Icl 7730 assignment 3 presentation jenny wyatt


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Icl 7730 assignment 3 presentation jenny wyatt

  1. 1. Jenny L. Wyatt, Ed. S.The University of Memphis ICL 7730 June 21, 2012
  2. 2.  Comfortable seating for exploring books! Story rug and chair for storytelling and making friends with wonderful characters! Shelves and shelves of books, organized in labeled sections. Smartboard and projector for making lessons interactive!
  3. 3.  Award-winning texts literature that can be used with writing, language arts, and research topics Ebooks Latest technology
  4. 4.  Providing professional development that is valuable Providing materials that help teachers meet the ever- changing demands of our role. Creating an inviting space where teachers feel free to collaborate with others
  5. 5.  Technology is a way of life for students, and it has been incorporated into the way they learn. “…the library can become the essential core of the school’s curricula with the librarian as the teacher if information literacy, one of the most important skills for 21st-century learners” (Mondloch, 2011, p. 45).
  6. 6.  Student resources…  Tennessee R.E.A.D.S.; http://reads.lib.overdrive.com/793624FD-EED8-4ED4- AEBC-6A763B6D3706/10/391/en/Default.htm  Morristown-Hamblen Public Library, our local library; http://morristownhamblenlibrary.org/index.html  Tennessee Electronic Library; http://www.tntel.tnsos.org/
  7. 7.  Teacher resources:  Tennessee Electronic Learning Center; http://www.tnelc.org/  TN Core, a site about the switch to Common Core Standards; http://www.tncore.org/  Read Tennessee; http://www.readtennessee.org/  Tennessee Reading Association; http://tnreads.org/  List of trade books by subject; http://www.lebanon.k12.mo.us/profdev/picturethis_2005040 6.pdf
  8. 8.  Literacy Day: Involving the community in sharing the joy of reading Accelerated Reader Literacy Carnival as a wrap-up for a year of growth as readers! Summer Reading Program
  9. 9.  I will also be a valuable asset to the teachers by collaborating with them in their grade level meetings. Learning is more meaningful when there is continuity across the curriculum. One journal states, “ A school that believes in rigorous and relevant student-focused learning also commits to a mission-centered mindset…all stakeholders believe that the learner- based accomplishments they are in business to produce are challenging, possible, and worthy of the attempt”(Zmuda & Harada, 2008, p. 15).
  10. 10.  Not only are we able to light the torch of literacy, we are able to carry the flame in all that we do. As partners in education, we can put the “value” in value-added.
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