Full potential show ep. 15 interview with nick pfennigwerth


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The Full Potential philosophy is meant to help people operate at the best perspective in any given situation. It is about options. It is about empowerment. Empowerment feels good. So does investing life resources in what we truly value. If everyone was living at this level - life would be bliss.

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Full potential show ep. 15 interview with nick pfennigwerth

  1. 1. Full Potential Show Episode 15:Interview with Nick Pfennigwerth –“Resetting Your Definition of Wealth & Happiness”Hello, everybody, and welcome to the Full Potential Show. I’m James Rick and this is yournumber one, non-boring source for personal development. Today on the line, we have NickPfennigwerth. Nick is the author of “Creative Wealth Building.” He created the websitewww.creative-wealthbuilding.com with the vision to help people understand that they haveunlimited potentiality and the possibility to be the creator of their life. Nick, tell me a little bitmore about what it is that you do and how you came upon this philosophy that you have.Nick: Sure. A little background about me, is that …I started out pretty much like most people. Iended up going to college and I got my degree in business and with little background in finance.I decided that, you know, I thought money was the answer. So, right off the bat, I wanted tobecome an entrepreneur. What I did was, I got a sales job and worked 9-5 and things weregreat, but I was pretty much bored with my life.I decided this just isn’t for me. It was too predetermined and I went out… I literally quit my jobon the spot, after maybe twelve months. Moved back to Pittsburgh, that’s where I’m originallyfrom, and I started my own real estate development business because financial wealth was mygoal at that time. Well, I ended being very successful in the first two years of my real estatedevelopment business. And then, you know, it grew pretty big. I was profiting over at least aquarter of a million dollars in assets and my portfolio was growing.However, I came to a point where it just didn’t click for me. I couldn’t keep up with the growthof the company and it crashed. My real estate business wound up going downhill. I pretty muchlost everything. I was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and then that financial crisis Full Potential Show Episode 15 Transcript Interview with Nick Pfennigwerth – Creative Wealth Building www.fullpotential.com
  2. 2. happened, in the mix where all the mortgage companies were going out of business. I wasreally strained - hanging on to my business.In the middle of that time, I really discovered what my life purpose is here. Of course, I hadsome help from people, but what I discovered (that one of my mentors told me) was that youcould go after the money and get rich, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will havecomplete wealth. I really thought about that for a long time. What I discovered was that thereare so many other areas in our lives other than finances. I mean, financial is important and I’msure you know that, but there’s also your emotional well-being, your spiritual well-being, yourrelational well-being and in your health or physical well-being. What I discovered was that thetruly wealthy people on this planet, which is probably a lot less than three percent, they havewell-being in all areas, they’re well-rounded.James: It was a re-definition of what it means to be wealthy.Nick: Yeah, my definition of wealth, as soon as I got out of school, was money. I have to getmoney, have to provide for a family. I just didn’t like that predetermination, I mean, I do want afamily, that’s not the point. It’s that most people go through, what I’m finding through all theemails pouring in to my website, is that they want financial wealth. I can help them do that. I’vebeen there. I’ve lost it all, you know. Now I’m gaining it all back again, but going after themoney is really not the answer. I try to bring the message of what creative wealth building is allabout is creating awareness, trying to understand what true reality is. Also, focusing your mindin the correct way to have outer success. I’m all about inner peace, happiness and success.Those are the three key things that I’m finding most people want in life.James: Well, Nick, do you have some strategies, or some simple tips, that people can followimmediately after our interview today, to begin to start applying these steps, to get that innerhappiness or that outer success. What strategies, or what tips, could you give to people thatthey can immediately start to apply?Nick: Well, the first thing that I would focus on is expanding your awareness. This could bepretty mystical, but actually, you know, science has come a long way on this concept aboutwhat reality really is. Expanding your awareness pretty much means seeing what you’re doing,as you’re doing it. When you can do that, that creates choice in the moment. What I would tellsomeone to do, right after this call, is first, I would have them notice. Start noticing throughoutthe day when they’re feeling the discomfort. Just notice things. You know, “I’m feeling bad rightnow. Oh, okay. So, there I am having this comforting feeling.” As someone becomes good atthat, they start understanding that they’re feeling this way, they expand their awareness andthey can create choice where they can choose to think about something else or they couldchoose and see the belief underlying that feeling. Full Potential Show Episode 15 Transcript Interview with Nick Pfennigwerth – Creative Wealth Building www.fullpotential.com
  3. 3. James: Okay, so, one – start expanding your awareness, be more present to what’s happening.Nick: Yes, you know. It’s the simplest question. It’s saying, “okay I’m having this feeling. There Iam, feeling _____”(fill in the blank). And you just kind of watch it with curiosity. It’s kind of likebeing a witness. You kind of step back and you watch it. The resistance will subside. As you getgood at this, your awareness expands and you will be able to see it creating your life. That kindof tumbles into the mind partner because the second thing that we teach in creative wealthbuilding is how to focus the mind correctly. This law of attraction buzz came out a few yearsago, and it’s very helpful, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Wouldn’t you agree?James: I do. How does creative wealth building apply using the mind? After you’ve expandedyour awareness, making these choices consciously, what, I’m curious, what’s the next step tousing the mind affectively in your philosophy?Nick: I would tell someone that creating outer success is as simple as focusing on the outcomeof what you want. It really is that simple, but the problem is that it’s not that easy to practiceday in and day out. What I find is that most people are good at is crafting an intention, decidingwhat they want in life. There could be a few problems in that too, but once you decide whatyou want in life, than the key is you’ve got to keep your all-consuming attention on it. Theintention won’t do any good unless you’re constantly attending to what it is that you want tocreate in life. That means that you have to be aware on a moment-to-moment basis on whereyour attention is. If you’re sitting there feeling bad, you’re not going to be attracting orbecoming the person that you want to be.James: So, the key really is to remain anchored to what it is that you’re creating, what outcomeyou’re trying to realize and not drift from that. Is that the idea?Nick: Yes, that’s exactly the idea. A lot of people, or a lot of spiritual teachers that I networkwith, they use goal cards. A lot of people get confused with that because they think that theycan just write down a goal, visualize it once or twice a day and then they’re going to magicallyattract this into their life. Now, there are some coincidences that nobody can explain, butattracting the things you want in life is very practical. You can’t just visualize in the morning andget up and then rough over paying the Visa bill. It’s kind of like cancelling each other out. Youwant financial freedom, but you’re constantly arguing or feeling bad about the credit card billcoming in. You’re kind of cancelling the two out right there.James: How do you keep anchored? You mentioned the goal card. What is the correct way todo, say, the goal card? Explain a little bit about how that works.Nick: Sure. What I like to do is, well, what most people like to do is they like to put a goal in thepresent tense. Let’s say your goal is to attract a Lexus IS250, fully loaded, with navigation. You Full Potential Show Episode 15 Transcript Interview with Nick Pfennigwerth – Creative Wealth Building www.fullpotential.com
  4. 4. want that so, what most people will tell you to do is to put it in the present tense so that it feelsright now. That is key. I do advocate that. How you use the goal card is you have this intentionwritten down. You pull it out during the day, you look at it, and maybe you’ll recite it out loud.But you have to keep your attention on what it really feels like to have that car. If you visualizeyourself driving that car, there’s no emotion behind it. You’re really not going to get yourselfmotivated or inspired with the idea to attract that car to you. What I like to do is instead ofwriting it down in present tense, like for example, “I now have a Lexus IS250, fully loaded.” I liketo phrase it into a question such as, “What does it feel like to have this Lexus?” or “How can Iget this Lexus IS250?” Because, when you ask questions, you automatically divert yourattention from whatever it is, to that question. Your mind is super, super smart. Its job is to finda way to bring what you’ve focused on into your reality.James: So, the real strategy here is in using the mind, or directing the mind through the powerof questions. The how, the what. Are there specific guidelines that you have for craftingquestions?Nick: No, you definitely want to use “how”. “How” questions are probably the best. “How can Iget that?” Or “How can I do this?” Or “What?” What’s are good too. You want to kind of stayaway from the “why” or the negative context. Questions are really powerful. You know, James,if I asked you a question, “What did you have for breakfast this morning?” you have to divertyour attention from this interview to think about what you had for breakfast this morning,right?James: Absolutely. Yeah, immediately redirect focus.Nick: So, a lot of times, people get caught in this trap of reading their intention like “I now havethis Lexus IS250”. It becomes mundane because you’re just reading it.James: You’re saying that the goal card, the strategy here is to put on the goal card a questionthat prompts your mind, that causes your mind to shift focus. Rather than making a statement,you’ve got to put it in the form of a question.Nick: Exactly. If you could create a question, there is always an answer, because the duality ofthis universe, if you craft a question, you will definitely have an answer to it at some point. Atthat point, you just let the mind do its thing. Like I said, it’s very smart. You have to kind of getout of the way of yourself and trust the ideas that come to you. You take some kind of inspiredaction. Action is key. I’ve been to your website and I think I saw a video about “ORANGE”, andthe “A” is for action, right?James: Right, you can’t just dream stuff up. We’ve got to actually take action, that’s whatmakes it happen. Full Potential Show Episode 15 Transcript Interview with Nick Pfennigwerth – Creative Wealth Building www.fullpotential.com
  5. 5. Nick: Yes, I mean, it’s real sexy to think that you can just visualize your millions into your lap,but you’ve got to take action. The most successful people in the world, that I’m seeing, they’rebusy people. They’re really busy people.James: They’re taking action.Well, Nick, what key lessons do you think people should take away that we maybe haven’tdiscussed yet. We’ve got a few minutes before we wrap up. What key things would you like forpeople to take away and do? Maybe the top three, or the top five, or maybe even top couple ofthings that you could recommend that a person absolutely should be incorporating into theirlife and into their day.Nick: Sure. The most important thing I would say is to consistently expand your awareness.There really is two ways to do that. You can do it through meditation, which means you…wereally don’t have the time to go into correct meditation and what it does and stuff, butmeditate by either visualizing or doing some kind of Zen traditional meditations.James: We prompt the listeners to do some additional research. I’ve got some guidelines onhow to do meditation. Meditation is one of the key things to expand the awareness. How doyou strengthen visualization, Nick?Nick: I would say, you would have to understand that there are pretty much five consistentways we make internal representations, which are pictures in the mind. A lot of people arehighly visual. A lot of people are auditory. A lot of people are auditory/visual, which involvesvisualization and auditory. Some people are sense of smell, olfactory. Gustatory - which is taste.Pretty much the five senses, in a nut shell.What I would have someone do is really get in touch with how they visualize. Do they lead withpeople talking? Do they lead with feeling things? Do they lead with the smell of things?Normally, I’ll have people go through, you know, I say, “Okay, think of an ocean. Describe to methe ocean.” They’d say, “Okay, well, I’m sitting on the beach, feeling the sand between my toesI feel the sun the warmness.” Right there, there’s a clue to say that you are more feeling-based,more kinesthetic. I would have someone lead, with their kinesthetic, in their visualizationmeditation. That helps strengthen creative motion, so that you can take the inspired action andstart to attract the force that you need to complete your goal.James: Got it. So, identify what your strength is, what method, what modality that you use tovisualize or to think in your mind and then use that in your visualization training or exercise thatyou do on a daily basis. Full Potential Show Episode 15 Transcript Interview with Nick Pfennigwerth – Creative Wealth Building www.fullpotential.com
  6. 6. Nick: Exactly. I think that if you can understand that and leave with that, that is half the battleright there.James: Great, and what would you say would be the other half, or the last one or two thingsthat you would recommend people do?Nick: Well, I would say the other half is, this part is kind of mystical. You really have to trust.You really have to trust the idea that you receive. What I see a lot of people labeling now, isinspired action. You have to trust your intuition and take action. I think it was Brian Tracy thatsaid, “There are probably nine (or 10) failures for every one success.” You’re going to go outthere, and take action and you’ve got to be okay with failing, because you really don’t failunless you give up. The more you fail, the more you go out there and do it. The moreawareness about how you really work will happen. You hear a lot of stories about people goingbankrupt and then all of a sudden they’re these financial all stars. That’s because they have thisexpanded awareness around the financial area of their life.The third thing, and the last thing, is I would constantly try to be understanding what realityreally is. The way you do that is by understanding that feelings and emotions don’t happen toyou. They come from you. Something is causing a trigger inside of you that is causing thatfeeling and emotion. You take action or not action, based on your feelings. We are emotionalbeings. The more you’re in touch with how you’re feeling on a moment, daily basis, the moreyou’re able to say, “Oh, there’s that feeling of discomfort. I must be thinking of something Idon’t want. Hmm. What is that thought? Isn’t that interesting.” And you just sit there andwatch. The more you watch, the more awareness, the dysfunction literally drops. You can’t dosomething consciously that doesn’t serve you. It’s impossible.James: I think that is a really powerful lesson there, Nick. Just maintain that presentness, thatawareness. To make course corrections as you travel along the course rather than waiting ayear, or five years, ten years down the road and say, “Why in the hell did I do the same thing forso long?” Doing it minute by minute. I think that’s very, very important.Nick: Real awareness is being able to make conscious choice in the moment. That’s when themagic really happens. That’s when things really start happening for you and that’s when outersuccess will come based on the peace and happiness that you have on the inside.James: Well, sounds great, Nick. Very, very helpful insights here today. Where can people get acopy of your book or learn more about your work?Nick: Sure, I am about to launch a new website called “Upgrade My Reality .com” It is a 3-month course. You have complete interaction with me about how to expand your awareness Full Potential Show Episode 15 Transcript Interview with Nick Pfennigwerth – Creative Wealth Building www.fullpotential.com
  7. 7. and also create a manifest, anything you can imagine. That is coming out probably in a fewweeks. That website is www.upgrademyreality.com .James: And the other website where people can find you is www.creative-wealthbuilding.com,is that right?Nick: Yes. I write blogs, entries and articles at least a couple of times a week. It’s free training,about expanding your awareness, what reality is, how to use your mind to get what you want inlife, and how to create real wealth in the five key areas (or what I call the five key areas of life.)James: And that’s how we found you. I like to do some interviews with folks who seem to havethe right concepts, even if they’re not famous and rich, they’re certainly rich in insights and youcertainly are, Nick. It’s been a pleasure having you on the show.This is the Full Potential Show, I’m James Rick. This has been an interview with NickPfennigwerth. It’s been fantastic, Nick. We’ll be in touch, take care. Everybody, thank you verymuch for your time.About Full Potential: The Full Potential philosophy is meant to help people operate at the best perspective in any givensituation. It is about options. It is about empowerment. Empowerment feels good. So does investing liferesources in what we truly value. If everyone was living at this level – life would be bliss. To find outmore, visit: www.fullpotential.com.About James Rick: James Rick, also known as “Mr. Full Potential,” is host of the Full Potential Show, Founder of FullPotential Academy, and author of “Unleash Your Full Potential”. James Rick started his first business atthe age of 17, currently employs more than 150 staff around the world, and his businesses havegenerated more than $5 million in revenues over the last 36 months. Full Potential Show Episode 15 Transcript Interview with Nick Pfennigwerth – Creative Wealth Building www.fullpotential.com