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Sharing Osmius experiences in Startup Boot Camp Ma


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Published in: Technology
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Sharing Osmius experiences in Startup Boot Camp Ma

  1. 1. Sharing recipes from Osmiusexperience José Luis Marina @jlmarina
  2. 2. It is possible to build big andcomplex products with a fewgood people. The Osmius Development Team
  3. 3. What is Osmius? Osmius is Open software that allows us to Osmius is Open that allows us to monitor and supervise and supervise anything connected to a network connected to a
  4. 4. What problem addresses Osmius? You cant manage your X if you dont monitor you Key Indicators (Y). Where X and Y can be: X = your car Y = {speed, rpm} X = your startup Y = {clicks, sales, new visitors} X = your systems Y = {cpu_load, memory, band widht, latency} X = solar power plant Y = {kwh, radiation, weather forecast} X = business Y = {human res., incomes, pending orders}
  5. 5. What is Osmius? Systems Applications Host Server, Web Applications Applications Services Databases End user Service is down experience Response time Response time CPU % Load Transactions And what about... Social networks? Business KPIs? News about a new protein? 5
  6. 6. Osmius competitorsThe Big Four in monitoring HP OpenView , IBM Tivoli, BMC Patrol, CA Old Complex IT_only Expensive Expensive ExpensiveOther professional Monitoring Products Zennos 60 employees $21 M USA Hyperic 30 employees $11 M USA (springSource) System oriented scalability technology (python, java)Free Software Monitoring Products Zabbix Nagios Old Complex No support No RoadMap $ figures come from
  7. 7. Osmius facts Osmius is a complex product with a big MVPOsmius offers more than “big”/old companies/products A small team did it in 3 years (first product) Working 6 hours a day (90% of the days)
  8. 8. Recipes from the experience Some may work for you... some wont
  9. 9. Recipes: Building the team from scratch use people you know worked with use the power of word of mouth dont trust psychological profiles you know how nerds(we) are respect people independence
  10. 10. Recipes: Hiring::Dead man strategy by default you are dead (fired) in one month if you prevailed your are dead again in 6 months. Unless the are positive reasons to go on working together This avoids to keep with people for lazy reasons. Of course you dont know this strategy (it wouldnt be fair) Normally you know things arent working. Sounds worst than it actually is.
  11. 11. Recipes: total freedom and responsibility treat people like adults All the results are clearly advantages: ● Sharing decisions (product, marketing, even finances) ● No wasted time as a watch dog (double lost: my time, your time) ● Transparency ● This is motivation
  12. 12. Recipes: Methodology Results and demo every month Results and demo every month Stable releases: Twice a year Stable releases: Twice a year Task: Lasts two days máximum. Task: Lasts two days máximum. Updated every day. Updated every day. Visibility Visibility Enables work at home (no bosses). Enables work at home (no bosses). Scrum master rotates Scrum master rotates
  13. 13. Recipes: six hours treat people like adults, again The trick here is a combination of these ideas: ● Those 6 hours must be real 6 f****g focused hours. ● After 6 hours of real programming: Dont touch the keyboard! ● Every task is time boxed (see methodology) ● Group pressure is more intense than “the boss pressure” “Race is long”
  14. 14. Recipes: developing software speed matters tune every query always test 100x elements documentation is part of a finished task design matters: look and work English is mandatory open your roadmap
  15. 15. Recipes: open/free source software accept that there are users that will never pay for your software it helps with distribution at no cost But... partners need you to be non-free they want their share of Osmius “licenses” Osmius Enterprise Edition works for us
  16. 16. Some final advice (we didnt check these) Why kill the bear if you didnt sell the skin? “find the customers first or ASAP” Business plans. Sale cycles are looong. Find customers outside the in-crisis territories Use partners: they can reach where you cant
  17. 17. Osmius  Osmius Osmius Manual – Wiki Osmius Manual – José Luis Marina José Luis Marina @jlmarina @jlmarina