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Managing Your Own Metadata


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Part of the IUB Libraries' 'Surviving & Thriving in Academia' workshop series - 'Managing your social media presence.'

We talked about ways to think of your research in terms of metadata and tools that can help you organize, store, and share your work.

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Managing Your Own Metadata

  1. 1. Savvy Management Part I.I: Managing your own metadata Juliet L. Hardesty Metadata Analyst Indiana University Libraries @jlhardes
  2. 2. What is this… metadata? • • • • Describes, categorizes, organizes Example Store, preserve, migrate Find, identify, and access later – (sometimes much much later after it’s mixed in with all sorts of other stuff that may or may not be related)
  3. 3. Metadata as a Scholar • Main goals – Track (and don’t lose) your research – Use your research – Share your research Step 1: Data Step 2 Step 3: Profit!
  4. 4. Field data • spreadsheets, proprietary software flickr
  5. 5. icanhascheezburger Interviews • sound recordings, text documents, screen capture
  6. 6. Citations • articles, books, web sites, digital collections, presentations flickr flickr flickr flickr
  7. 7. Finding things later • Based on feature – File format – Date – File name – Directory structure flickr
  8. 8. • Based on activity –Writing a paper –Conducting an experiment –Analyzing a data set –Creating a presentation –Preparing a lesson/course • No correct answer when it’s personal flickr
  9. 9. flickr Back it up!
  10. 10. Tools (and people) exist to help • Evernote – note-taking in the cloud • Zotero – citation management • Bamboo Dirt – more digital research tool options than you will ever need • Tools for research on the go – IU Libraries • Top 10 tech tips for IU students - UITS • What is Metadata? –
  11. 11. Sharing your research (when it’s all done and stuff) • Publications – Title, author(s), subjects, keywords, abstract • Research data sets – Field data, spreadsheets, image sets – Metadata standards – Proprietary file formats flickr
  12. 12. Manage your scholar profile • • • • • • ORCID Google Scholar citations VIVO at IU Web of Science, LinkedIn, Ask fellow researchers/mentors/advisors Organizes research around the corpus of YOU flickr