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An untitled chapter from the nightwalker


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An untitled chapter from the nightwalker

  1. 1. 1An Untitled Chapter from The NightwalkerFADE IN FROM BLACKPainted fingernails of a young woman fold paper. A mansvoice is heard from within the apartment living room. DUNN You know, the night it happened, I just sat on my couch like this.Dunn holds a gun to his chin. But when I went to pull the trigger, the safety was on. At that moment I realized I couldnt do go through with it. I had too much more to accomplish in this life. In this city. Here at the epicenter of Hate.The young woman - Nikki - interrupts. NIKKI You want revenge...revenge for what happened.Dunn shakes his head. DUNN It has nothing to do with revenge. I dont hold grudges. It has everything to do with morality.Dunn takes a puff from his cigarette. Our society is going down the toilet.Nikki cuts in. NIKKI But you can save it...? DUNN Its beyond being saved. Take a look around and all youll see is trash. Humans who have no virtues, values, or any sense of commitment to bettering our world. The only thing we can do is slow the process. Maybe help alleviate this social decay.
  2. 2. 2Dunn shakes his gun like he intends to use it on society. NIKKI With bullets? All youre doing is breeding more hate. Youre a catalyst.Dunn takes another puff from his cigarette. DUNN Its always darkest before the dawn. People will realize that soon.Dunn stares deep into Nikkis eyes, as if he is at leastpartially crazy. Long silence as Nikki goes back to foldingher paper. DUNN Do you ever just sit and think about your life? You know what your place is in this little world of ours?Nikki shakes her head. You should. Seriously think about it. It will change you. Perhaps for the better. Perhaps for the worse. But it will help you appreciate everything around you. Friends, family, even the small things. Its something we all need to do everyone once in a while. Its part of the reason Im doing this. DUNN You know, I just wish I could walk up to Congress and nail 95 Theses on the countrys door. Fucking losers run rampant through the street. Junkies, pushers, whores.Nikki looks up. Theyre killing our society. And people realize it, but all they do is attempt to find solace in God. What a bunch of bull shit. NIKKI Whats bull shit? Their desire for faith? The fact they believe in something? DUNN
  3. 3. 3 Just the whole idea in putting faith in some supreme being that doesnt exist. There this book - "The History of God" - or something. Starts of by saying "In the beginning, human beings created a God who was the First Cause of all things..."Nikki looks confused. No truer words have ever been spoken. Ancient civilizations or whatever put this little idea into peoples heads just to provide hope for when shit goes wrong. This "everything happens for a reason" bull shit is just that - bull shit. You cant convince my loss was because of fate. That all of our lives intertwine on a pattern, something predetermined by some maker. The whole idea just doesnt work for a rational thinker. NIKKI Okay. But you cant prove or disprove any of this. DUNN Thats the point. People abide by Gods law when there is no justification for it. NIKKI Their justification, as you say, is faith. They believe. Everyone has a different reason for why they believe, but the whole point is that they do. They do it to have hope. Hope for a better life, or whatever. DUNN But, let me ask you this. If people believe in God or whatever, why do they blindly follow a religion in which many people dont agree with? Im sure you get those types...people who dont believe in extra-marital affairs. Or, rather their religion doesnt. But yet they participate in them. Its an oxymoron. Hell, its disgusting.
  4. 4. 4 NIKKI I dont know. DUNN Of course you dont. Nobody does. Not even those Bible-freaks do. And speaking of the Bible, how the hell is it treated as a sacred text? A book written by biased humans, a collection of stories no different than some L. Ron Hubbard novels. And that guy is treated as a joke by everyone. Why the hell arent King James, or the Twelve Apostles, or whoever wrote the Bible? Because Christianity is, and has always been, the biggest corruption-filled confidence game. Nothing more, and absolutely nothing less. NIKKI Christians arent the only ones who believe in a supreme being. What about Muslims? Jews? DUNN I dont know enough about those religions to criticize, but its gotta be the same deal. False hope.The two are silent. NIKKI Whats the one thing you miss about her? DUNN The way she talked. She had a sense of hope about things. Looking back on it, its hard to do. You know, before she died, she was talking about having kids. NIKKI Im sorry. DUNN Dont be. I didnt want them. The only reason to have kids is to live vicariously through them. NIKKI Is that why your parents had you? To relive their youth and wrong their
  5. 5. 5 mistakes? DUNN My parents had me because my mom didnt believe in abortion.Long, awkward silence. DUNN I just dont think theres anything to love for anymore. Why would I want to bring a kid into a world like this - its so corrupt...pain- stricken...just...broken. Thats why Im doing what Im doing. Just giving any sort of hope to the future of myself. Do you get that? NIKKI I guess I get your rationale. But I dont necessarily agree with it. DUNN But its not something you can criticize, is it? I mean youre a whore. Literally. But I cant make judgments of you because I dont understand your position.Nikki looks disturbed by the question. NIKKI Yet youre placing judgment on everyone else. Just because we know each other on a personal level doesnt mean I should be treated any differently. I appreciate the fact that you dont kill me for what I do, but that misconception of the entire world is clouding your judgment. I completely agree that this world is going down the drain. I get that. But you cant just pick and choose who to eliminate.Dunn aims the gun at Nikki. Nikki looks frightened. DUNN So yo u want me to throw you in the trash and dump you in the waste hole like the others? NIKKI Of course not.
  6. 6. 6 DUNNLook. Because were friends, I cansee you arent harming the world.You extort cash from people who arelonely. People who cant findsensual gratification without funds.But you arent pushing drugs intothe veins of the youth. You arentputting bullets in the brains ofinnocent people. All youre doing isputting a dick in your mouth. I canlive with that. NIKKIWell, Im glad someone can. I lovewhat I do. DUNNLove, huh? I swear if theres onething I believe less in than God,its love. True love, I mean,between two non-blood individuals. Iget loving your parents andrelatives and all that. But theresno such thing as a soul mate. NIKKIWhat about Lucy? DUNNIt was mutual admiration. On apersonal...thoughtful...sexual...basis.But love? No, not the word for it. Iget that now. Ive heard too manystories where a married man his wifeand then goes behind her back andnails everything with a pulse. Iveseen that. NIKKIBut a few bad apples dont ruin thewhole batch. Just like the ourworld. DUNNIt all comes back to that, doesntit? This feeling you have that whilesome people are intrinsically bad,everyone else is intrinsically good.You need a wake-up call, my friend.Everyone in this God damned worldthrives on evil. They live for it. NIKKI
  7. 7. 7 Youre the exception? DUNN Im not exception. At my core I burn to massacre, but I can suppress that urge when I have to. Most cant. NIKKI So youre better than everyone else? DUNN Absolutely. Why shouldnt I be? I dont live this life to think Im inferior. Whats the point of living if I dont think Im the best. I covet success. And I get it more than anyone else. NIKKI A bit egotistical, arent you? DUNN Of course I am. We all are. We might think about bettering society - I know I do - but every one of our longterm goals revolve around ourselves. I dont like to help my neighbors. I dont cherish their lives. I do whats best for me, and at the end of the day, ridding the trash is it.Nikki shakes her head. NIKKI So you have no regard for the people you share this world with? DUNN A little. Ill hold the door open for someone. But only to see how they react. The human mind is one thing thats unique. Its someones tell. NIKKI Even if we all have the same goals, as you mentioned? DUNN Yes. We all have the same goals, but its how we can obtain them that matters. And each individual has a different method. Bis as I was
  8. 8. 8 saying, the human mind works in ways beyond our understanding. Its fueled by some unknown force, and you can tell everything you need to know about a person by the way they think. Take you, for example. Youre a pacifist. Ive said a lot of things that you or anyone else would disagree with. But youve failed to argue your point. Well, except for God, but that just shows youre a believer. I, on the other hand, think philosophically. Im ten steps ahead of everyone when it comes to the thought process. NIKKI So why do you think so differently? DUNN I have a greater understanding of how things work. On an individual level and on a much greater scale. My mind is intertwined with some force that allows for understanding. I have some cerebral mechanism that clicks much more often and much deeper than anyone else. NIKKI So, youre...divine.Dunn rolls his eyes. DUNN Divine implies Im from God. Weve gone down that path. Im not divine. NIKKI Then perhaps youre alien. DUNN As much as Id like to believe that, no. Its a much simpler answer.Nikki looks confused. Im educated. NIKKI So am I. I went to college. DUNN Just because you went to some
  9. 9. 9 classes on a dilapidated campus doesnt mean youre educated. Education is a deeper notion. Its not having some meaningless piece of paper hung on a meaningless wall. Its in your brain. NIKKI And how did it get there? DUNN Certainly not from sitting through lectures. Its a willingness - an have the capability - to understand. Literally having an open-mind and the ability to absorb everything around you. Everyone around me fails to do this. Its not explicitly hard, but it requires desire. Something the populous doesnt have. NIKKI When did you know you were different? That you have this deeper understanding? DUNN Three days ago. When I lost everything. Or what I thought was everything. Before Lucys death I was a conformist. One of societys drones. But Im not now. I guess they were right when they said it takes pain to heal. But my healing process was different.Long silence. Nikki continues to fold her origami. NIKKI Then if you are some philosophical genius, riddle me this. You dont believe in God, but you keep speaking of this unknown power, or force. Are they not one in the same?Dunn ponders the question. And where did we - our universe - come from? How do you explain that? DUNN God sure as hell didnt create it.
  10. 10. 10 NIKKI So...the Big Bang? DUNN Its a possibility. NIKKI Okay, so everything began with one tiny atom? DUNN Thats what the scientists say. NIKKI Lets say thats what happened. Theoretically.Dunn nods. Where did that atom come from? It have to have been placed there. If theres one thing Im sure off, its that something cant come from nothing. God put it there. And it doesnt have to be the God depicted in Greek Mythology or Roman art. You were right when you said I was a believer. I am. But Im also a realist and I know there isnt some old man standing over us like a puppeteer dancing his strings to make me move. But there is a creator. A higher force. God.Nikki stops to collect herself. Dunn allows her to continueher rant. I treat God like gravity, okay? A physical force that cant really be explained in the realm of things, but it just makes sense. Fair enough?Dunn nods. DUNN Its all hypothetical. Theres no way of knowing. NIKKI Exactly my point! Theres no way of disproving it. So when you go and say God is a Fraud like some atheist asshole, at least understand that
  11. 11. 11 you have to leave the door open for faith.Dunn is silenced by a pacifist. He nods and gets up from hisseat. He holsters his gun and puts on his jacket. He walkstowards the door, but before he exits, he gently folds a$100 bill and sets it on the table.