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Flash Update for Partners: Microsoft Productivity


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Flash Update for Partners: Microsoft Productivity
High-level overview of Exchange, Lync and SharePoint for partners with reference links and key product dates

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Flash Update for Partners: Microsoft Productivity

  1. 1. Today’s Modern Office
  2. 2. Work Smarter, Anywhere.
  3. 3. Exchange enables you to tailor yoursolutions based on yourcustomersuniqueneeds while ensuringcommunicationsare always availablewhile remaining in control;on yourterms – online, on-premises, or ahybrid of the two.Exchange helps your customers bemore productive by helping themmanage increasing volumes ofcommunications across multipledevices and work together moreeffectively as teams.Exchangekeepsyourcustomer’sorganizationssafe byenabling youtoprovideprotectiontotheirbusinesscommunications andsensitiveinformationandtomeet theirinternalandregulatorycompliancerequirements.Keep theorganization safeDo more,on any deviceRemain in control, online,and on-premises
  4. 4. Enhanced UserExperienceScalability &ResilienceSecurity &ComplianceGreaterCollaborationSocialintegrationin
  5. 5. Copyright© Microsoft Corporation
  6. 6. Copyright© Microsoft Corporation
  7. 7. Connecting people everywhere.
  8. 8. Applications Used Everyday
  9. 9. Unified communications platformEnterprise-readyMicrosoft Unified Communications
  10. 10. What’s New in Lync 2013GreaterCollaborationUnified UserExperienceSkypeFederationEnhanced Video& ContentSharingExtended Admin &ResilienceCapabilities
  11. 11. Copyright© Microsoft CorporationKey Dates
  12. 12. Copyright© Microsoft CorporationResource Links
  13. 13. The New Way to Work Together.
  14. 14. Working Together in SharePoint 2013Building on theestablished richcollaborationplatformApp model toeasily addcapabilities anddo businessquicklyMake it easier towork as a teamand manage yourprojects
  15. 15. What’s New in SharePoint 2013
  16. 16. Copyright© Microsoft CorporationKey Dates
  17. 17. Copyright© Microsoft CorporationResource Links
  18. 18. and