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Evaluate the Quality of Information


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Published in: Education
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Evaluate the Quality of Information

  1. 1. The Quality of Information 1. Identify the information below for three sources you find on your research topic. 2. If the information is not available and cannot be inferred, mark the space as N/A. SOURCE 1 SOURCE 2 SOURCE 3EVALUATION CRITERIACurrencyRelevancyAuthorityAccuracyPurposeType of publicationPrimary or secondarySubjective or objectiveQuality of information (basedon your information need)→Does this source provide highquality Information?Usefulness of information(based on your informationneed) → Does this sourceprovide Information that isuseful in answering yourresearch questions? Burkhardt, Joanna M., Mary C. MacDonald, and Andrée J. Rathemacher. Teaching Information Literacy: 35 Practical, Standards-based Exercises for College Students. Chicago: American Library Association, 2003, p. 15 (Exercise 6).