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Do Make Share


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Do Make Share

  1. 1. do, make, shareparterning with the Aiken Public Library to equip the community Joel Kohn MCAD: Introduction to Sustainable Design Fall 2012
  2. 2. It begins with a chainsawMy wife and I moved into ahouse in Aiken, SC. I hadinherited a chainsaw fromher grandfather, and I wasgoing to cut firewood, butthe chainsaw would notstart. I realized that I did notknow know how to fix it. Ontop of that, I realized that Idid not really know how toproperly (safely) operate achainsaw.What good it is a tool if youdont know how to use it?
  3. 3. What if there was aplace I could go toborrow a tool, perhapseven a functionalchainsaw?I could partner with thepublic library to offer a toollending service and amakerspace.The service could also offerinstruction and guidance onuse and repairs.
  4. 4. Tool Library MakerspaceShare hand tools, power Share advanced tools andtools and knowledge knowledgeLow cost to free to use Creative spaceProvides instruction Access to technology like computers and CNCOrganizes service projects machinesEnables home maintenance Safe-fail environment Helps translate imagination into reality Stimulate interest in STEM topics I could help move my community towards sustainability.
  5. 5. SustainabilityDematerialize Reduce Localize Fewer tools needed to satisfy demand. CNC millers and 3-D printers allow use of digital recipies to produce items. Reduced impacts of manufacture and distribution. Small scale permits local production.Transmaterialize Informationalize
  6. 6. Reuse and RecycleTools tend to be durable and Transform scrap into usefultheir useful lives are often prototypes and products.longer than its first Cardboard makes anownership. excellent substrate for CNC milling or laser cutting.Increase frequency of E-waste could beindividual tools use. disassembled for electronic components and used to build new equipment. Leftovers could be properly recycled.
  7. 7. RestoreShared learning and hardwork can create strong tiesin a small community. Amakerspace and tool librarybased at the centrallylocated public library inAiken could help strengthencommunity bonds, connectthe generations, encouragecreative exploration, andencourage the realization ofideas.Aikens population of eldersplay a key role in my vision:a source of knowledge andpractical experience relatedto tool use.This initiative could helpincrease library patronage,and possibly provide a newsource of revenue.
  8. 8. Strategic Recommendations: PhasesI II IIIEstablish tool library Scale up tool library Establish makerspaceLower cost and expertise Contact local businesses for Acquire/build space as firstneeded to establish/operate advice, operating locally, project of the makerspace and potential sponsorshipFind interest Apply for grants to purchase Solidify operational budget computers and CNCRecruit founders and income sources equipmentApply for grants Potentially move towards Alternatively use second- benefit corporation structure hand computers and openWork out details with library source models to contstruct Rent space from the library CNC equipmentLead tool drive to establish to provide incentive fortool collection partnership Seek advice from established makerspaces
  9. 9. MarketingPolitically conservativeregion South CarolinaFocus on creating public-private partnershipDo not draw from tax moneyMakerspace as innovationengine Aiken CountyFocus on giving back to thecommunityBenefit corporation structure City of Aikenis particularly applicable tothis situation: harnessprivate enterprise for publicgood
  10. 10. It ends with possibility By partnering with the Aiken Public Library and local volunteers, I could help create the change that I seek: a place to connect tools and knowledge to those without. Through the creation of a tool library and a makerspace, I could help encourage a love of creation.Illustrations: Joel Kohn