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Jason's work


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Tao of the painted cave

Published in: Education
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Jason's work

  1. 1. -Tao of the painted cave- By, Leo b, Chloe k, Phoebe L, and Jason L
  2. 2. Chapter 2, event 1 Tao helps wolf dog and frees the wolf dog.
  3. 3. Chapter 2 event 2 Tao draws with the colored shells.
  4. 4. Chapter 4 event 1 Kala finds out that Tao has been hunting in the slough by the black mussels he had brought.
  5. 5. Chapter four event two Tao’s mother’s name is “Vedra.”
  6. 6. Chapter six event one Tao drew animal in the cave such as bears, bison, and mammoth.
  7. 7. chapter six event two Tao and Ram meets graybeard.
  8. 8. chapter Eight event one When painting images, you must rub out the image out or you’ll get caught. If you get caught, you will be dead.
  9. 9. chapter Eight event two They brought back much food, skins to make clothing, tools and ornament.
  10. 10. chapter ten event one The mountains -that-walk are the earth, massive and shaggy old giants.
  11. 11. CHapter Ten Event two Ram chases the mammoth cub to save Tao.
  12. 12. Chapter 12 EVent 1 Lime stones are used to make bright colors.
  13. 13. CHapter 12 Event 2 Paints the mammoths first with a reddish - brown color.
  14. 14. Chapter 14 Event 1 Tao jumped behind a big willow tree.
  15. 15. Chapter 14 event 2 Tao hears a wolf sound and crosses the river to the Mountain people and finds Ram. Then, finds Graybeard sick.
  16. 16. Chapter 16 Event 1 Volt thinks Tao had defiled the secret place.
  17. 17. Chapter 16 Event 2 Volt makes Tao fight the Saxon.