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What lies beyond J


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Published in: Technology
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What lies beyond J

  1. 1. What Lies Beyond J Joe LeBlanc
  2. 2. Each of you should look notonly to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Philippians 2:4
  3. 3. People have learned skills from each other by talking back andforth and building relationships. This is Joomla’s True Merit.
  4. 4. Joomla is about more than code.
  5. 5. Apple’s success hinges onstaying “at the intersection ofTechnology and Liberal Arts”- Steve Jobs
  6. 6. Programmers DesignersImplementers End Users
  7. 7. The Intersection"Strapped" Admin Template Programmers Designers Implementers End Users
  8. 8. The IntersectionDatabase Driver for Microsoft SQL Server Programmers Implementers
  9. 9. The IntersectionLESS-driven template color chooser Designers Implementers End Users
  10. 10. The IntersectionNew template based off a CSS framework Designers Implementers
  11. 11. The IntersectionJoomla-driven Git Client Programmers Designers Implementers
  12. 12. The features that serve the needs of more roles bring us closer to the software we want.
  13. 13. We are making progress!• Releases are coming on schedule• Features are being added• Upgrades are clicks away• A fantastic admin UI is coming
  14. 14. We are missing features• Database schema change management• Live/dev configuration• Scheduled tasks• Advanced media management
  15. 15. Many web problems have already been solved. We can learn from other projects when we look beyond our community.
  16. 16. Solutions found Beyond JDatabase Schema Changes: Rails.• Code-driven, database agnostic approach.• Fault tolerant, simple• Use for core and for extensions.Programmers Implementers
  17. 17. Solutions found Beyond JLive/Dev configurations: Frameworks.• We need a consistent way of doing this.• Possible solution: different files & environment variablesProgrammers Designers Implementers
  18. 18. Solutions found Beyond JScheduled tasks: Drupal.• Centralized recurring task management• "Faux cron" has got to goProgrammers Implementers End Users
  19. 19. Solutions found Beyond JAdvanced Media Management: WordPress.• Resize images to preset dimensions.• Make image search and upload easier Programmers Designers Implementers End Users
  20. 20. How can we go beyond Joomla this weekend?
  21. 21. How can we go Beyond Joomla now?Working Group Meetings• Bring your knowledge from Beyond J• Speak up!• Influence the high-level strategy
  22. 22. How can we go Beyond Joomla now?Attend non-Joomla topics• How would someone outside of Joomla approach this?• Does the Joomla way make sense?• How can we make Joomlas implementation the preferred approach?
  23. 23. How can we go Beyond Joomla now?Joomla-specific topics• Ask yourself: "If I were new to Joomla, where would I get stuck?"• Is there a way we can extend this feature to serve more people?• Learn from the presenters and ask questions
  24. 24. Conclusion• Our software best benefits programmers, designers, implementers, and end users simultaneously.• Look beyond Joomla for inspiration and solutions.• Keep looking to the interests of others.
  25. 25. Lets go Beyond J!
  26. 26. CreditsPhilippians 2:4. Paul. New International Version Englishtranslation by Biblica."Open Source Matters" montage. Forum User bohn002: presentation used the Joomla! logo, whichrepresents the software we all know, love, and writetogether. Use of this logo does not imply endorsementof this presentation by either the Joomla! Project or byOpen Source Matters. Any color mis-coordination isstrictly my fault.