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LatReach LLC is a marketing agency that specializes in helping companies approach the Hispanic Market in the US.
This slideshow describes our menu of services

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Latreach Hispanic Marketing Services

  1. 1. LatReach LLC: your access to the Hispanic Market in the US.You shouldn’t miss a 450 companies in the US, with Latreach LLC is a huge marketing budgets, specialized firm that helpsbillion dollar market. mistakenly translate companies reach out toDepending on your their campaigns. But the the Hispanic/Latin marketproduct or service, you audience is listening, by defining the optimalcould be missing up Hispanics notice those business marketing mix:to 35% of your market mistakes because its not Product, Price, Place andpotential just by not just about translating, Promotion with properreaching out to Hispanics there has to be a strategic planning and clearin the US. Or even worse, planning process. might be positioningyour brand further away If you think your businessfrom them by not doing it could fall into thisright - you could just be description please let usgetting lost in translation. assess your situation andYou would be surprised help you succeed in yourhow many Fortune 500 task. According to the 2010 US Census 50.5 million Hispanics How many hispanics live in live in the United States and represent 450 billion dollars the US? in expense each year. In states like Texas or California they represent more than 35% of the total population. But 50.5million there’s other not so obvious places that deserve attention as well: Arizona: 29%, Nevada: 26%, Colorado: 20%, Florida: 22% New Jersey & New York: 17% each. LatReach, LLC 3200 Southwest Freeway Suite 3300 77027 Houston Texas
  2. 2. Let us give it a try, we thinkOUR SERVICES: you’ll have fun working with us.LatReach is the door youare looking for.1- Hispanic MarketingStrategy •Existing Campaign Adaptation •Graphic Design •Branding and Naming •Market Research2- Copywriting ServicesThe process of writing words topromote a business, person,opinion, or idea. We offer ourcreativity and experienceadapted to your intendedmessage in order to connect withyour target and push for aresponse. 1- Hispanic Marketing Strategy3- Translating ServicesFrom a simple paragraph to acomplete corporate manual, Not all Latinos are the same. Some are second or thirdwebsites, newsletter, etc. generation US citizens that love the American way of life and want to be approached in English but have deeply engraved4- Language Audit Latin traditions. Others might be new to this country and do not speak English or simply prefer to be approached inServices Spanish. Further, a word that might be a marketing hit forFInd out if your Spanish speakingcall center is doing Mexicans, could even be offensive for Venezuelans, ora good job. Peruvians; but what if there are no Venezuelans or Peruvians in your target market? Are you aware of whos5- Online Marketing listening?• Website Translation So theres several variables to take into consideration to be• Search Engine Optimization able to get to know your market properly. We can help (For your Spanish website) research and find out what you need to know before• Social Media in Spanish designing or adapting your campaign.• Digital Public Relations• Blog (Spanish) Whatever you do: never simply translate an English written• Video Production campaign. Chances are youll get lost in translation. Existing Campaign AdaptationMore Facts to You already have a very successful ongoing campaignConsider: oriented to the English speaking market and want to use it for the Spanish speaking crowd? Thats a tricky road to walkTOTAL HISPANICS IN THE into and 90% of the time big companies dont get it rightUS: 50,478,000 and counting because its not about translating. The worst thing you canTOTAL HISPANIC do is have someone get a dictionary and simply translate theHOUSEHOLDS: 10,412,000 words because these two beautiful languages think differently. But not everything is lost about your existingAVERAGE ANNUAL campaign when trying to redirect it to a different group, itsEXPENDITURE PER tricky but can be done. Let us give it a try. We think youll beHOUSEHOLD: $43,052 amazed. Source: 2010 US Census LatReach, LLC 3200 Southwest Freeway Suite 3300 77027 Houston Texas
  3. 3. “If all you ever do is all you’ve ever done, then all you’ll ever get is all you ever got.” Market Research How big is this potential market be for you? You can read about the total Hispanic population in the US and its growth rates but how can this help your business? Is your product or service right for this different target? Before making important decisions or investing huge budgets into a marketing effort, we can help research and answer these questions for you. Either polling in the streets, conducting an investigation in local stores, directing focus groups and/or statistic researching, we will most likelyGraphic Design come up with valuable information thatGraphic Design also requires knowing your could assure success to your In a billboard for example, the sameimage rarely suits more than one target. Soit is very important to have a bilingual teamthat thinks in Spanish and English to be ableto adapt your images. We can help withbillboards, posters, magazine ads, websiteimages, etc.Branding and NamingIt seems that nowadays every single nameis taken; so we start making up words toname our products or brands and BAM! wecome up with a fantastic word that everyEnglish speaking person loves but it simplysounds like a joke in Spanish.Our firm can help with the creative processof naming or branding your product orservice for the Hispanic market, or we canjust give an opinion on your existing nameso you can make sure the one you alreadyuse wont sink in with the Spanish speakingcrowd. LatReach, LLC 3200 Southwest Freeway Suite 3300 77027 Houston Texas
  4. 4. We go further than simply translating, we adapt your message to the Spanish speaking public.2- Copywriting ServicesThe process of writing words to promote a business, person, opinion oridea.Copywriting to grab your Spanish speaking potential customersattention is no kids game. We offer our creativity and experience byadapting your intended message in order to connect with your targetand push for a response. Sales letters, posters, flyers, websites, 75% of Hispanicsnewsletters, blogs, social media posts, tweets, all of this information consume media inhas to be carefully mistake-proven in Spanish and it has to look out for both English anda response from your target. As you can imagine, simply translating a Spanish, with 11%sales pitch most likely will loose its effect. Thats why typing yourmessages into a translation software is not enough. It has to be only in Spanish andthought through and envisioned in Spanish in order to provoke the 14% only in English.desired reaction. Advertising Ages Annual Hispanic Fact Pact3.Translating ServicesWe go further than simply translating, we adapt your message to theSpanish speaking public. From a simple paragraph or sign in your storeto a complete corporate manual, we relay your intended meaning so itcan truly reach the Hispanic market.Some examples are: •Websites •Newsletters •Blogs •Social Media •Signs, posters and billboards •Manuals •Sales or customer service scripts LatReach, LLC 3200 Southwest Freeway Suite 3300 77027 Houston Texas
  5. 5. 4- Language Audit Services You might notice thatMaybe you hired an outsourced Spanish speaking customer service your call center isn’tcall center and dont really know how to evaluate them. Do younotice that Spanish speaking calls seem to take a little longer but you delivering the resultsdont know why? Let us take a peek and calculate a sample, listen to you expected.them and give you some feedback. Let us take a peek.Or how about that door to door sales department you started withSpanish speaking salespeople? Did they just integrally translate theEnglish speaking scripts? Are you sure theyre offering what youintended to? Our Audit Services can give you a sound response andboost the results of your efforts. Hispanics in the US by Country of Origin Mexican 31,798,000 Puerto Rican 4,624,000 Cuban 1,786,000 Salvadoran 1,649,000 Dominican 1,415,000 Guatemalan 1,044,000 Colombian 909,000 Others 1,729,000 Source: 2010 US Census LatReach, LLC 3200 Southwest Freeway Suite 3300 77027 Houston Texas
  6. 6. ONLINE MARKETING Website Translation Search Engine Optimization Start with the basics, your Youre basically creating a new main information source site that needs to attract its should reflect your intent potential customers. to approach Hispanics. Spanish Language Digital Public Relations Social Media Campaign Fastest and most efficient Attract customers via way to inform the Hispanic Social Media in Spanish. Market about your The US Hispanic Online company. Hispanic Market Market grew 20% in the bloggers and social media last year. Largest segment leaders are a strong growth in the country. influence among an internet savvy population segment. Blogging in Spanish It’s a great tool to generate interest in your website. Writing articles that might interest your customers is a way to have them come back consistently. Let us help translate or create your Spanish blog.LatReach, LLC 3200 Southwest Freeway Suite 3300 77027 Houston Texas
  7. 7. % Of Hispanics from total State population Texas 37 California 37 Arizona 29 Nevada 26 Florida 22 Colorado 20New jersey 18 New York 18 Illinois 16Connecticut 13 Source: 2010 US Census Present and Future: 2010 Hispanic Population: 50.5 million 16% of total population 2050 Hispanic Population 101 million 30% of total population Estimate: Source: 2010 US Census
  8. 8. Where do we start? Turn bilingual We always recommend to start with the basics. You want to reach out to Hispanics? Show it. Although most of them speak English very well, an overwhelming majority prefer having both options. Important information to translate: •Website •Sales promotion documents •Social Media posts •Newsletters •etc. Research and define your target demographics Hispanics have become the largest minority group: There’s 50.5 million in the US. It’s so big that you have to select your precise target before your can market your product or service to them. After learning about your objectives we help define your target among Hispanics considering age group, gender, geographic location, household income, profession, interests, etc. Find the best way to communicate When it comes to advertising it’s important to find the right channel according to the previously defined target, and most importantly to your available budget. LatReach can help finding the best channels to communicate to your target.
  9. 9. LatReach LLC3200 Southwest FreewaySuite 3300Houston, TX77027 USA T: 281 - 886 0626