page spread. It indicates to the audiencewhat the article is about.Will he wont he?: This headline is quite small compared to most other headlines. The colours of thetext suit the colour theme of the spread. The font is seems very futuristic and computer based. Thisgoes well with the bands look because they tend to act futuristic. The title of the headline is a punto the main band mates name “,” this is because it implies that the article is mainly abouthim because it incorporates his name.USA got the love: The headline is symbolic because it suggests that Florence has taken over theUSA with her hit single “got the love.” This is because the writing is based on top of the word USAwhich suggests she has succeeded. The font of the word “got the love” looks sophisticated andmatches the main image of the page