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SaaS partnerships, business application marketplaces and ecosystem growth strategies


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Secrets to successful SaaS product integrations and partnerships. Details how to select the right strategic partnership opportunities and leverage business application marketplaces to reach new customers.

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SaaS partnerships, business application marketplaces and ecosystem growth strategies

  1. 1. Partners + Products: Secrets to Business Application Marketplaces and Ecosystem Growth Strategies Judy Loehr March 1, 2017
  2. 2. Confidential and Proprietary2 Market focus: invest in early-stage cloud business application companies Classic Series A: Lead $3 – 6M Classic Series A financings Complementary to later-stage venture firms Combine deep operating and investing experience in the cloud business application market
  3. 3. Confidential and Proprietary3 Sixteen years SaaS go-to-market experience GO TO MARKETINVESTING BUSINESS APP MARKETPLACES
  4. 4. Agenda Confidential and Proprietary4 01 The fast answer 02 The foundation: great product integrations 03 The opportunity: natural customer alignment 04 Ecosystem check #1: typical user profiles 05 The impact: go-to-market opportunities 06 A partner’s perspective: early history of the AppExchange 07 The evolution of business app marketplaces 08 Tips for standing out within an ecosystem 09 Nailing your partner + product strategy
  5. 5. The answer: great product + picking the right partner Confidential and Proprietary5 High joint customer benefit Customer Alignment Outsized benefits of integrated product Product Opportunity A viable way to reach new customers GTM opportunity 1 + 1 = 3$$$ marketplaces
  6. 6. Confidential and Proprietary6 Is your product genuinely valuable to them? Is it a top 5 priority for them? How many customers do they have? Who are their users? And how do they map to your target customer? CUSTOMER ALIGNMENT How many competitors are integrated already? Any entrenched favorites? How likely are they to pay for your product? RULES EVERYTHING
  7. 7. Typical user profiles across business app ecosystems Confidential and Proprietary7 for Google Apps Gmail, Google Spreadsheets Sales, service & marketing teams. With specific nuances and interests for SOHO and SMB companies SMB IT admins CRM users Marketing users Accountants & Finance IT Operations for SOHO and SMB companies Developers Both ISVs and IT departments
  8. 8. Great product integrations are the foundation for successful marketplace and partnership opportunities Confidential and Proprietary8 TWO-WAY DATA INTEGRATION GREAT IN-APP USER EXPERIENCE EASY WAY TO DEMO THE INTEGRATION SELF-SERVICE SETUP AND ACTIVATION
  9. 9. Confidential and Proprietary9 Do you have an internal champion? Do they actively promote partners to their users? Do their customers know about their marketplace? Do they have a marketplace? How many apps has the average customer installed? Any other co- marketing opportunities? “BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME” IS NOT A GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGY
  10. 10. Partner perspective: an early history of the AppExchange Confidential and Proprietary10 ~2004 2006-2007 TODAY “Invisible” integrations weren’t credible Partner integrations made customers more sticky First business app marketplace. Launched 2005 Full stack from day one Customer education and co-marketing opportunities AppExchange makes Salesforce the center of the business apps universe 4million app installs 2005
  11. 11. The evolution of business app marketplaces Confidential and Proprietary11 Curated list of partners Various levels of app reviews & endorsements Customer reviews Pre-integrated solutions Ability to install apps or plug-ins directly App Directory ONLINE DIRECTORIES FULL-STACK BUSINESS APP MARKETPLACES
  12. 12. Confidential and Proprietary12 Tips for standing out within an ecosystem YOUR WEBSITE Partnership page Product integrations CUSTOMER REVIEWS Launch with reviews Proactive ongoing effort to grow customer reviews GREAT LISTING Fill in completely Don’t scrimp on content GET FOUND REINFORCE JOINT VALUE GIVE CUSTOMERS CONFIDENCE
  13. 13. Confidential and Proprietary13 PRODUCT CUSTOMER ALIGNMENT GTM MARKET- PLACE HOLISTIC APPROACH Great joint solution gives customers a 1 + 1 = 3 value What do they need, value, and what will they pay for? Does the company have a large base of customers and viable ways to reach them? Do the marketplace capabilities fit with your goals? Ex: self- service integration and setup. Is this a company priority that involves bus dev, product and marketing resources? Nailing your marketplace and ecosystem strategy
  14. 14. Q&A JUDY LOEHR @cloudappsvc @judyloehr