Lync-Skype Connectivity


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Lync-Skype Connectivity - Microsoft UC Federation Overview
High-level overview of Lync-Skype Federation

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Lync-Skype Connectivity

  1. 1. Lync-Skype ConnectivityMicrosoft UC Federation Overview
  2. 2. Lync-Skype Connectivity SupportsBusiness to Business• Review design changes with yourcontractor• Bring the right talent togetherBusiness to Consumer• Go from “business hours” to “Be Right Back”• Consult new customers in new localesEmployee to Community• Catch up with home from the hotel• Mentor a student on the other side of the world• Connect and participate in wider (external) businesscommunities from anywhere
  3. 3. Understanding the DifferencesEnterprise UC PlatformSkype-to-SkypeVoiceSkype-to-SkypeVideoMessagingFile and ScreenSharingCall Landlinesand MobilesGroup VideoCallingSkype WiFiOnline NumberSMSFree Paid
  4. 4. InstantMessagingPresence/AvailabilityAudioCalling ContactsLync-Skype ConnectivitySupported Features
  5. 5. Lync-Skype ConnectivityInfrastructureRouterT1, PRI, AnalogT1, PRI, AnalogHybrid MSSBC/VoIP GWSocks5ProxyEdgeDMZ
  6. 6. Lync-Skype ConnectivityEnduser Capabilities
  7. 7. Lync-Skype ConnectivityEnduser Requirements
  8. 8. Lync-Skype ConnectivityWhat is a MSA (Microsoft Account)?
  9. 9. Lync-Skype ConnectivitySkype connectivity capabilities by edition
  10. 10. and
  11. 11. Federation Simplicity via Lync’s edge••••ADLyncEdgeServerSIP - TLSG.722 RTPMSNPOn-Premises Lync Server DeploymentAudio GatewayMicrosoft CloudMSNPGateway(IM/P, Contacts)LyncFederationServiceEdgeSQL
  12. 12. Three Steps to Deploying ConnectivityConfiguring Lync and SkypeProvision EdgeSet-UpConfigureConnectivity*If you have Windows Live Messenger federation working already, you can skip these!
  13. 13. Provision for Skype Connectivity Provision@ https://pic.lync.comprovision your domainThis tells our service where tosend inbound messages andinforms Skype & Messenger thatyour Lync domain is availablefor connectivity
  14. 14. Configuring the Lync ServerEdge Set-UpEdgeSet-Up Set up Edge to receive external traffic Set up Edge with certificate from a Public CA Configure firewall for necessary ports & protocols Configure DNS*If you’ve already set up Lync Federation most of the above steps will have been completed
  15. 15. Access Edge Configuration in LyncServer Control PanelConfigureConnectivityEnable/DisableGlobal Federation
  16. 16. Access Edge Configuration in LyncServer Control PanelConfigureConnectivityArchive externalcommunication Send Archiving disclaimerto federated partners
  17. 17. Access Edge Configuration in LyncServer Control PanelConfigureConnectivity• Set up at least one ExternalAccess Policy to enablecommunications with Skypeusers• You can also assign ExternalAccess Policy to an individualuser via the Users tab
  18. 18. Access Edge Configuration in LyncServer Control PanelConfigureConnectivity SIP Federated Providers Skype Check “Enable communicationswith this provider”*Important: “Default verification level”*Recommended - Allow communications only withthose you’ve added to your Contact List. This can beoverridden by the user in the Lync client.
  19. 19. • Use the Lync Server Control Panelor PowerShell to enableconnectivity, partner discovery,partner domain discovery.• Configure a policy forcommunications with Skype users.Set up your SIP federated domains.• Provision your organization forfederation using, provide yourdomain(s) & FQDN(s).• Set up your Lync edge forfederation, including public certs.Three Steps to Deploying ConnectivityConfiguring Lync and SkypeProvision EdgeSet-UpConfigureConnectivity
  20. 20. SkypeConnectivityStepUserConfiguration
  21. 21. Connecting Lync Online to Skype SkypeConnectivity
  22. 22. Connecting Lync Online to Skype UserConfiguration Users tab User name Check/uncheck Public IM
  23. 23. Resources