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Class wish chris davis 2013-07_19

  1. 1. Kids Look Up to You You can help them get sports equipment, just by lending your voice You can honor your favorite coach or teacher and promote your favorite causes at the same time.
  2. 2. Devastating budget cuts leave schools without sports equipment and other resources
  3. 3. TIME Magazine Reports on the Crisis “Many California teachers are scrambling to find fresh ways to thriftily educate their students and maintain their physically crumbling classrooms.” Teachers now spend $1,500 a year of their own money to keep their classrooms afloat. "I always ask business owners if they have pens with their logo on them so that I can distribute them to the students," says Nosanov Goldman, who has been teaching for 22 years. "I've never had to beg like this."
  4. 4. The Problem with Current School Fundraising Sales People want to help kids, but $2 billion that they take out of their wallets actually goes to the cookie dough and wrapping paper companies, instead. Imagine how much equipment could be provided if schools had a more efficient way to attract support. Sales $3.7 B To schools $1.7 B Lost $2.0 B
  5. 5. Makes a Difference ClassWish makes it easy and efficient for coaches and schools to attract support for sports equipment and other resources. And for the first time, anyone can fund needs at any of the 125,000 schools in the country.
  6. 6. • Visitors make tax-deductible contributions to fund the coach or school team of their choice. • More than 16,000 companies match employees’ donations, which doubles their funding. • ClassWish has the items sent right to the school. The results? Kids get the resources they need to thrive. Visitors Can Fund the School Teams They Care About
  7. 7. Teachers and Coaches Are Already Getting Support Mr. Mansfield, University Preparatory Academy: $1,555.64 Ms. Irvin, Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School: $829.80 Ms. Peralta, Rocklin High: $809.68 Ms. Thorn, Deneen Elementary School: $733.60 Ms. Ilana, P.S. 290 Manhattan New School: $925.00 Miss Henggeler, Stadley Rough School: $1,000.00 Ms. Hodes, P141K@P380: $443.26 Ms. Yacenda, Mott Hall Bronx High School: $763.59 Ms. Mcburney, Larry Miller Intermediate Elem School: $500.00 Ms. Lindsay, P.S. 112 Jose C. Barbosa School: $800.00 Ms. Guarriello, Waterside Children's Studio School: $1,943.91 Ms. Kim, University Preparatory Academy: $617.33 Ms. Buensuceso, University Preparatory Academy: $957.43 Ms. Guarriello, PS- 317 Waterside Children's Studio: $1,943.91 Ms. Lindsay, P.S. 112 Jose C. Barbosa School: $800.00
  8. 8. Visitors Can Support Any of 125,000 K-12 Schools Visitors can fund sports equipment or other resources for the school of their choice, anywhere in the country, even before the coaches create wish lists.
  9. 9. Easy, Efficient, and Ultimately Self-Sustaining • Visitors make tax-deductible contributions at • The full amount, less only the discounted credit card fee, is credited to the teacher’s wish list account. • We deduct from the teachers’ wish list accounts only the amount they would pay if they bought the items, themselves. • ClassWish buys the items at wholesale prices and has them shipped directly to the school. • The wholesale-retail spread will cover ClassWish’s expenses as we get to scale. That makes our approach leveraged, scalable, and ultimately financially self-sustaining.
  10. 10. Experts Endorse ClassWish “This nonprofit is a swift and inventive way for communities to unite in support of the tools that make learning more accessible for all students.” Sarah Brown Wessling National Teacher of the Year “ClassWish helps teachers get the supplies that are so essential for children to get a great education.” Nancy Pelz-Paget Director, Aspen Institute
  11. 11. Chairman of ClassWish Patrik Silen Partner, McKinsey & Company Graduate, Harvard Business School
  12. 12. ClassWish Board of Advisors (page 1 of 3) Janis Abkowitz, MD, President, American Society of Hematology Rahn Bailey, MD, President, National Medical Association Richard Bernstein, former Bureau Chief, TIME and NY Times Edward Benz Jr., MD, President and CEO, Dana Farber Cancer Institute Jeremy Berg, PhD, President at American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Larry Bock, Founder, USA Science & Engineering Festival Lewis Cantley, PhD, Director, Cancer Center at Weill Cornell Medical College and New York-Presbyterian Hospital Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Ph.D. Regents Professor, Mathematical Biology, Ariz State Univ Joe Colaco, PhD, President, CBM Engineers Christopher Cross, Chairman, Cross & Joftus Scott Cutler, EVP, NYSE-Euronext Robbert Dijkgraaf, PhD, Director, Institute for Advanced Study Fred Dylla, PhD, Executive Director and CEO, American Institute of Physics Esther Dyson, investor and philanthropist
  13. 13. ClassWish Board of Advisors (page 2 of 3) Paul Farmer, MD, Co-Founder, Partners in Health; University Professor at Harvard Univ. Harvey Fineberg, MD, PhD, President, Institute of Medicine; former Provost, Harvard Univ. William Friedman, PhD, President, Public Agenda Judy Garber, MD, Past President, American Association for Cancer Research Phillip Griffiths, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study Adam Hirsch, SVP Emerging Media and Technology, Edelman PR Clifford Hudis, MD, President-Elect American Society of Clinical Oncology Melany Hunt, PhD, Vice-Provost, California Institute of Technology Thomas Killian, PhD, Chairman, Department of Physics, Rice University Jay Labov, PhD, Senior Advisor for Education and Communications, National Academy of Sciences Don Levy, former Senior VP, Sony Pictures Digital Mark Linaugh, Chief Talent Officer, WPP Luz Martinez-Miranda, PhD, President, National Society of Hispanic Physics Betsy Morgan, former CEO, Huffington Post Jan Morrison, Pres & CEO, Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM
  14. 14. ClassWish Board of Advisors (page 3 of 3) Autumn Nazarian, Senior Partner, GroupM ESP Entertainment & Sports Partnerships Karen Ostlund, PhD, President, National Science Teachers Association Becky Wai-Ling Packard, PhD, Director, Weissman Center for Leadership, Mount Holyoke Melanie Parker, Exec Director, Global Education & Career Development, MIT Nancy Pelz-Paget, Director, Education Program, Aspen Institute Greg Richmond, CEO, National Association of Charter School Authorizers Elena Rios, MD, President, National Hispanic Medical Association Sharon Robinson, PhD, CEO, American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Steve Rosenbaum, CEO, Magnify Media Paul Rothman MD, CEO, Johns Hopkins Medicine Charles Sawyers, MD, President-elect, American Association for Cancer Research Tim Shey, Director, YouTube Next Lab at Google Michael Turner PhD, President, American Physical Society Hannah Fairfield Wallander, Senior Graphics Editor, The New York Times Robert Weinberg, PhD, Founding Member of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research and Professor of Biology at MIT
  15. 15. Your Voice Can Help Lending your voice is a quick and easy way to raise awareness of the need and encourage more people to donate to provide kids with sports equipment.
  16. 16. Web banner PSAs that feature you will appear in fashion, lifestyle, news, school, and other websites Photo & caption feature you Your friends also lending their voices to help kids You can honor your favorite teacher Promote your other favorite causes Encourage donations to fund school resources Photos of you when young Links to your websites ClassWish web pages featuring celebrities will attract attention to the need and opportunity
  17. 17. web banner ads would appear in many sports websites and blogs. Those banners would attract space because they: •are about sports •support education of kids •are personally relevant to every reader (we support their own child’s school) •feature famous athletes Please note: We would prepare web pages and banners featuring you, similar to the ones we show here for Shakespeare. Kids need help. Be the solution. Wm. Shakesepeare Web banner ads featuring you will generate exposure, traffic and donations
  18. 18. We make it quick and easy Your page on the ClassWish web site would: •encourage donations to provide kids with sports equipment •honor your favorite coach or teacher •showcase other ways you give back •direct visitors to your own website and social media pages ClassWish web banners featuring you would give you exposure on numerous sites and encourage visits to your ClassWish page. We make it quick and easy: You or your publicist can provide the pictures and text. We will seek your approval before anything goes live.
  19. 19. Thanks to you, kids will get the sports equipment and other resources they need
  20. 20. Robert Tolmach ClassWish (917) 692-6266 401 7th Avenue, level B New York, NY 10001 Robert Tolmach ClassWish (917) 692-6266 401 7th Avenue, level B New York, NY 10001 Let’s Work Together to Provide More Kids with Sports Equipment