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Just as your parish’s gathering space should welcome visitors, invite prospective members, and engage members in your community, so should your church’s website. Learn how to grow your faith community online and engage your members using a variety of online tools and services.

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  • The Internet has replaced paper and penThey text, not talkE-mail is even old school—Facebook is current.
  • Marketing your chuch on the web

    1. 1. Marketing Your Church on the Internet Joe Luedtke Liturgical Publications Inc @cathtechtalk
    2. 2. • What do you mean by marketing your church?• Why you need to market your church• The Don‟t‟s and Do‟s of Marketing your Church• The non-technical infrastructure you need• Your website as a marketing tool• Email Marketing• Social media marketing• The Wrap-up
    3. 3. Why is a ChurchBulletin Company talking about technology?
    4. 4. Every Church Needs an Online Ministry Marketing Engagement
    5. 5. Why do you need to market your church?
    6. 6. First, you were told to Pope Benedict XVI described the Internet as a “digital continent” and use this technology to “proclaim the Gospel”. “As the Church sends missionaries to every continent, we now need to send missionaries to proclaim the Gospel in this new digital continent also.” – Archbishop Jose H Gomez
    7. 7. The next generation of parishioners is growing up onlineAdapting and embracing thischange is the challenge thechurch is facing.The church must adapt to the newcommunication styles or be leftbehind.
    8. 8. Second, times are changing You were once told to “let your fingers do the walking”. Now, they really need to. It is how fast can you text that counts.
    9. 9. Google vs Yellow Pages 2010 Australian Survey indicated that: • 54% of respondents hadn‟t used the Yellow Pages in over a year. • 100% of the respondents used Google „almost every day‟.
    10. 10. The Internet is Now Leading the Way
    11. 11. Expectations Are Changing TooHaving a website is not enough
    12. 12. Number of Mobile Phones in 2011Microsoft Tag
    13. 13. AndMobile isStillGrowingMicrosoft Tag
    14. 14. Microsoft Tag
    15. 15. Remember when a phone was used to call someone?Microsoft Tag
    16. 16. Lastly, if you don‟t, others will do it for you• Mormons are the Fastest Growing Religion in America – Added 2 million new members from 2002 – 2012 – Present in 295 counties in the US where no Mormons existed a decade ago. – Let‟s take a look at just one of their marketing strategies… From 2012 Religious Congregations and Membership Survey
    17. 17. They use Google Ad Words!
    18. 18. Search for…Yields…At a cost of$3.00 - $4.00per click
    19. 19. The Don‟ts & Dos of Marketing Your Church
    20. 20. The Don‟ts1. Don‟t start a website, Facebook page, or Twitter feed without a goal.2. Don‟t create any of the above unless someone is going to be be responsible for managing it.3. Don‟t get too excited if someone offers to do it for free.4. Don‟t create any of this by committee. There‟s never been a good website designed by more than 3 people.5. Don‟t bite off more than you can chew.
    21. 21. Now the Dos1. Do start with a set of goals and a plan.2. Do measure what you create. You can‟t manage what you can‟t measure.3. Do make it someone‟s job to maintain what ever you‟re creating.4. For your website, 1. Do focus on your home page. It‟s the front-door to your church and your community. 2. Design the site for guests. Think like an outsider when working on the site. 3. Do spend more than the cost of week‟s worth of coffee on creating your website. 4. Keep it simple; keep it fresh. 5. Do take ownership of your website‟s domain, i.e.
    22. 22. The Infrastructure You Need
    23. 23. Don‟t worry I‟m not talking aboutComputer Infrastructure like this
    24. 24. But rather someone like this
    25. 25. The Infrastructure You Need• Always remember, technology is just a tool. It‟s the people and processes that bring it to life.• Technology - The only two technology requirements that really matter are: • Can we maintain it? • Is it accessible everywhere (i.e. Desktop, iPad, Smart Phone, etc.)?
    26. 26. The Infrastructure You Need• People – This is what its really all about: • Write it in to someone‟s job description to maintain the website, monitor the Facebook page, etc. • Set expectation that the church website should be as updated as the church bulletin. • Start small, but think big. The person who may manage your website‟s content today may one day be your church‟s Internet Outreach Director• Process • Put some money in the budget to maintain the website. • Your Communication in print and online. • Setup quarterly or annual reviews. • Set objectives for your website • Follow up with visitor requests with email. Develop an email-based informational packet.
    27. 27. Setting Goals• Set a goal. Yes, you do need a church website, but define why.• Use Google Analytics to track activity on your website.• Is your real objective here, website „hits‟ or visitor conversions?• Track the results: – “How did you hear about our parish?” is a really important question to ask. – Ask new parishioners how they found out about your church? – Ensure „website‟ is an option on your visitor card.
    28. 28. Focus on Your Church‟s Home Page
    29. 29. SEO – Start with Googling Your Church Of course your ranked #1 in Google, aren‟t you?
    30. 30. Or Are You?Seaching for my hometown andwith the word „church‟ doesn‟tput St. Bernard parish anywherenear the top.
    31. 31. Searching for“Catholic Parish 53213”Yields similar and disappointingresults.
    32. 32. Why is this?The answer is much simpler than you think. You can see a few problems right away on this church‟s Home Page. • The word „Church‟ is only used once and its embedded in a graphic. • „Catholic‟ also only appears once and its next to the word „School‟. • The word „School‟ is used 4 times. • Bible school content is months old.
    33. 33. Looking for Help On Your Website?• Here‟s some good ones to review, parish-website-winners/• If you‟re feeling pretty good about your website, take this simple 5 minute rating test, church-website/• If you‟re looking for help, please check out or other church-oriented website resources here, builders/?orderby=title
    34. 34. Social Media Marketing
    35. 35. Social Media Marketing• Don‟t think of Social Media as „sites‟ but rather „streams‟.• In the Web 1.0 world, Content was King, but in Web 2.0 it‟s the conversation.• No your church doesn‟t need a Facebook „page‟, but, yes, you need to have „conversations‟ on Facebook.• Find someone willing to post your current events and monitor your Facebook page for at least 30 minutes per week and then create one.• Please, don‟t be afraid of the conversations. The conversations are what Social Media is all about.
    36. 36. Social Media Engagement• Post once per week.• Again allow commenting, please!• Check engagement statistics once per month.
    37. 37. Email MarketingWhy does my grocery storewant my email address?
    38. 38. Email Newsletters Work• Email Marketing Programs make an email like this and email list management simple• Mailchimp is my favorite as its free for lists under 2000• VerticleResponse and Constant Contact are good cost effective alternatives
    39. 39. Social Media & Parishioner Engagement• Social Media and Email Marketing really start to shift from marketing to parishioner engagement.• If Facebook pages and Twitter Feeds aren‟t for you and Email Marketing Tools seem a little too daunting, please take a look at:
    40. 40. The Wrap Up• Marketing is the business term for evangelization. Look to Corporate America for trends.• Small businesses have found the Internet to be a great help in leveling the playing field, and now the church can too.• The Internet used to be informational, now is becoming relational.• Content used to be king, but its really becoming all about the conversation.• The next generation of parishioners is growing up online, but on their phones.
    41. 41. Thank You Joe Luedtke President, Liturgical Publications @cathtechtalk