Social Media Job Search: Accelerated


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Social Media Job Search Accelerated Workshop

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Social Media Job Search: Accelerated

  1. 1. Digital Space Consulting Social Media Footprint Document Facebook | Twitter | Google | LinkedIn April 2012Online Digital Footprint: Social Media Job Search Check ListThank you for working with Digital Space Consulting in creating your online digital footprint.Once complete, we will then use this information to serve as a gateway and build your onlinereputation, authority, and thought leadership.Prior to our meeting, please make sure you have active accounts set up on the following webproperties. Username/password is all that is required. During our session we will complete youronline profiles, add pictures, create subscriptions, etc. Social Media Profile Username Password Twitter Platforms Username Password News/Article Management Social Media Dashboard Username Password* Please use your Google account as the single account login for all platforms* If you have accounts previously set up under different email addresses, that is not a problem* Google account will be used for Gmail, Google Alerts, Google Reader, Google+What to bring: Laptop with power supply Updated copy of resume (word format) Profile picture to use across all social media platforms Name of 3-5 books you are reading/plan on reading (related to your industry) List of 20-30 companies you are interested in working for (Twitter) List of 10-30 industry leaders that we can potentially follow (Twitter) Skill set list: 20-30 skills that you have, or want to tell people about (LinkedIn Skills) List of any certifications, awards, volunteer experience (LinkedIn) Summary paragraph about who you are, what you do, what you’re looking for, and why you’re awesome (consider this your 30 second commercial)
  2. 2. Digital Space Consulting Social Media Footprint Document Facebook | Twitter | Google | LinkedIn April 2012Things to consider: Profile picture should be professional in nature Choose usernames that are professional – not “PartyGirl47” Think about who your audience is and what you want them to know about you o Who are you writing for o What is the purpose o What is it you want them to do/think Consider separate Facebook/Twitter accounts for personal vs. professional useReview the following videos from YouTube (don’t worry - all videos less than 4 minutes) LinkedIn: Twitter: Social media: Google Reader: Article: Wall Street Journal, “No More Resumes, Say Some Firms”Please contact James Loomstein at 214.263.8522 or at withany questions. We look forward to working with you and building your online digital footprint.Take care,James LoomsteinDigital Space Consulting