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Client Presentation<br />
ORLANDO • ROME • PHUKET • LAS VEGAS • BOCA RATON<br />WHY USE A SEARCH COMPANY?<br />Avoid the headaches and heartaches of...
ORLANDO • ROME • PHUKET • LAS VEGAS • BOCA RATON<br />ABOUT US<br />REPUTATION<br />Over 33 years of experience<br />Recog...
ORLANDO • ROME • PHUKET • LAS VEGAS • BOCA RATON<br />OUR TEAM<br />ESI Strategic Partnership Alliances<br /><ul><li>Our P...
Confirm the SA
Create SA Profile
Make Recruitment Plan
Contact Potential Candidates
Client Review of Initial Short List
Conduct Behavior Based Interview (BBI)
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Executive Search International Presentation


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ESI Presentation on who we are, our flow process and why to work with us exclusively

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Executive Search International Presentation

  1. 1. Client Presentation<br />
  2. 2. ORLANDO • ROME • PHUKET • LAS VEGAS • BOCA RATON<br />FOR TODAY<br />WHY USE A SEARCH COMPANY<br />WHAT SETS US APART<br />ESI compared to OTHERS<br />About Us<br />Our Team<br />OUR FLOW PROCESS<br />The Search Assignment<br />Recruitment Campaign<br />Preparation and Interview<br />Finalizing and Post Closing<br />Timeline<br />FINANCIALS<br />BENEFITS FOR CLIENTS<br />Why Work with Us Exclusively<br />Code of Ethics<br />References<br />CONTACT<br />
  3. 3. ORLANDO • ROME • PHUKET • LAS VEGAS • BOCA RATON<br />WHY USE A SEARCH COMPANY?<br />Avoid the headaches and heartaches of recruiting<br />Search firms ensure that a potentially long and difficult process is streamlined and done right<br />Save costs associated with hiring poor performers <br />Hiring a poor performer who is slow to learn the job, does not fit the company culture and is not promotable dwarfs all costs involved in recruiting<br />Better utilize your HR Department<br />Search firms relieve the burden on HR and provide special expertise that may not be available internally<br />Stay away from the “Needle in a Haystack” dilemma<br />The Executive search firm can best identify candidates with a unique mixture of characteristics via it’s resources and research department<br />Preclude directly confronting your competitors<br />Search firms explore all possible candidates within a client’s industry, including those who might be working for competitors<br />Rely on a company you KNOW AND TRUST for your recruitment needs.<br />We will do it fast and in the most professional way possible so you receive TOP TALENT.<br />
  5. 5. ORLANDO • ROME • PHUKET • LAS VEGAS • BOCA RATON<br />ABOUT US<br />REPUTATION<br />Over 33 years of experience<br />Recognized by others as ‘leading edge’ search company<br />Uphold high sense of integrity and flawless honesty<br />Superior professional services with pride and creativity<br />Respect and acceptance of other individuals’ differences<br />BUSINESS – Global Search Company<br />20% US<br />50% Asia Pacific<br />30% in Europe, the Middle East, South & Central America<br />Primarily Exclusive Retained Search Assignments<br />PLACEMENTS<br />Corporate, GM’s, Division and Department Heads<br />90% passive (currently employed) candidate placements<br />GLOBAL REACH – ESI Team and Offices<br />Corporate – Orlando FL<br />Remote – Rome, Phuket, Boca Raton<br />New – HK, Berlin, Singapore, Gold Coast, Barcelona, Bangkok<br />
  6. 6. ORLANDO • ROME • PHUKET • LAS VEGAS • BOCA RATON<br />OUR TEAM<br />ESI Strategic Partnership Alliances<br /><ul><li>Our President and CEO</li></ul> Bernd K. Wosgien, who founded ESI in 1977, is a native Berliner, was educated in Germany, France and England. His apprenticeships took place in prestigious hotels of Europe and South America, and he has held senior management positions on unit, regional, and corporate levels in the U.S. and U. K. He graduated from the Hotel School of Berlin; the Rackow Institute; and attended Cornell, Northwestern and Roosevelt Universities. Member of the Savoy Gastronomes of London, received the Waldorf Astoria Distinguished Alumni Award and the 1976 Ivy Award for outstanding hotel operations, and is a member of the Global Hoteliers Club, having worked on three continents, and a member of the Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs. He is fluent in English, German, Spanish and French. <br />Deborah Townsend Immigration Law<br />John FinniganEmployment Law<br />Dr. Douglas N. Jackson <br />Psychometric Testing<br />Rudy Muenster European Advisor <br />Reto Torriani Domestic USA / ASIA <br />Peter JentesASIA / PACIFIC <br />Fred H. Honda, CHA Hawaii <br />Patrick WillisAdvisory Board <br />Manya Delony Vice President<br />Fredrik Nyborg President Boca Raton<br />Bernd K. WosgienPresident / CEO<br />Simon Thompson Senior VP <br />Rubina Calella Account Executive <br />Peter Schatzmann PresidentPhuket<br />Stefano BiscioniPresident Rome<br />Holger FrohlichVice President<br />John S. LohrVice President<br />Claudio Burgalossi<br />High Italian Cuisine<br />Ian BaxterDomestic USA <br />Pauline Ho VP Global Finance<br />Shally Wong<br />Client Support<br />Solan Cheng<br />Finance Manager<br />Humberto Acosta<br />Global IT Operations<br />Piyamard ChotsripanpornClient Support<br />David Branson Vacation Ownership <br />Christophe Meger CEO - At Sunrise <br />RaoulSudreGlobal Spa Operation <br />Tilden L. SowdonFamily Financial Advocate <br />Scott Webster Culinary Advisor <br />
  8. 8. Confirm the SA
  9. 9. Create SA Profile
  10. 10. Make Recruitment Plan
  12. 12. Contact Potential Candidates
  13. 13. Client Review of Initial Short List
  15. 15. Conduct Behavior Based Interview (BBI)
  16. 16. Check Confidential References
  17. 17. Send Introduction Document to Client
  18. 18. Arrange Face to Face Interviews
  19. 19. Brief and Debrief Client and Candidate
  21. 21. Negotiate Compensation Package
  22. 22. Offer Position to Candidate
  23. 23. Check Satisfaction of Candidate and Client</li></li></ul><li>OUR FLOW PROCESS<br />THE SEARCH ASSIGNMENT – Creation and Preparation<br />Qualify the SA<br />Collect in-depth specifications on the position including job description, specific needs, management skill requirements, personal character profile, salary parameters, property location, company culture etc… <br />Confirm the SA<br />Review and sign contract including search specifics and fees<br />Double Check Previous Candidates<br />Discuss names of candidates already considered/interviewed in order to avoid contacting the same people twice<br />Create “SA Profile”<br />Review with client before starting the search. Defines precisely what the position is expected to accomplish and personal traits matching search criteria<br />Activity Log<br />Begin after confirmation of SA<br />Day by day documentation of SA progress<br />Reviewed with client throughout the search<br />Recruitment Plan<br />Outline of lead and contact strategy for SA<br />Reviewed with client<br />
  24. 24. Click for Example Resume “Snapshot”<br />ORLANDO • ROME • PHUKET • LAS VEGAS • BOCA RATON<br />OUR FLOW PROCESS<br />RECRUITMENT CAMPAIGN<br />ESI Proprietary Database QUERY<br />Search database contining information on 10,000 + hospitality professionals for matching candidates<br />Candidate Search<br />Contact and review 20 to 60+ possible candidates<br />Approach passive and hidden candidates from top companies<br />Shortlisted Candidates <br />Narrow search by focusing on three criteria:<br />Appropriate background<br />Willingness to change jobs for the opportunity<br />Goals in line with the clients’ both short and long term<br />Gather career information including:<br />Updated resume and resume “Snapshot”<br />References (both listed and unlisted)<br />Publications and major accomplishments<br />Presentation of Shortlisted Candidates to Client<br />Discuss 4-6 potential candidates with client to ensure on target<br />
  25. 25. ORLANDO • ROME • PHUKET • LAS VEGAS • BOCA RATON<br />OUR FLOW PROCESS<br />PREPARATION AND INTERVIEW<br />Behavior Based Interview (BBI)<br />Conducted by ESI with candidate and recorded<br />Confidential References<br />Unlisted candidate references identified and checked<br />“Finalist” Introduction Document<br />Presentation of 1-2 top candidates including:<br />Why we feel these candidates match<br />Why they are interested<br />Resume and Resume “Snapshot”<br />Face to Face Interview Preparation<br />Briefings conducted with client and candidate before interview<br />Debriefings conducted with client and candidate after interview<br />Discussion on why candidate may or may not fit<br />Addition Searches and References<br />Checked if necessary<br />
  26. 26. ORLANDO • ROME • PHUKET • LAS VEGAS • BOCA RATON<br />OUR FLOW PROCESS<br />FINALIZING AND POST CLOSING<br />Counter Offers<br />Explained and covered extensively with candidate<br />Compensation Package <br />Negotiated by ESI with candidate<br />Preparation of Candidate for Resignation<br />PRESENT OFFER TO CANDIATE<br />Ensure candidates accepts within 3 work days<br />Follow Up<br />Call candidate on 1st working day to probe for issues/dissatisfaction<br />Monthly Contact<br />Maintain contact with candidate from his/her start date through the first 60-90 days of employment<br />Remain in contact with client to ensure satisfaction with candidates performance<br />Risk Free Guarantee Period<br />ESI will replace candidate at no cost for up to 90 days following first working day (certain conditions apply)<br />RECRUITMENT PROCESS TIMELINE<br />45-90 days (Ideal)<br />RECRUITMENT<br />INTERVIEWS<br />FINALIZING<br />5th - 7thWeek<br />1st - 4thweek<br />8th Week<br />
  27. 27. ORLANDO • ROME • PHUKET • LAS VEGAS • BOCA RATON<br />Financials <br />BUSINESS MODEL<br />Exclusive Retainers – best way to work<br />ESI works on a Partial Retainer or an Exclusive Contingency basis. This reinforces to a potential candidate that the client is committed to the search and it attracts top candidates who otherwise may not be responsive.<br />Paid in three equal installments<br />1/3 down<br />1/3 after first interview<br />1/3 after first working day<br />Fees<br />Vary between each search and will be determined before contract is signed<br />
  28. 28. ORLANDO • ROME • PHUKET • LAS VEGAS • BOCA RATON<br />BENEFITS FOR CLIENTS <br />Why Work with Us Exclusively<br />Avoid Negative Marketplace Perception<br />If you work with several search firms, your company will be represented in different ways.<br />Ensure Your Credibility with Candidates<br />When a star candidate is approached by several people about the same job opportunity, your company loses credibility and the candidate loses interest and declines.<br />Maintain Accountability and Confidentiality<br />When several search firms are involved, nobody is held accountable and confidentiality becomes grey.<br />Your Search Assignment is our Top Priority<br />When you engage several search firms, chances are they will pitch your star candidate to several clients. They will focus on the highest bidder rather than your vested interests.<br />Step by Step Understanding of the Process<br />Other companies will not take the time to customize the experience and ensure your understanding throughout the search. We will walk you through our process so you understand and are comfortable with everything we do to find you the best candidate.<br />Peace of Mind and Security<br />Once you have hired the candidate we have presented, this candidate will become off-limits for us to recruit again as long as he/she is in your employment. You will not get this peace of mind if you use multiple search firms.<br />Receive Top Talent<br />We pick high performing talent who have a major impact on revenue production and profitability of the company and it’s owners and tend to move up several levels. Few others in the industry can lay stake to such claims.<br />
  29. 29. ORLANDO • ROME • PHUKET • LAS VEGAS • BOCA RATON<br />BENEFITS FOR CLIENTS <br /><ul><li>Code of Ethics
  30. 30. In the execution of all Search Assignments for our clients, we pledge that we will be:
  31. 31. ACCURATE– in all communications with clients and candidates
  32. 32. JUST– support equal opportunity in employment and objectively evaluate all qualified candidates
  33. 33. HONORABLE – avoid, or resolve through disclosure and waiver, conflicts of interest
  34. 34. LOYAL – serve our clients exclusively and protect their interests at all times when performing assignments
  35. 35. SECURE – respect confidential information entrusted to ESI by clients and candidates
  36. 36. COMPETENT– perform all search consulting assignments with an appropriate degree of knowledge, thoroughness and urgency
  37. 37. TRANSPARENT– conduct our business activities with the utmost of integrity and avoid conduct that is deceptive and misleading
  38. 38. FAIR– exercise objective and impartial judgment in each search</li></ul>REFERENCES<br />
  39. 39. ORLANDO • ROME • PHUKET • LAS VEGAS • BOCA RATON<br />CONTACT<br />My Contact Information<br />John S. Lohr<br />Vice President Talent Acquisition<br />733 N. Magnolia Ave<br />Orlando FL, 32803 USA<br />Email:<br />+48 726 702 854 (current contact number)<br />Please visit us at<br />