Gender in Renaissance Art


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Based on in-class library presentation.

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  • Want to talk about how librarians can help you as you’re going thru the research process.
  • One-stop shopping Like the shopping mall
  • Worthwhile to try DBs outside of the artsSuch as Women & Gender Studies databasesHumanities databases that help w/ this area tooIf really not finding much on your topic, may need to rework search & try diff. search terms BUT also may want to try multidisciplinary DB
  • How you search can be just as important as where you search.Using the right search terms can make all the difference.
  • Overwhelming number of hitsMany off topicBUT some useful results that you may or may not have found otherwise
  • Can find some interesting things from time to time that may not have found otherwise.Article talks about what life was like for women and children during this time period.
  • Searching in databases allows you to create more refined search. You can narrow your focus & not be so broad.Searched: Dutch in All Text AND women in art in All TextNarrowed to 1995-2013Narrowed to Academic JournalsCan refine results even further using SUBJECTS under Refine Search
  • Citation infoSubject Terms—LINKS AbstractImagesPDF Full TextTools: Add to Folder; Print; Email; CiteFind related articles: Cited References(?); Times Cited in DB; Find Similar Results
  • Pg 3 after adding Art Full TextAvailable in JSTOR
  • Searching GenderWatchSearched JUDITH LEYSTERLots of books reviews which can be helpful for tracking down more books & for getting better idea of what book covers. Link on Women & Gender Studies Infoguide AND under Area & Cultural Studies on DB Portal
  • Overwhelming number of hitsMany off topicBUT some useful results that you may or may not have found otherwise
  • SearchingInPrimoSearched: women artists netherlandsResults can be overwhelming & off-topic BUT may find something interesting BUT depends on the searchTry more specific search. Example—specific artist JudityLeysterjudi
  • Gender in Renaissance Art

    1. 1. What happens INBETWEEN picking a topic & writing the paper? The Research Process. 1. Pick a topic 2. 2. Where to search (databases) 3. 3. How to search (keywords) 4. How to get it (find the article) 4. 5. Is what I’ve got any good? 5. 6. Write the paper/Complete the project
    2. 2. InfoGuides • Art History: • Women & Gender Studies
    3. 3. Library Resources • InPrimo for initial browsing okay BUT not for in-depth research • Catalog (books, e-books, films, etc.) • WRLC & ILL • Research Databases (ARTICLES, e-books, images…)
    4. 4. Where to Search: Databases Super Stores Specialty Stores ProQuest Research Library Subject-Based Databases Multi-subject, popular & scholarly articles, extensive full-text Academic Search Complete Multi-subject, popular & scholarly articles, extensive full-text Art Full Text Has full-text articles from over 300 journals & provides abstracts for over 600 other journals. Covers fine, decorative and commercial art, folk art, photography, film & architecture. Women’s Studies International Covers sociology, history, political science, public policy & education. Includes over 2,000 journals plus newspapers, book chapters, dissertations, etc.
    5. 5. Art History Databases • Art & Architecture Complete • Art Full Text • Bibliography History of Art (BHA) • ProQuest Arts Databases—International Bibliography of Art (IBA) • JSTOR • Humanities International Complete • ARTstor (images)
    6. 6. Women & Gender Studies Databases • Women’s Studies International • GenderWatch • JSTOR • Humanities International Complete • ProQuest Research Library • Academic Search Complete
    7. 7. The Starbucks Syndrome: Finding the right search terms can make all the difference.
    8. 8. Examples • Shroud of Turin • Stained glass Holy Shroud Glass painting and staining
    9. 9. InPrimo: Dutch Art Women
    10. 10. InPrimo: Judith Leyster
    11. 11. Catalog: Dutch Art Women
    12. 12. Art & Architecture Complete: Dutch AND Women in Art
    13. 13. Full Text Article
    14. 14. In Print: Mason Link
    15. 15. Available in Another Database
    16. 16. Adding Art Full Text
    17. 17. Women's Studies Databases: GenderWatch
    18. 18. How to Get It
    19. 19. Questions?