Employee Orientation - History


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Employee Orientation - History

  1. 1. OUR MISSION We prepare people to succeed through qualitycareer and technical education programs and services.
  2. 2. WE VALUE Excellence InnovationStudent and workforce success Our employees Our communities Economic Development
  3. 3. OUR VISION Canadian Valley Technology Center sets the standard for innovation in attitude and application. The high quality education helps people reach their career goals. Individuals develop the skills and knowledge that make them the mostsought-after employees and students. The professional, dedicated and visionary staff, teachers and administrators use cutting-edge technology to create a positive atmosphere with a high level of excellence and customer service. Faculty and staff pave the way for workforce success and an overall improved quality of life. Canadian Valley also serves as a catalyst for leadership and collaboration. District businesses and industries find innovative, flexible economic development activities and services to meet their current and future needs.
  5. 5. CVTC is: One of Oklahoma’s premier Technology Centers  Institution that provides Career & Technology Education to people  Part of the Oklahoma CareerTech System  Responsive to our local Communities
  7. 7. CVTC provides Career Programs: Also called “Full-time” Programs Available to H.S. students and Adults Daytime Monday – Friday Academic School Year [August – May] College credit in some classes through Redlands and OSU- OKC
  8. 8. FULL TIME PROGRAMSHealth & Human Services Construction Technology  Bio Medical Sciences Construction Trades  Early Care & Education Electrical Trades HVAC & Refrigeration  Health Careers  Practical Nursing Information Technology  Surgical Technology Computer Information Systems Computer ProgrammingTechnical & Engineering Occupational Services  Computer Aided Drafting & Occupational Services Design Service Careers  Pre-Engineering  Precision Machining Transportation Technology  Welding Aviation Maintenance Technology  Wind Energy Auto Collision Technology Auto Service Technology Diesel TechnologyComputer & Business  Business Office Technology  Graphic Design  Interactive Media & Web Technology  Medical Office Technology
  9. 9. CVTC Adult & Continuing Education (ACE) Classes: Also called “short-term” classes Available to H.S. students [16 and older] and Adults Offered primarily in the evening, Monday – Thursday Some day and weekend classes College credit in some classes through Redlands and OSU-OKC
  10. 10. Some ACE Classes Include:  Computer Software Training Business and Accounting Wind Energy Technician Photography Real Estate and Private Security Welding Heating and Air Conditioning Cake Decorating
  11. 11. CVTC Business & Industry Services (BIS): Develops and conducts Customized Training programs Available to local businesses, companies and employers From large corporations to sole proprietorships - All employers are potential CVTC clients
  12. 12. BIS Training & Services Include: Needs Analysis, Market Research and Strategic Planning Management, Employee Screening and Leadership Team, Customer Service and Health Training Equipment, Technical and Software Training Safety Training Agricultural Business Management Business Development
  13. 13. Training for Industry Programs (TIP) & Existing Industry Initiative: Economic development incentives that allow new or expanding business, as well as, those needing to re-train employees to use CVTC’s BIS Programs at no cost Promoted by ODOC and State Economic Development Groups
  14. 14. CVTC, Oklahoma’s Systemand responding to our Communities
  15. 15. Leading the way for CareerTech Oklahoma, Ohio and South Carolina are considered to have the best CareerTech Education systems in the U.S. Educators from other states and countries routinely visit Oklahoma to learn how we make our system work
  16. 16.  1966: Voters approved amendment for the establishment of area vocational-technical schools Amendments Goal: Provide cost-effective career education: - i.e Equipment needed for Auto Service, Machining, etc. - i.e. Not enough students from one H.S. enrolled in a class Local School districts formed Area “Vo-tech” school districts
  17. 17. Why is Oklahoma’s CareerTech system so unique? Funding Local Control Diversity of Programs
  18. 18. CVTC: Responding to our Communities District residents voted to fund “Vo-techs” mainly through local Ad Valorem taxes Approximately 50% - 70% of Technology Center Funding comes from local Ad Valorem taxes - 5% - 20% from State - 5% - 20% from Federal By contrast, Public Schools funded almost opposite: - 60% - 70% State; 10% - 20% Federal; 10% - 20% Ad Valorem
  19. 19. CVTC: Responding to our Communities CVTC receives approx. 60% of its funding through local Ad Valorem Making CVTC extremely responsive to our local community Like other Tech Centers, CVTC has: - Local Board of Education - Offers classes and training based on local community needs - Partners with Public Schools, Local Businesses and Community
  20. 20. 29 Technology Centers in Oklahoma with 57 CampusesServing approx. 400 of 537 Oklahoma school districts
  21. 21. CareerTech Student Organizations [CTSO] in many H.S. & Tech Centers: FFA - Future Farmers of America FCCLA – Family Career and Community Leaders of America BPA – Business Professional of America HOSA – Health Occupations Students of America SkillsUSA – Trade and Industrial Clubs of America TSA – Technology Student Association - with approx. 80,000 members each year
  22. 22. Skills Centers:  25 sites  Located in prisons and correctional facilities Providing technical training for inmates to learn new job skills for once they are released
  23. 23.  The Oklahoma Department of Career & Technology Education [ODCTE] is located in Stillwater  ODCTE provides resources to CareerTech programs and assures quality standards  It is governed by a State Board  ODCTE Director is Dr. Phil Berkenbile
  24. 24.  Summer Conference is held each year in early August, sponsored by:  Oklahoma Association of Career & Technology Education[OkACTE] is the professional organization that works to advance CareerTech Education through:  Leadership development  Legislative Presence
  25. 25. Why is CVTC a Premier Tech Center? Our Past
  26. 26. In 1968, CVTC was the 6th AVTS District formed Career Classes were offered in 1970 at both the El Reno and Chickasha Campuses  2 campuses were necessary to best serve all district residents  Only a few classes were offered at that time - Primarily Trade & Industry: Welding, Machining, Electronics
  27. 27.  In 1999, Canadian Valley legally changed its name from “Vo-Tech” to “Technology Center”In September 2008 we opened the Dr. Earl Cowan Campuson Czech Hall Road in Yukon. This is a 57,000 square foot facility focusing mostly on Health Sciences and Pre- Engineering.
  28. 28. El Reno Campus 6505 East Highway 66 El Reno, OK 73036-9117 Cowan Campus1701 S. Czech Hall Road Yukon, OK 73099 Chickasha Campus 1401 Michigan Ave. Chickasha, OK 73018
  29. 29. Why is CVTC a Premier Tech Center? Our Leadership
  30. 30. 21 Communities form CVTC’s district: Alex  Minco Amber-Pocasset  Mustang Banner  Ninnekah Bethany  Piedmont Bradley  Pioneer Calumet  Riverside Chickasha  Rush Springs Darlington  Tuttle El Reno  Union City Friend  Yukon MapleAll are located principally in Canadian & Grady Counties With parts of McClain, Oklahoma, Cleveland, Caddo, Kingfisher and Garvin Counties
  31. 31. Our Leadership Board of Education CVTC is governed by an elected five-member board  Each member serves a five-year term  Each can be re-elected The Board provides CVTC’s District with:  Guidance  Support  Approval of policies
  32. 32. Board of Education George Fina  Home: Piedmont  Board Member since 1996
  33. 33. Board of Education Greg Lapat  Home: Mustang  Board Member since 1995
  34. 34. Board of Education Stephen R. McCalla  Home: Chickasha  Board Member since 2006
  35. 35. Board of Education Dr. Sid Vaught  Home: Mustang  Board Member since 1995
  36. 36. Board of Education Jimmie Vickery  Home: Minco  Board Member since 2004
  37. 37. Our Leadership Superintendent  The Superintendent is CVTC’s CEO The Superintendent reports directly to CVTC’s Board The Superintendent oversees all aspects of CVTC
  38. 38. Our Leadership SuperintendentJ.R. Gilliland was CVTC’s 1st Superintendent  From 1968 – 1979  Seminar Center @ El Reno campus named after himDr. Roy Peters was CVTC’s 2nd Superintendent  From 1979 – 1984  Dr. Peters left to become the State Director for the ODCTE  Dr. Peters left the ODCTE in 1999 to become the President of the Oklahoma Manufacturer’s Alliance
  39. 39. Our Leadership SuperintendentDr. Earl Cowan was CVTC’s 3rd Superintendent  From 1984 – 2008  Dr. Cowan began working for CVTC in 1970 as the Welding instructor - El Reno  The Dr. Earl Cowan Campus on Czech Hall Road is named in honor to his dedicated service to the district
  40. 40. Our Leadership Dr. Greg Winters  CVTC’s 4th Superintendent  Dr. Winters began working at CVTC in 2007 as the BIS Director at the Chickasha Campus.  Formerly served as Superintendent for Kiamichi and Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Centers
  41. 41. Our Leadership District Management Team The Management Team assists the Superintendent with the Administration of CVTC Team members are housed at El Reno, Chickasha and Dr. Earl Cowan Campuses Meet routinely to discuss district issues Works with the Superintendent to establish policies and oversee the daily operations
  42. 42. Our Leadership Bill Bradley Assistant Superintendent  Campus: El Reno  CVTC Employee since 1984
  43. 43. Our Leadership George Tiner Assistant Superintendent  Campus: Chickasha  CVTC Employee since 1977
  44. 44. Our Leadership Donna Alloway Campus Director  Campus: Dr. Earl Cowan Campus  CVTC Employee since 2001
  45. 45. Our Leadership Richard Wood Chief Financial Officer  Campus: El Reno  CVTC Employee since 2007
  46. 46. Our Leadership Paulette Franz Human Resources Director  Campus: El Reno  CVTC Employee since
  47. 47. Our Leadership Greg Taylor Student Services Director  Campus: El Reno  CVTC Employee since 2006
  48. 48. Our Leadership Gayla Lutts Student Services Director  Campus: El Reno  CVTC Employee since 1999
  49. 49. Our Leadership Tracy Goyne Student Services Director  Campus: Chickasha  CVTC Employee since 1995
  50. 50. Our Leadership Bill Hulsey Business & Industry Services Director  Campus: El Reno  CVTC Employee since 1990
  51. 51. Our Leadership Angela Lewis Business & Industry Services Director  Campus: Chickasha  CVTC Employee since 2003
  52. 52. Our Leadership Bill Kramer Communications & Marketing Coordinator  Campus: El Reno  CVTC Employee since 2006
  53. 53. Our Leadership Kelly Arnold Communications & Marketing Coordinator  Campus: Chickasha  CVTC Employee since 2005
  54. 54. Our Leadership Dr. Don Wilson District Coordinator of Educational Technology  CVTC Employee since 2011
  55. 55. Our Leadership CVTC Foundation Incorporated in 1984 through work of Helen Ward from Chickashaafter seeing the impact of CVTC on others Foundation supplies scholarships and grants to help CVTCstudents Funds generated through employee donations and corporatecontribution from the community
  56. 56. Why is CVTC a Premier Tech Center? Our Future
  57. 57. Our FutureOur Future Direction is:• To be on the Cutting Edge of Education • To build Economic Development and Business Partnerships• To remain a Valued Community Leader
  58. 58. Our Future By Offering Over 40 Daytime Career Classes & Hundreds of Adult and Continuing Education and Business and Industry Services Classes  Remain current with 21st Century’s hottest careers  New ones added as Fields advance  Maintains high-tech, up-to-date technology  Innovative curriculum delivery methods
  59. 59. Our Future  Strong Partnerships with businesses, large and small Partner with Economic Development Committees & Chambers of Commerce  To provide a qualified workforce  Incentives for companies moving into our communities
  60. 60. Our Future  Over 70,000 attend events, meetings & seminars each year CVTC Staff and Students lead the way in:  Community Service  State & National Contest Winners Involvement at the local, state and national levels
  61. 61. Our FutureThe most important piece to making CVTC’s Future a positive reality… You!