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Handbook of Social Media Management


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Aparece en marzo de 2013. Link:

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Handbook of Social Media Management

  1. 1. Media Business and Innovation Media Business and Innovation Eds. Friedrichsen · Mühl-BenninghausMike Friedrichsen · Wolfgang Mühl-Benninghaus EditorsHandbook of Social Media ManagementValue Chain and Business Models in Changing Media Markets Mike FriedrichsenDigitization and Web 2.0 have brought about continuous change from traditional mediamanagement to new strategic, operative and normative management options. Socialmedia management is on the agenda of every media company, and requires a new setof specialized expertise on digital products and communication. At the same time,social media has become a vibrant field of research for media economists and media Wolfgang Mühl-Benninghausmanagement researchers. In this handbook, international experts present a compre-hensive account of the latest developments in social media research and management, Editorsconsistently linking classical media management with social media. The articles discussnew theoretical approaches as well as empirical findings and applications, yielding an Handbook of Socialinteresting overview of interdisciplinary and international approaches. The book’s mainsections address forms and content of social media; impact and users; managementwith social media; and a new value chain with social media. The book will serve as avaluable reference work for researchers, students and professionals working in media 1 Media Managementand public relations. Handbook of Social Media Management Value Chain and Business Models in Changing Media MarketsBusiness / Economics isbn 978-3-642-28896-8 9 783642 288968