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  1. 1. By Nina and Eli
  2. 2. Who Are We?WWF is a nonprofit organization started in order to protectand preserve nature. We also conserve endangeredspecies as well as work in over 100 different countries. Weare made up of a variety of people, from environmentaliststo concerned children.
  3. 3. Our MissionOur mission is to conserve wildlife and endangeredspecies like these:Giant Pandas: Amur Leopards: Bald Eagle:
  4. 4. The CrisisAnimals have been suffering from habitat loss , lack offood, and many other reasons due to humans. WWFhelps endangered species overcome these problems aswell as many more. There is a crisis because humanshave spoiled the earth withpollution, urbanization, deforestation, and countlessother things.
  5. 5. Who Do We Serve?We serve the environment and our Earth, as well as allanimals, from a Hissing Cockroach to an Asiatic Lion.We are made up of a multitude of environmentalists andconcerned people and are supported by over 5 millionpeople globally.
  6. 6. Where do we serve?WWF serves over 100 different countries all over theworld. In Borneo and Sumatra, WWF works on theground with local communities and governments, butalso takes action to address the relentless global forcesthat threaten the region, while in the Coral TriangleWWF works to create a network of marine protectedareas.
  7. 7. Some Statistics We have lost 97% of wild tigers over a century. 40% of all animal species are endangered, like Amurleopards, polar bears, and whales. Almost all species of marine turtles are classified asendangered.
  8. 8. These Are Some Endangered AnimalsTiger Polar Bear Loggerhead Sea Turtle
  9. 9. Endangered Species Collage Amur Leopard Polar Bear Loggerhead Sea Turtle Maned Wolf Giant Panda Tasmanian Devil Poison Dart Frog Flying Fox Orca
  10. 10. The mighty tiger stalks his prey…This magnificent animal is King of the jungle. He ruleshis world…until now.The Tiger slumps onto his side, blood gushing from thebullet wound. A hunter slides from the cover of thedense trees and pulls out a small hunting knife. He skinsthe tiger, throws it’s pelt over his shoulder, and leaves thecarcass there to rot.
  11. 11. Extinct Animal Collage
  12. 12. Classification Number of Animals inClassificationExtinct Animals 801Critically Endangered Animals 3,879Endangered Animals 5,689Vulnerable Animals 10,002Near Threatened 4,389Least Concern 27,124
  13. 13. How you can helpYou can help by raising and donating money for theworld wildlife fund. You can also save the lives of theseanimals by adopting an endangered animal atworldwildlife.org. Or you can buy a photo that we havetaken for $5-10.
  14. 14. Glossary Endangered………………………...there aren’t many left Pollution……………………………..littering Urbanization……………………...when you take anenvironment and build a city on top of it Deforestation……………………..the cutting down of trees
  15. 15. Credits:Directors:Eli LuddenNina ShawScreenwriter:Eli LuddenProducer:Nina Shaw