Facilities Plan


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Facilities Plan

  1. 1. Bacon CountyElementary School Facility Plan By: Jenna Hyers
  2. 2. BCES Media Center Profile ~Serves 300-450 students~ ~Serves grades 3-5~ ~Serves 55+ faculty members~~One full time media specialist~ ~One part time media clerk~
  3. 3. Media Center Location-Media Center is located in the middle of the building in the main hallway. -Media Center is easily accessible to ALL classrooms.
  4. 4. Current Media Center Floor Plan The media center has 4 computers, 2 circulationdesks, easy bookshelves, a teacher workroom, office/storage area, and a media news room.
  5. 5. Photographs of Current Floor Plan
  6. 6. Computers Circulation Chairs/Seating Desk Book Area Return Workroom Teacher Area Rug/ClassBook Shelves Seating Area Storage Office/ Circulation Area Desk Round Table/Chairs Media/News Room
  7. 7. Media Specialist Circulation Desk -The media specialist desk is in the center of the library. -The media specialist has a view of the entire facility.
  8. 8. Seating Areas-The main seating area is in the far corner. It has several nice chairs and a fireplace setting.-It is to make the students feel comfortable and relaxed while reading.
  9. 9. Near the easy bookshelves is a roundtable with chairs forstudents to sit andread. Near the fiction books, there are two rocking chairs on a rug for the students to read also.
  10. 10. Computer Area The computerarea is located to the left of the main circulation desk. It has 4computers and a printer.
  11. 11. Work and Storage AreasThe teacher workroom has many resourceslike a laminator and die-cut machine.The office/storage area is where the videosand tvs are located and another mediaspecialist desk and storage shelves.The media/news room houses most of thetechnology and is where the BCES Eagle Newsis filmed each morning.
  12. 12. Book CollectionThe easy books are located to the right whenyou enter the Media Center.The other books (fiction and nonfiction) arelocated on the 4 longer shelves to the leftwhen you enter the library.
  13. 13. Survey Results Positive: RecommendedGrade chairs said Improvements:the librarian was Have a better areawonderful about for a largedisplaying books group/classwith same content seating.as standards each Try to add moregrade is learning. teacher resources each year.
  14. 14. Media Center Improvements Problems Suggestions Little or no secluded Put a large area rug in class/large group the back corner and seating area. rearrange area. Not enough resources Try to add a few new in the teacher work teacher resources room. each year with Not a large enough budget. computer/student ratio. Try to purchase more computers.
  15. 15. Media Center Improvements Problems Suggestions Not enough table Purchase some tables seating for teachers or and chairs for the students. media center. Some shelves in the Clean some of the library could be utilized excess/old material better. and utilize shelves so there can be less shelves and more seating.
  16. 16. Media Center Improvements Problems Suggestions Little or not class/large Put a large area rug in group seating area. the back corner and Not enough resources rearrange area. in the teacher work Try to add a few new room. teacher resources Not a large enough each year with computer/student budget. ratio. Try to purchase more computers.
  17. 17. Computers Circulation Desk Book Return Area Rug/Class Seating AreaSeating Area Workroom Teacher Book Shelves Storage Office/ Circulation Area Desk Round Table/Chairs Media/News Room
  18. 18. Media Center ModificationsAnother large area rug can be placed in the back cornerthat is strictly more for secluded class lessons.More computers can be purchased for the computerarea.The bookshelves and materials can be clean and“weeded” out so that there are not as manybookshelves. Therefore, more area can be used forseating for both staff and students.The teacher workroom can have new supplies addedoccasionally and can be kept neat and tidy with thehelp of the staff.
  19. 19. Media Center Policies The current media center policies are listed in blue. The modifications or exceptions to the policies are written in red.
  20. 20. Media Center Policy AccessibilityMedia Center is available for students and teachersfrom 7:30-7:55 and 8:00-12:00 and 12:30-2:55 eachday.Media Specialist operates on a flexible schedule andwill help teachers and students with resources whencapable.The media specialist or media clerk will be availableat ANY time during the school day when a resourceis needed.
  21. 21. Media Center Policy Organizing and StaffingA media committee is formed each school yearthat consists of a volunteer from each grade level.The committee will meet throughout the year todiscuss library issues, programs, and activities.Some parents will be asked to be on thecommittee.
  22. 22. Media Center Policy Challenged MaterialIn the event of challenged material, oneparent, one principal, and one faculty membernon-representative of a classroom will join thegroup to review the complaint and take action.If a specific material is challenged, a form will befilled out and the meeting will be held as soon aspossible and action will be taken.
  23. 23. Media Center Policy BooksThe loan period of a book is 2 weeks.Students may check out 2 books at a time.One book must be a chapter book and one a shorterbook.Discretion on the types of books is left up to theindividual teacher.
  24. 24. Media Center Policy Reference MaterialsReference materials are to be used by students inthe library media center.Teachers may borrow reference materials for use inthe classroom when necessary.If the media specialist deems it necessary, thestudent may take the reference materials back tohis or her classroom with teacher permission.
  25. 25. Media Center Policy Audio/Visual MaterialsStudents are not allowed to checkout AV materialswithout special permission.Students may use audio/visual materials in thelibrary media center to make up a class assignment.Teachers may check out materials at any time foruse in the classroom.Anyone may use or checkout AV materials whennecessary with permission from the mediaspecialist.
  26. 26. Media Center Policy Faculty CheckoutsFaculty may check out unlimited numbers ofmaterials as long as needed.Faculty members must return the materialsnot being used as soon as possible so thatother teachers and students can have access.
  27. 27. Media Center Policy Overdue Books and FinesOverdue slips and fine notices will be printedout and distributed to students at school.Overdue slips and fines must be paid within 6weeks after the book is overdue or lost.
  28. 28. Media Center Policy Lost and Damaged BooksIf a book is lost or damaged, the book must be paid forbefore additional books can be checked out.Payment for a lost book is reimbursed should the book befound and returned in good condition.Debts remaining at the end of the school year will beturned into the office.If the media specialist/faculty member knows the childcannot find the book or cannot pay to replace thebook, the charge will be forgiven.
  29. 29. Media Center Policy Selection PolicyThe selection of the BCES media center isbased on the knowledge of the curriculumand the corresponding GPS.The teachers are also encouraged to suggestany special selections they feel will benefit themedia center.
  30. 30. Media Center Policy Media Center ComputersComputers are to be used for curriculumresearch ONLY. Any other sites are prohibited.Anyone caught on any other websites will bebanned from the computers unless with adultsupervision.
  31. 31. Bacon County Elementary School Facility Plan Jenna Hyers FRIT 7132 Dr. Chester Fall 2011