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La direccion general de aduanas apuesta por el verde corregida para el taller


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La direccion general de aduanas apuesta por el verde corregida para el taller

  1. 1. The Dominican Customs is committed to Green Ing. Juan L. Castillo P. Gerencia de Planificación y Estudios Económicos Sub-Dirección Técnica Dirección General de Aduanas de la República Dominicana
  2. 2. Examples of natural disasters andenvironmental that have happened between 2009 and 2010
  3. 3. What does the DominicanCustoms to be considered a Green Customs
  4. 4. The Dominican Customs is determined to become a Green Customs andthis will happen only to the extent that they fulfill the commitmentsrequired by the Environmental Conventions. This initiative is beingcoordinated by the World Customs Organization (WCO), the UNEP(United Nations Environment Programme), and has the participation ofvarious secretariats of environmental agreements such as: The MontrealProtocol, The Stockholm Convention, Rotterdam, Basel, CITES and theConvention on Biological Diversity.The regulations set by the General Secretariats of EnvironmentalConventions (MEAs) are mandatory and the Directorate General ofCustoms of the Dominican Republic as a party signatory to them, isobliged to abide by these initiatives.Dominican Customs is defining a set of policies, designed to comply withthese MEAs. This makes it more likely the establishment, developmentand achievement of goals and objectives, which translates intocompetitive advantage by maximizing the use of comparativeadvantages.
  5. 5. The establishment of controls is of vital importance and gives theinstitution a new scheme of work, because the Environmental Protectionand Human Health is today a global need and not just local. In addition,the DGA as an entry and exit of all foreign trade is and will be largelyresponsible for everything that might happen in the Dominican Republicfor a good or poor management of foreign trade.The environmental policy of the Directorate General of Customs of theDominican Republic has been characterized by strongly addressing theglobal challenges that exist in this area back into the internationalcontext and develop active participation in the global agenda forsustainable development. The DGA has placed special emphasis onconstructive join the network of international environmentalagreements, in order to be considered a Green Customs and achievesustainable development.
  6. 6. Dominican Customs Missions:1. To collect duties and taxes (Mission Office)2. Support for foreign trade (Economic Mission)3. Protect the homeland, by combating pests that weaken our society (drugs, restricted and banned chemicals, living modified organisms, industrial piracy, environment, etc.) (Social Mission). Customs officials are the first line of defense of the countryagainst the illegal trade. They are the first link in compliance withthe "chain of execution", and without adequate capacity to preventor detect the illegal trade, the rest of the chain will be much lesseffective. Training is a key component in the execution of the work of ourstaff
  7. 7. Our corporate mission states:Facilitate and control foreign trade of the Dominican Republic with therest of the world, on grounds of efficiency and transparency ofcustoms procedures, in line with best international practice of customsadministration, control of tax evasion and illegal trade strengtheningnational security and the protection of health and the environment.
  8. 8. Since 1999, the Customs Administration has been working with theMontreal Protocol. Initially, supplying the statistics of imports of theproducts contained in the Protocol and monitoring as well asinternational trade in these substances. To 2007, starts to givesupport to the Rotterdam Convention and the DGA becomes designatednational authority for this Convention.At beginning of year 2008, joined the Stockholm Convention andestablishing synergy institutional intermediate between the ministriesof agriculture, the environment, public health and the General CustomsDirectorate.For the month of September in the official presentation of the Lic.Rafael Camilo, as new Director of Customs, clear commitment to theinstitution to environmental agreements and the need to convert theDGA in a Green Customs.
  9. 9. 1St Regional Workshop on the Green Customs Initiative, held in SantoDomingo, under the auspices of the United Nations for theEnvironment (UNEP), involving countries in the region is provided in themonth of November 2009.The month of January 2010, established the prohibition to importproducts between subheadings 2903.41 to 2903.45, both inclusive;they are called (CloroFluorCarbono), products such as gas coolantsCFCs, halons, and other CFCs in the Montreal Protocol to be veryharmful substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.The second event on the Green Customs initiative, with theparticipation of countries such as was held in Dominican Republic inProf. Juan Bosch, WCO training Centre in July: The Caribbean Island,Center American and Dominican Republic (such as host country). Thisworkshop was aimed at training and awareness of the CustomsOfficers, the implementation and responsibility for the implementationof the different environmental media agreements (AMUMAS).
  10. 10. In the month of August, was presented to staff headquarters of theDGA, Customs bet by the Green paper whose purpose is to informemployees of the General Customs Directorate, which activities beingdone by the DGA for the environment and human health.In the month of October, held the workshop on the use of equipmentdetectors gas coolants and delivered from these teams to the CustomsAuthorities where there is a higher level of imports of these products.Statistically determined which were those administrations by thevolumes by their desaduanizados ports.Also delivered talks about the Rotterdam Convention, Stockholm, Baseland Saicm; as a way for the flow, which are our first line of Defense,to know more about these AMUMAS and aware when have to check oneof these products.
  11. 11. This workshop aimed to improve the capacity of customs, as well asother auxiliary personnel staff to supervise and facilitate legitimatetrade of substances or species which are under the environmentalagreements and have some kind of restriction or control for importand/or export.The training of such personnel will be constant and progressive;Therefore training for each of these environmental agreements willbe prepared immediately.The month of October 2010, only being implemented control by theDGA to the Montreal Protocol, Rotterdam and Stockholm Convention.Already in December of that year, the Ministry of environmentincluded the DGA in the following AMUMAS: 1. Basel Convention 2. CITES 3. Convention on chemical weapons 4. Convention on biological diversity.
  12. 12. These actions have achieved through awareness in all relevantinternational agreements, as well as the provision of assistance andtools for the detection of these chemicals and their waste. GreenCustoms or customs Green has been designed to complement andenhance existing in respective agreements customs training efforts.Is currently working on the creation of an administrative structure tomonitor and control the provisions of environmental agreements. Thischeck will be conducted through the computer system and will alsoface, for verifying the ports of personnel trained to detect harmfulsubstances into the environment and human health.
  13. 13. Actions set out in the Customs:Enabling specific entry administrations to focus on the control.Directed staff operating regular trainings.Managing import statistics between Customs and the Ministry of Environmentand Agriculture.Exchanging information between customs, environment and agriculture.Establishing tariff classification criteria.Defining criteria for risk based on profiles of importers.A system of licensing in the customs system continue to data environment andagriculture.Establishing sanctions for infringements.Combat smuggling in coordination with the Control agencies, such as the armedforces.Participation of the highest authorities.Other measures to take.
  14. 14. Domestic Interested External Interested Parties Parties General Director Ministry of Ministry of •Sub-Directors Environment and Agriculture •Managers Natural Resources Adminitrators •Verifiers Dominican Customs Ministry of Health Ministry of Foreign Employees in General Publishes Affairs Secretary General of the MEAsDGA DGA DGA OMA PNUMA Centro Regional del Convenio de Basilea para Centro América y México
  15. 15. We thank both the United Nations Programme on Environment, as the Green Customs Initiative and the World Customs Organization for all the support you have given to the Dominican Customs to help her be considered a GREEN CUSTOMS. Thanks you for your atention