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Media Release October 2012 National Skills Register For Australian Ag


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Media Release October 2012 National Skills Register For Australian Ag

  1. 1. MEDIA RELEASE Topic: Skills Shortage National Register Agriculture/Agribusiness NATIONAL SKILLS REGISTER FOR AUSTRALIAN AG A new initiative called the National Skills Register for Australian Ag (NSR) has been launched to solve the mismatch between people that are available to work in the agricultural production and agribusiness industry; and employers saying they can’t find enough people to fill positions.The Australian agricultural production and agribusiness industry needs to be more creative about how itresources its future people-needs. That’s the message from Jeremy Lomman, Managing Director and Ownerof the SOS Group.“Educators, recruiters, employers and Government have been diagnosing the issue of workforce shortages inthe industry for a long time now” said Lomman. “The neglected element of these discussions has been theunheard-voice of the people that are actually available to work.”“We need to be hearing from these people to get more clarity on the issue. There are mixed-messages.”The NSR is designed for people that are unemployed, under-employed or that are independent professionalsavailable to work in agricultural production or the extended agribusiness industry beyond the farm gate thatincludes various sectors such as food, fibre, wine, aquaculture and primary production inputs. The NSR is alsoavailable to people that would like to enter the industry for the first time.Lomman says that the NSR was created to give these people a combined voice and to capture real market dataabout the actual size of the pool of skills and experience available to the agricultural production and extendedagribusiness industry in Australia.“The feedback we receive will paint a picture about the level of current skills availability in the industry, wherein the industry these skills are located and at what level” said Lomman. “Once we have the facts, we candevelop a way of effectively redeploying available skills and experience to where they are most needed.”Lomman says his goal is to support regional growth by creating contemporary methods that help the industryto adjust its’ traditional approach towards human resourcing and that also support peoples’ search for work.“Other countries have developed what you might call a ‘peripheral workforce’ and I think there is anopportunity for the Australian agricultural production and agribusiness industry to head down a similar path.”Lomman anticipates the findings of the NSR will show that the true market for available skills and experience isnot as tight as people think; and will highlight some of the nuances regarding actual demand for people.”People that have been actively seeking work in the agricultural production or agribusiness industry and wantto improve their search for work, are encouraged to register their details at refer someone they know to the web site.All media contact regarding this Media Release strictly through: Jeremy Lomman – SOS Group on 0417 567 148or