Pig Dissection


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Pig Dissection

  1. 1. Pig Dissection Visual Instructional Guide
  2. 2. Wooden Needle Scalpel Scissors Forceps Blunt Probe Small Needle Instruments
  3. 3. Opening the Specimen Cut the specimen along the edge of the bag where this dotted line appears. Be mindful to hold the bag upright as you cut to prevent excess fluid from pouring out.
  4. 4. 1. Pour the excess fluid into a nearby sink from the bag. 2. Take out fetal pig and place on tray like seen on the left. 3. Pour out excess fluid from bag and place bag to the side.
  5. 5. You will be making multiple incisions with the scalpel along the dotted lines seen to the right.
  6. 6. First Incisions Our first incisions with the scalpel will be along the right and left arms on the red dotted line seen above at the red arrows.
  7. 7. Second Incision Make your second incisions along the dotted red lines of the lower legs. Use your scalpel on the red arrow areas.
  8. 8. Third Incisions Cut along the lower legs and arms where the arrows are pointing. Use your scalpel to cut along these lines.
  9. 9. Fourth Incisions Make your final incisions along the lines on the chest, around the umbilical chord and to the legs. Umbilical Chord
  10. 10. Removing Skin Use the forceps to pull back the skin as you guide the scalpel underneath carefully separating the skin from the muscle. Hold the scalpel horizontal as seen here. Do not cut down into the muscle.
  11. 11. 1 2 3 4
  12. 12. Pin back the skin with the small needles
  13. 13. Using the scalpel cut straight down into the muscle along the inner arms to separate the arm to pin down the entire pig. Left Arm Right Arm
  14. 14. Do the same with the legs Left Leg Right Leg
  15. 15. Place wooden needles through muscle in arms and legs and into the wax to hold them down. If they don’t stay down continue to cut more into the muscle of the arms and legs to loosen them.
  16. 16. Now we will use the scalpel and make incisions along the dotted lines below. Do not press too hard and penetrate major organs.
  17. 17. Cut as before like with the skin. Use the forceps and the scalpel at a horizontal angle. You will need to press hard on the upper body to penetrate through the rib cage and sternum.
  18. 18. Continue to cut and use the wooden needles to pin down both sides of the rib cage.
  19. 19. Upper and lower body under muscle What do you see in each picture? Heart Lungs Ribs Umbilical Chord opening
  20. 20. Glands in the Throat
  21. 21. Peel back or cut away the muscle of the lower body Liver Small Intestine Large Intestine Diaphragm Lungs Stomach
  22. 22. Remove the heart by cutting behind the heart with the scalpel or scissors. Use the forceps to hold it. Two Atria
  23. 23. Cut the heart in half with scissors. Aorta Right Ventricle Left Ventricle Atria
  24. 24. Use forceps and scissors/scalpel to remove the lungs. Trachea Esophogus
  25. 25. Diaphragm laying over the liver
  26. 26. Remove liver carefully using scissors. Do not penetrate stomach. Front side liver Back side liver with gall bladder
  27. 27. Stomach with opening to small intestines. Small Intestines Tube connecting the stomach and small intestines Stomach Large Intestine Spleen
  28. 28. Remove stomach trying not to penetrate stomach. Use scissors carefully around the stomach. Closed Stomach Stomach with opening cut
  29. 29. Empty contents of stomach out an cut stomach open like a ballon. Opening to the small intestine. Opening into the spleen.
  30. 30. Cut out small and large intestine with scissors. Try to keep entire system intact together. Front side Back sideSmall Intestine Large Intestine End of large intestine (Caecum)
  31. 31. Kidneys Kidney Kidney Rectum
  32. 32. Cut the kidney in half with scissors Filtering Area of kidney Internal area to distribute urine.
  33. 33. Carefully remove the kidneys. Esophagus Aorta
  34. 34. Backbone Backbone Larynx Trachea Ribs
  35. 35. Press down on tongue and push hard to break lower jaw slightly. Underneath the tongue Tongue Above the tongue Hard upper palette.
  36. 36. Cut off the head below the ears above the throat using scalpel. You will need to press hard to get through the backbone. 1. Cut away at the skin covering the eye using scissors and forceps. 2. Remove upper and lower eye lid. 3. Carefully remove entire eye with scissors/scalpel/fo rceps.
  37. 37. Cut open the eye and remove hard ball in center. Intact eye Eye with lens removed Pupil and Cornea Pupil and Cornea Lens
  38. 38. Observe underside of hear where the cut was made. Trachea Esophagus Spinal Cord
  39. 39. Pin down head using wooden needles in ears and cut off skin on locations below using scalpel and forceps.
  40. 40. Using scalpel cut firmly down into skull at locations below. Remove pieces with forceps and scissors
  41. 41. Brain
  42. 42. Cut out one half of brain using scissors.
  43. 43. Disposal 1. Gather all pig remains and dispose into large trash can. 2. Rinse all equipment, including trays, in sink to clean. 3. Stack trays and place equipment on large tray to dry. 4. Dispose of gloves and wash hands.