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Next Course after Introduction to Japanese


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Congratulations on graduating from the Introduction to Japanese course. Now that you learned hiragana and some basic Japanese words, where do you go from here? Well, you have two options, either Katakana Enhanced ( or Learn Basic Japanese (

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Next Course after Introduction to Japanese

  1. 1. I hope you have enjoyed this first course. Photo by Michael Baltic
  2. 2. And now that you graduated, you might be wondering where to go next. Photo by Seigakuin
  3. 3. Studying vocabulary is a good start, but you'll need grammar and listening practice to start using the language. Photo by Jake and Lindsey Sherbert
  4. 4. So, you might want to take some audio lessons. JapanesePod 101 has a huge library of Japanese lessons that gets added to every week. You might want to check out there “Absolute Beginner” series.
  5. 5. Or you might want to pick up some study books. White Rabbit Press offers the best deals for books sent from Japan. They have a huge selection. I suggest starting with Nihongo Fun & Easy.
  6. 6. As for the next course to take, you have two options. Photo by Ron Cogswell
  7. 7. Option 1 – is the 'Learn Basic Japanese' Course This course covers katakana, which is a different writing system that we didn't go over in this course, as well as around 300 useful phrases to get you started using Japanese.
  8. 8. Option 1 – is the 'Learn Basic Japanese' Course This course is designed with the mobile app in mind so some of the phrases might be difficult to type within the time limit, but it is well worth the challenge.
  9. 9. Option 2 – is the 'Katakana Enhanced' Course This course also covers katakana, but then goes on to practice some common katakana words that you might commonly encounter.
  10. 10. To choose, just click on one of the pictures below and you will be whisked away on your new adventure. Learn Basic Japanese