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Nerd Girls Present: The Imposter Syndrome


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Imposter Syndrome is something we all suffer from, from time to time. What can you do to manage it? Control it? and Use it? Check out the Nerd Girls presentation from Gabriella Davis w/contributors Maureen Leland, Devin Olsen, Kathy Brown, Tony Holder and me (Jennifer Stevenson), who discuss how you can overcome your Imposter Syndrome!

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Nerd Girls Present: The Imposter Syndrome

  1. 1. A Nerd Girls presentation The Imposter Syndrome The Imposter Syndrome Jennifer stevenson Sr digital advisor Microsoft digital advisory Services
  2. 2. Gabriella Davis Credit & acknowledgement Original content and presentation by Gabriella Davis, Technical Director of The Turtle Partnership, was delivered @ IBM’s CONNECT 2017 IN SAN FRANCISCO, CA. Gabriella is a co-founder of the nerd girls group. Nerd Girls is made up of women in technology-related fields, who CAME Together after recognising the small number of women attendees at technical conferences, to provide support and encouragement to women across the technical conference-going community. The group focuses on inspirational topics that promote empowerment, personal development and mentorship. Gabriella Davis has more than 20 years of global experience within the collaborative and social technology space and is a recognised social software expert. In 2016 Gabriella had the distinction of being one of the first recipients of IBM’s Lifetime Champion award for social business. Gabriella’s current portfolio of expertise includes - design, development, deployment and administration of collaborative and social infrastructures, single sign-on solutions, Security and privacy strategies, and the secure utilisation of IoT technologies.
  3. 3. JENNIFER STEVENSON Jennifer Stevenson has over 20 years of international experience focused on the enhancement of the human experience through the purposeful and intelligent use of intuitive, immersive and inclusive technologies. Jennifer is currently a Senior Digital Advisor with Microsoft’s Digital Advisory Services, where she focuses on helping Microsoft’s Retail & Consumer Goods customers evolve their digital Retail Experience strategies. Jennifer actively promotes the importance and relevance of building a Connected Consumer Experience that delivers end-to-end value, to both retailer and consumer. Jennifer is a frequent speaker on the topics of: Women in Technology, the Evolution of the Enterprise Architect, the Power of Mentorship, Creating Compelling Digital Stories, Collaborative Empowerment, Collective Knowledge, the Connected Experience, Cultural Change Management, the Future of Work and successful Digital Business Transformations. In addition, as Jennifer becomes more involved in the Retail sector and works to build out her Digital Retail footprint, she has been engaged to speak on the topics of… The Connected Consumer Experience, Digital Retail Technologies – Now & Next, and Microsoft’s Digital Retail Point of View.
  4. 4. storytellers Gabriella Davis - Technical Director, The Turtle Partnership Maureen leland - Chief Architect, IBM Connections AppDev DEVIN OLSEN - Senior Consultant, RedPill Development Kathy brown – senior consultant, psc Jennifer stevenson – sr digital advisor, Microsoft TONY HOLDER – Sales manager (na), panagenda
  5. 5. also known as fraud syndrome or the impostor experience, is a concept describing individuals who have an inability to internalise their accomplishments and have a persistent fear of being exposed as a "fraud" Imposter Syndrome
  6. 6. I’m supposed to be the expert at this I have no idea what I’m doing So much pressure! 1st JOB career End of 1st JOB How did I swing this new job? 2nd JOB
  7. 7. Own & Embrace It Understanding that some of your behaviours are driven by Imposter Syndrome allows you to adjust and adapt Gabriella Davis
  8. 8. Maureen leland Things that are easy for us make us feel of less value. The better you are at your work, the easier it is and as others talk about struggling you can feel like more of an imposter. Challenging yourself and meeting those challenges helps to strengthen confidence and feelings of success Challenge Yourself & Keep Moving Forward
  9. 9. You don’t have to be the expert on everything. Attempting to bluff your way through a piece of work because asking questions feels like failure will lead to failure. Ask questions and learn and if no-one else knows the answer then you’ve identified a problem in the project plan Say “I Don’t Know” & Ask Questions DEVIN OLSEN
  10. 10. Talk To Others About It Everyone suffers from Imposter syndrome to one degree or another. Without turning every conversation into a therapy session, be prepared to acknowledge to others after an event that you felt challenged by it or that you are challenged but confident doing something new Kathy brown
  11. 11. Hand Out Praise TONY HOLDER Saying “thank you” or acknowledging someone else’s work makes that person feel good, makes you feel good and can change the dynamic in a group. If people are supporting and recognising each other’s work there’s more opportunity for open communication and less for things to go wrong
  12. 12. “Write Down All The Good Things” Jennifer stevenson Imposter syndrome is very much about highs (ego) and lows (imposter). By recording and storing all the successes and thanks, no matter how small, you will find it easier to fight the imposter. You’ll also find it easier to stand on those achievements when talking to others
  14. 14. Help us support Nerd Girls. Money raised from our Zazzle store goes towards funding badges and stickers for events around the world!