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Technology cart distribution notes

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Technology cart distribution notes

  1. 1. Technology Cart Distribution TrainingBasics: This cart will remain in your classroom except for routine maintenance and upgrades. Do NOT loan the cart to any other teacher. Other carts are available for checkout. Teacher classroom management and student care of equipment are imperative. The purpose of this hardware is to support the curriculum, for student creativity and enrichment of the content. All items were purchased with TTIPS funding. You have been selected because you were able to justify how this would be used by students, on a regular basis.Technical Issues: • If you discover a software or hardware concern - immediately place a work order. If the issue is not addressed or acknowledged within 2 days, please e-mail your administrator. • If the technical issue pertains to a lack of knowledge regarding a program, then please go to WWW.AT0MICLEARNING.COM. All students have a log in as well. This is on demand training for all to use.Student Distribution: • Best practice outlines each student will be assigned a specific device and will use that same device each day. • Teacher will have sign out/sign in sheet for each use. Teacher should verify that each student is turning back in the same device that they signed out. • Students may NOT take these home. • Teachers will be held accountable for distribution and collection of the devices. It is the teachers responsibility to assure they have prepared their students and have thoroughly explained acceptable use and expectations to all students. • DO NOT ASSIGN CARTS ON DAYS WHEN SUB IS PRESENT
  2. 2. Cart Care: • Keeps all items in order, in the appropriate slot, and plugged in to be charged nightly. • Carts are locked by key which will be your responsibility to keep in a safe place and in your possession at all times. Do not distribute or loan out key. • Teacher active monitoring is essential to reinforce expectations. What IF... • You discover that an item is missing during a class - call the administrators immediately. Do not allow students to leave the class for any reason until the administrator has conducted his/her investigation. • The key wont work and you need to access the devices to fulfill the lesson planned for the day - Call the front office and request technical assistance or send a trustworthy student to the tech room to find Sebastian. • No one can access the Internet - See if your teacher computer can connect to the internet. If you cannot, then the server is probably down district wide. Be patient and try again later. Log In Procedures: Log Out Procedures: 1, Power the devices on by pressing the 1. Exit out of ail applications power button located on the top. 2. Enter username and password (same as on 2. Click on the start button and have students a desktop) select appropriate option. This will allow users to access their profile. 3. Teacher will monitor as students return device to cart and plug-in to charging stations.Available Software:Laptops will have Adobe Creative Suite 5 which will include video and photo editing software.Netbooks will NOT.All software that the desktops have will be accessible through the laptops as well.Netbooks and Laptops both have Internet capabilities.ResourcesA list of on-line and paid subscription resources will be posted on the school webpage soon.