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Calhoun Career Coach Presentation

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Jelisa Thompson Career Coach presentation

  1. 1. Presentation By: Jelisa Thompson July 29, 2013 Resume and Cover Letter Tips That Are Sure To Get You Noticed!
  2. 2. What is a Resume? A resume is a personal summary of you work history and qualifications. It includes information about:  Career goals  Education  Work experience  Activities  Honors  Special skills
  3. 3. Main Components  Heading  Objective  Education  Honors and Activities  Experience  Skills  Prospective College and University  References
  4. 4. Heading Mariah Carey 101 Bank St Decatur, Al 35601 (256) 555-5555 Tip: Use a professional email address! Sexygirl4life@hotmail is not appropriate!!!
  5. 5. Objective Is ONE sentence and clarifies the PURPOSE of your Resume. Example: Part time job at Point Mallard Water Park. Tip: Keep it short and specific!!
  6. 6. Honors & Activities  Organizations  Honors  Extracurricular Activities  Community Service  Religious Activities Tip: Remember to add dates of membership for organizations and number of hours for community service.
  7. 7. Experience Example: Camp SMILE May 2012 – August 2012 Decatur Parks and Recreation Decatur, Al - Created a positive environment and role model for low income children ages 5-13 - Prepared meals and activities for the participants - Maintained a clean site Tip: Be Short and precise with job descriptions!
  8. 8. Skills Include skills that make you unique, such as: - Computer skills - Foreign Language skills Tip: Name the computer programs you know and How long you have studied a foreign language.
  9. 9. Prospective College or University Put the College or University that you plan to attend.
  10. 10. Choose references that are knowledgeable about your abilities, work ethics, and skills. Great References:  Former Employers  Teachers  Counselors Tip: Always obtain permission from reference in advance and provide them with current information
  11. 11. . Mariah Carey 101 Bank Street NW Decatur, AL 35601 256-555-5555 Objective Seeking part time employment in the city of Decatur at Point Mallard Water Park. Education River City High School G.P.A. 3.75 Type of Diploma: Standard Graduation Date: May, 2014 Experience Decatur Tutoring Program, September 2012- May, 2013 Decatur Children Services Decatur, Al Created a positive environment and role model for low income students ages 11-18 • Assisted students with homework, schoolwork, and projects Camp SMILE May 2012 – August 2012 Decatur Parks and Recreation Decatur, Al • Created a positive environment and role model for low income children ages 5-13 • Prepared meals and activities for the participants • Maintained a clean site Honors and Activities River City High School National Honor Society, 2011-2013 Student of the Month- School Spirit, March 2011 Jazz Band, 2011- 2013 River City High Student Council Class Representative, 2010-2013 Concert Chorus, 2010-2013 Future Business Leaders of America, 2012 Scholars Bowl, 2010-2012 Spanish Club, 2010-2013 River City High School Basketball Team, 2010-2013 River City High School Debate Team (President, 2013, Secretary, 2010-2011) Habitat for Humanity, 2010-2013 (Community Service) Decatur Youth Services Tutor, 2010-2013 (Community Service) Special Skills Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Power Point Prospective College Calhoun Community College Or University References Name Employer Phone Email Michael Jordan Fort Decatur Recreational Center 256-555-5554 Beyonce Carter FAME Recording Studio 256-556-5556 Drew Berrymore Hollywood Videos 256-554-5553
  12. 12.  A cover letter typically accompanies each resume you send out.  The cover letter provides the employer with additional information.  The cover letter is a critical first impression.
  13. 13. Format of a Cover Letter Contact Information Employer Contact Information Salutation Body Closing Signature
  14. 14. Tips For Cover Letter  The cover letter does not have to be long.  Do not duplicate the resume.  Use correct grammar and proofread.  Tell why you would be great for the job.
  15. 15. 101 Bank Street NW Decatur, Alabama 35601 256-555-5555 (Cell Phone) July 29, 2013 Human Resource Management Point Mallard Water Park Decatur, Al Dear Sir, I am interested in the Concession Stand position listed on your Human Resource page. Like your Mission, my ultimate goal and passion is to provide hope, help, and assistance for those in need at Point Mallard Water Park. My resume is enclosed for your review. I would love to work with your organization through any of the programs and given my related experience and excellent capabilities I would appreciate your consideration for this position. My skills and heart to serve others is an ideal match for your facility. Currently, I am a student at River City High School. I will graduate with a standard diploma in May 2014. I have the required computer, writing, organizational, and communication skills with parents, community officials and participants. I have the knowledge of working with the public and an enthusiasm for working for the betterment of others in a fast paced environment. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about this position. Please contact me at 256-555-5555 (day or night). I look forward to your response. Thank you for your consideration, Mariah Carey Mariah Carey