Full potential show ep. 4 discovering your zones of intention


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Full potential show ep. 4 discovering your zones of intention

  1. 1. Full Potential Show Episode 4:Discovering Your Zones of Intention(continued from Episodes 2 and 3)So, we’ve got purpose. Now, purpose is an easy one, because it’s going to go along with yourvision and your values. You thought it would be hard, right? People are like, what am I here for?What is my purpose in life? Well, it’s easy, because, when you know what your values are, whatyou truly value in life, your purpose is going to have something to do with that. Whatever youvalue, at the highest order in your life, you’re going to be driven to honor that purpose. So, I’mgoing to give you an example from my life. I feel like my purpose is to be one of the mostpositively influential people that I can possibly be. One of the most positively influential peoplethe world has ever known. That’s a purpose that drives me. It honors all of my values. Youknow, I look at my values, and I think of how I live my values, and I think how my purposehonors my values and there’s a connection that excites me. It also goes along with my vision,what I want to create over the next year or two. So, this is actually an easy process as you gothrough it, but the first time through it’s really going to wrench your brain and cause you tothink a lot and that’s good.Now we get to intention. Well, as a result of my vision and my values and my purpose, what ismy intention? What is my intention for today? I kind of like to organize my intention intozones. I like to say, “Well, one of the first things that I feel compelled to do in the day is I mightfeel compelled to check my email. I might feel compelled to respond to phone calls. I call thatmy zone of obligation. Alright? So I create some zones and here’s the thing. I’m not going to gothrough this completely, because it would take us a whole day, but just know that you havecertain intentions through the day that you may not be aware of. But to get clear on them and Full Potential Show Episode 4 Transcript Discovering Your “Zones of Intention”
  2. 2. to create some zones when they’re appropriate is going to really help you take control of yourday. So for example, some of my zones are: I have the zone of obligation, which is not high-value, I put it down lower on the list. I have the zone of creation, where I really want to create something and use my creativity for something. I have the zone of recreation, where I’m going to actually relax and enjoy my time a bit. I have the zone of wealth building, when I’m actually going to create more wealth, when I’m going to create more options for my life.So, that’s when I use my intention or I use that zone as the appropriate time to invest my timein that area. And this one isn’t as important as some of these other ones, but it does help you toget clear on where you’re focusing your intention. With intention, you can create, and you cantransform. You can do it almost overnight. So, just being aware in this process is really going tohelp you clarify what you’re doing with your life. I hope this side is clear, because now it startsgetting real. I mean, when we turn it over, I know we still got just a crumpled sheet of paper,but we’re really clarifying what our life is all about and we’re going to translate it into a day.Like a real day that we’re going to live. And then pretty soon, this is going to become a routine.And as it becomes a routine, it becomes our life. And so, we’re really, this simple sheet ofpaper, is changing our life. And as we live our life, it’s going to change our world and the realitythat we live in. It might seem like a simple sheet of paper, but when you get done with thisthing, it really is life changing.So, now we’re back on the other side, and we’ve got our goals, tasks, schedule and time log. Mygoal for today, or this week, or this month, or this year is going to be very much in alignmentwith the vision and the values and the purpose and the intention that I’ve set for myself.So now I want to come up with a goal that’s juicy and drives me, but is also something that iswithin sight. That is on the horizon, so to speak. I can see it. And I know that it’s real, but I knowthat it’s going to be a tough road to get there. If it’s easy, I mean, it’s not really going to driveme. It’s got to be something that really does stretch me. I might even ask, “Can I really dothat?” Maybe, but it’s something that I’m driven to do, because I would stake my life on it. It’sin alignment with my values. It’s in alignment with my vision. It’s my purpose for living. A goal isa milestone towards your vision. That was the thing that I wanted to make clear here. A goal isa milestone towards your vision. So imagine you’re going down the highway, right? You’ve got a Full Potential Show Episode 4 Transcript Discovering Your “Zones of Intention”
  3. 3. destination that’s 400 miles away. Well, you’re going to pass a lot of exits along the way. And you may want to stop and enjoy some of these exits, or you may want to keep on going. But these exits will help you to know that you’re on track, right? That’s what the goals are, they’re more like the exits or the milestones that are letting you know that you are getting closer and closer to your vision. That’s really critical, because the goal must be onthe path towards your vision. That’s why vision is so important. So, you’re getting clear on yourgoal, right?In the goal setting process, if you’re new to personal development, then maybe you haven’theard a lot of the strategies for goal setting. I mean, there’s the smart planning method forgoals, which is specific and measurable and achievable and timed. And so, I’m going to come upwith a real simple formula for setting a goal here, okay? One- it’s got to be something that juices you. Just like your vision, it’s got to be something that juices you. Something that is within the realm of your abilities right now, okay? When I say that, I mean at the peak level of potential. It’s something that is achievable, but it’s a stretch. You know that if you run 20 miles, it might kill you. But if you set a running goal, you might set it at just underneath what might kill you, so you know that you can reach it. You know it’s going to be a stretch. You know it’s going to drive you, but you’re going to get there if you work hard, you train, you prepare. And you make it happen. So, we won’t get into goals too much now, about how to set them, but we don’t have to make it too hard. It’s just a milestone, right? It’s just one step towards the vision, so just come up with something and then for your task, keep it simple. Come up with three tasks that will help you get closer to your goal. And try to define them as much as possible because clarity is really important. You can’t just say, make money or something on your task. It’s got to be something that you can do, that you can see it perfectly. And what I mean by that is, it’s something that I know what the time of that is going to take today. I know that it’s going to take, for example, if I’m writing a book, a task is to complete a chapter. I might even be more specific to complete a chapter of 10 pages. I know that roughly each page is going to take me 10, 20, or 30 minutes. I know specifically how much time that task is going to take me and it’s so crystal clear. So all I need to do is sit down at my computer and I need to write that chapter. But I know that that chapter, or that task, is part of a bigger goal which is to Full Potential Show Episode 4 Transcript Discovering Your “Zones of Intention”
  4. 4. write a book. And I know that that book is part of a bigger goal or my vision and purpose. It’s all in alignment, right? The task needs to be crystal clear so that you know the time it’s going to take you so you can move it into your schedule block.So, we’ve got your tasks now figured out, you’ve got three tasks that’s going to move youcloser to your goal and it doesn’t need to be complete. Meaning, you don’t need to comeup with all the tasks associated with the goal, just come up with three that you feel that youcan take action on that will move you closer to the goal. As you take action every day, thesetasks will become clearer and clearer. You’ll be more and more effective as you’re takingsteps toward your goal every day and the tasks are becoming more clear.What do you need to do to get closer to your goal? It’s going to become more clear andthen you’ll be able to move those tasks into your scheduleand then you’ll be able to say, “Today at 6 o’clock or 6:20 or6:30, whatever it is. From 6:30-7:00, I’m going to work onthis task and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to shutdown my phone. I’m going to shut off my email. And that’sall I’m going to work on from this time to this time.” Andthen you can log it in your time log. From 6:30-7:00, this iswhat I worked on. Or if, right when you scheduled the tasks,somebody popped in and said, “Hey, I’ve got an emergency.This is what needs to happen.” You go and you do that thing first, I mean, that way youwon’t feel stressed out, and you know, pissed off because somebody interrupted your day.This is real flexible. You know what you’ve got to do. You know how long it’s going to take,you’ve scheduled it to the best of your abilities, Hey, stuff is going to happen. So, you’ve gotto get in and time log it and say, “Here’s what happened and this is why it happened. I leftmy phone on, or I was tempted and I checked my email and it took me off –track, so nowI’m going to get back to my schedule. I’ve already got the 30 minute task that I know isnumber one and I’m going to do my scheduled item.” Alright?We spent some time on this, but this is really, really important. If you start incorporatingthis into your day: your vision, your values, your purpose, your intention. Then you turn itaround to the other side and you have your goals and the three tasks associated with yourgoal. Even if you can do just one goal. I mean, sometimes people go crazy and do hundreds.Just create one goal that you’re inspired by. Just for today, or this week. And come up withsome tasks for it. Schedule those tasks. Then, log your time as the day progresses. If youstart getting off track, crumple up your sheet of paper. Or actually, before your crumple it, Full Potential Show Episode 4 Transcript Discovering Your “Zones of Intention”
  5. 5. copy down the tasks that you didn’t complete, and then go ahead and crumble it up and start over again, with your schedule and your time log. You will be making some real progress towards a new life. One that is aligned with your vision, with your values, with your purpose and with your intention, which is a totally new and inspiring way to live.This is the Full Potential Show - your number one, non-boring source for personal development.I’m James Rick and I am wishing you, please, to do this before you leave or before you go today.This is going to change your life. I will see you next time on the Full Potential show.About Full Potential: The Full Potential philosophy is meant to help people operate at the best perspective in any givensituation. It is about options. It is about empowerment. Empowerment feels good. So does investing liferesources in what we truly value. If everyone was living at this level – life would be bliss. To find outmore, visit: www.fullpotential.com.About James Rick: James Rick, also known as “Mr. Full Potential,” is host of the Full Potential Show, Founder of FullPotential Academy, and author of “Unleash Your Full Potential”. James Rick started his first business atthe age of 17, currently employs more than 150 staff around the world, and his businesses havegenerated more than $5 million in revenues over the last 36 months. Full Potential Show Episode 4 Transcript Discovering Your “Zones of Intention”