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The mobile phone has become one of the most social, intelligent and personal
devices. With over 270 million mobile phone subscribers in the US and growing,
mobile marketing is the next big trend in marketing. Learn how to use mobile
marketing to acquire customers, increase sales, improve customer satisfaction
and build loyalty. Tactics include SMS (text) campaigns, mobile applications
(e.g., iPhone, BlackBerry apps), mobile web advertising and many more
sophisticated technologies.
Speaker: Heather Sears, President of Mobile Synergies

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Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. MOBILE MARKETING PRIMER 1 mobilesynergies
  2. 2. THE MOBILE SURGE The mobile revolution is underway. Mobile is not just another channel or touch point. Rather, it’s a new platform that enables different and innovative personal interaction •1 of every 7 minutes of media consumption today is through a mobile device. This usage is projected to increase by 60% in 2 years •The average U.S. teen now sends or receives an average of 2,899 text-messages per month compared to 191 calls •There are roughly as many iPhone users 55 and older as there are 13-24 •There are over 130 billion texts sent each month •Moms choose mobile internet browsing (22%) and text- messages (17%) for research as they get closer to a purchase decision •25% of Americans participate in SMS marketing programs on a monthly basis •Experts predict that the number of smart phones will equal Globally…4B mobile phones the number of basic phones within five years 1.5B TVs 1.1B PCs •Consumers are adopting mobile technology faster than businesses can find ways to exploit it (eMarketer)
  3. 3. Content being accessed: • 48% News & Sports • 20% social networking • 12% Entertainment news
  4. 4. MOBILE UNIQUELY INTERSECTS CONSUMER & BUSINESS NEEDS Consumer Needs Business Needs What do people want • Increase brand when they’re mobile? engagement • Convenience • Improve purchase consideration • Information • Increase sales • Connection • Incent loyalty/CRM • Entertainment • Reduce costs mobilesynergies
  5. 5. MOBILE SUCCESS STORIES • A single Chevy dealer sold 34 cars through a one-day mobile promotion. • Kaiser Permanente cut patient communication costs by $275K in one month at just one clinic by using SMS messages to reduce missed appointments. • Pizza Hut sold $1M of pizza through its iPhone app after one month in the iPhone store. • eBay sold almost 1.5 million items via mobile this holiday (ranging from designer handbags to a $75,000 1966 Chevrolet Corvette!). • Hooters increased sales 32% using text-message marketing within a media spot. • A Boston-based charity raised $4,000 in 8 minutes (in $5 increments) using a mobile text- to-give campaign. (Haiti Aid raised over $20M!) • Planet Funk, a West Coast clothing store chain, generated 20% of their Dec revenue through a mobile coupon campaign (with a 377% ROI). • STA Travel generated 1,000 calls to its contact center using mobile advertising. • Ashley Furniture generated more than $138K in four days using mobile coupons. mobilesynergies
  6. 6. MOBILE MARKETING MIX: POSSIBLE COMPONENTS • SMS MESSAGING • MMS • 2D barcodes • Mobile web BROWSING • Applications • Apps DOWNLOADS • Ringtones • Video/ Games • Search •Display ADVERTISING • Rich media • In text ads 6 mobilesynergies
  7. 7. INTERACTIVE SMS MARKETING Text messaging has very broad usage across many interactive use cases. SMS is great for building dialog and engagement • Text alerts/info: build an opt-in database to communicate with your customers or prospects • Promotions: extend your reach by adding mobile as a component to promotions • Text coupons: text coupons are commonly used. Several targeting options are available • Text survey/quiz: engage through surveys or quizzes 7 mobilesynergies
  8. 8. KEY PHRASE: CONVERGENCE!BILE SUCCESS STORIES • Browsing the web via mobiles • By 2015, 95% of users will access the mobile web from their phones • A new interface, not just a smaller version of a website • Mobile use cases • Search • Is your website mobile optimized? 8 mobilesynergies
  9. 9. There’s an app for that 9 mobilesynergies
  11. 11. UTILITY AND ENGAGEMENT 11 mobilesynergies
  12. 12. MOBILE ADVERTISING DELIVERY MEDIUMS Mobile Web SMS/MMS Mobile Video Apps Different Ad Executions • Static/Animated • Text Ads in SMS or • Pre-roll video • Static/Animated Banners MMS • Banner (Idle Screen) Banners • Text Ads • Shortcodes • Rich Media Ad Units • Text • Interstitial ads and (In App) • Interstitials Expandable Ad Units • Wallpapers for iPhone and • Interactive Ad Units Android Source: Quattro Wireless 12 mobilesynergies
  13. 13. What are your marketing and business challenges? 13
  14. 14. MARKETING SOLUTIONS More consumers are moving to access the Internet through their mobile phone to shop, research or compare prices. Mobile marketing tactics can powerfully impact consumer behavior throughout the purchase cycle ENGAGEMENT/ AWARENESS TRIAL/SALE LOYALTY/CRM CONSIDERATION Mobile Advertising/ Search Mobile Direct Response Mobile Coupons/SMS SMS: Database and Analytics Reach mobile users through Tag media assets (TV, print, radio, outdoor, Drive prospects to point of sale Create, manage and build an opt-in advertising on a variety of mobile in-store) with a mobile CTA with messaging and offers database of mobile subscribers that can be assets Mobile Web Site LBS segmented to meet marketing objectives Mobile Web Site Deliver fresh, content rich and personalized Communicate when prospects SMS: Alerts and Blasts Increase brand reach by extending a experience are nearby and primed for Push timely and relevant information - company’s online experience to Mobile Applications purchase special offers, product updates, news, Web-enabled mobile devices Create relevant utilities and entertaining Mobile Applications highlights or content content SMS: Loyalty Programs Mobile Video, Gaming and Branded Create a mobile program that rewards Content your loyal customers with specials, Provide engaging user experiences to giveaways, coupons or exclusive access to reinforce brand timely information SMS: Media, Sponsorship and Event SMS: Customer Satisfaction Activation Send mobile surveys to track and Tag all assets with mobile CTA to drive determine product/service performance participation and lead follow up and gauge company performance. Add a common short code and keyword to a toll-free number Mobile Applications mobilesynergies
  15. 15. MOBILE STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT Making mobile impactful. Making mobile easy. 1. NEEDS ASSESSMENT 2. MOBILE SYNERGY ROADMAP™ 3. MOBILE LIVE Business Objectives Experience Map Execution Brand Objectives Set Mobile Objectives Continuous Improvement Competitive Benchmarking Program Design Consumer Needs Investment Plan mobilesynergies
  16. 16. BUILD AN EFFECTIVE MOBILE PLAN 1. Audit existing content and marketing materials: Optimize existing content. Review planned marketing and determine how to enhance with mobile 2. Assess evolving audience needs for mobile • What will help audience perform tasks better, faster, easier, with more enjoyment? • How can mobile meet their needs, challenges, pressures, and location-based expectation? • How do they shop for your product/service? What information or entertainment would help them purchase? 3. Benchmark competitors mobile programs: What are competitors doing & not doing. How can you differentiate 4. Pinpoint unique value for audiences : Map needs to mobile opportunities and leverage brand to provide value competitors are not… set goals! 5. Set mobile marketing strategy: What are business/marketing goals. How can mobile improve, interact, inform & incent? 6. Identify mobile marketing tools: Given needs, differentiation, value and strategy choose from tools/tactics 7. Determine mobile platform requirements & partners : Choose the right platform strategy and partners for the job 8. Develop promotional plan: Integrate with other channels 9. Implement supporting process: Content creation & optimization. Program development & technical management. Ongoing audience, competitive and mobile research. 10. Measure mobile ROI: Pre-identify metrics and incorporate analytics into measurement Source: CKephiphany
  17. 17. MOBILE STRATEGY SOLUTIONS • Solutions can be scaled to fit the business need and budget • Many different technology provider options with different strengths • Be business and marketing smart, then be mobile smart 17 mobilesynergies
  18. 18. CONTACT Heather Sears President, Mobile Synergies 617.840.0968 mobilesynergies